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  1. Thanks guys! I've built truck models off-and-on over the years since the 70's but I've never done a BJ rig. When I decided to do this project I didn't want to do just a standard BJ & the Bear recreation for two reasons...1) it's been done a million times already by other builders, and b) having to try to recreate every little detail based on which owner claims to have the most faithfully recreated copy of the original truck makes building it more like work than pleasure. This project is not meant to be a practical OTR truck, more of a fantasy piece that looks cool sitting on a shelf. I have most of the chassis done, I'm just waiting on a few pieces to arrive before it goes to paint.
  2. Coming along great Jeff! You'll be putting "Under Glass" in no time.
  3. Nope, just regular tandems. I see pics of conventionals with condo sleepers at least this long, and the cab/hood combo of a conventional is probably longer than a KW Aerodyne cab, so I figure I can get away with it. Believe it or not the sleeper was originally longer but after looking at it a little common sense prevailed and I took it down a notch. I had won an Ebay auction for a bunch of Aerodyne cab shells and that's how I made the sleeper. I wanted to make one that matched the cab roof rather than just a box-style sleeper. I've started on the chassis and it'll be 17-1/2"-long. Besides, it's a model...I don't have to drive it anywhere anyway!
  4. 1/24 scale kenworth w900

    I must've missed this one being that it's a post from last year...but WOWZAA!!! That's one killer-looking KW!!!! Are those lights on the backside of everything scratchbuilt or aftermarket?
  5. Peterbilt 359 Revell AG

    Very nice build!
  6. I got the main decals on today...it's actually starting to look like a rig now. I have some detailing to do before clear coating, then more detailing to do.
  7. Lookin' good! It gives me motivation to get the decals on my project
  8. Thanks guys! I wanted a drop visor but the aluminum one on Ebay has too much of a drop for my taste. Since I planned on painting it red anyway I went ahead and made one from styrene. Jeff, I check my decals and they all seem to be fine thankfully. I bought two full truck & trailer decal sets so that I'd have plenty for the extra sleeper and any potential decal application problems I might have. As with any masking there are several areas I have to tweek but nothing too bad. Yours is looking great and I think once I get the decals on mine it'll start looking like something. I still have to decide whether to put the stacks in between or run them all the way back. I've seen them both ways on these big COEs and I'm leaning toward running them all the way back to give a smoother transition between the cab & sleeper.
  9. Model painting can be a real Bear sometimes, but I'm not monkeying around anymore. Who knows, maybe the paint fumes are making me a little bananas!
  10. Aerodyne COE question

    Thanks for the info. Hmmm...I guess I'll have to decide what to do with that spot.
  11. Aerodyne COE question

    On the KW Papa truck cab there's a rectangular recess on the front. On photos of the real truck(s) there's a vent there but in the kit there doesn't appear to be a part that goes there, nor is anything indicated on the instruction sheet. Should there be a vent there?
  12. Just an update to say I've made a little progress. My father passed away last Thursday so it might be a bit slow-going on this project in the short term. I did get some white paint on everything but there's not much sense in posting pics as they wouldn't show anything different than the white primer pics.
  13. Now that's when it really comes to life...when you get some red laid down on it. Sorry to see that terrible rash on your hand Jeff!
  14. The start of another project in white primer...
  15. Great progress Jeff! Quick question since I'm doing my first KW Aerodyne in years...how hard is it to get the interior tub in if the headlight piece is already attached to the cab? It'd make things easier on my project paint-wise to do it the way you're doing it.