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  1. Mike77 added a post in a topic B.R.B.O. Kenworth W900L...5/3 update   

    I got the long range fuel tanks made...basically just two sets of KW tanks attached end to end. I made my own straps for them. The straps look a little thick right now but I'll rectify that at paint time. I think this'll be the first time in my life I've ever gone with painted tanks instead of chrome. They'll be chassis color with chrome ends and chrome straps.
    I also made some extensions for the bottom of the sleeper and cab which I'll blend in. I want this truck to be relatively light free so there won't be any chicken lights, cab lights, etc. The battery boxes droop a little because they're just set in place.
    With Mark coming to my rescue regarding the grille I can keep rolling on everything else. I haven't started on the engine or interior yet, and I'm still mulling over a hundred different color ideas, but this project is coming together finally. Not trying to build an exact replica of a factory W900L gives me a little more creative freedom.

  2. Mike77 added a post in a topic Phantom 309   

    There's no reference to the type of truck in the lyrics. The record cover shows an old Red Ball Van Lines truck but I don't think it's meant to represent the 309...

  3. Mike77 added a post in a topic Anyone use Alclad?   

    Crisis averted thanks to Mark, we can all stand down!
  4. Mike77 added a post in a topic Anyone use Alclad?   

    I appreciate your input and photos Mark, but again, I don't use an air brush. About the only way to spray light coats with a rattle can is to increase the distance between the can and the part, so it's a much less exact science than adjusting settings on an air brush.
    My goal from my original post on has been to simply send the raw grille to someone, have them do their magic with either Alclad or Spaz Stix, and have them return it. While I appreciate the air brush advice it really doesn't apply to me. I've actually put the grille aside as an "I'll worry about it later" part of my BRBO project.
  5. Mike77 added a post in a topic Time for a switch in jobs. I'm gonna have a shiney hiney!   

    Smart move to change companies now. It sure looks like you'll have a sweet new ride!
  6. Mike77 added a post in a topic B.R.B.O Pete 378   

    Love the color Rich!  Your progress really makes me want to get my but in gear and get some color on my chassis...as soon as I decide on a color that is!
  7. Mike77 added a post in a topic Anyone use Alclad?   

    I appreciate all the info and advice guys but I have to reiterate that I don't use an airbrush. It's not that I'm too lazy to buy one and learn how to use it. I live in an apartment and my painting is limited to nice outdoor conditions (warm & little or no wind). This is why I'm looking for someone who uses an airbrush and can spray my grille with either Spaz Stix or Alclad.
  8. Mike77 added a post in a topic Modern Classic: Peterbilt 377   

    Outstanding build!  I have yet to build a 377 but after seeing yours I really want to have a crack at one.
  9. Mike77 added a post in a topic Anyone use Alclad?   

    There are several types of 3D printing that use different materials. The 3D full fenders I had purchased from Shapeways are white and very grainy. The grille is an almost milky, semi-clear color and has some imperfections but nowhere near grainy. Bob at Chrome Tech has told me a couple of times that he's had absolutely no luck with 3D parts. After trying aerosol Spaz Stix I'm hesitant to try aerosol Alclad.
  10. Mike77 added a post in a topic Anyone use Alclad?   

    I tried it already and at least the aerosol version comes out like shiny silver. I watched the videos, used a black base, did light coats, etc., etc., etc.
  11. Mike77 added a post in a topic Anyone use Alclad?   

    Thanks Jacobus. I checked out the website and video, but unfortunately to me the finished product looks like shiny silver. I know there really is nothing out there, short of actual plating, that comes out to look like true chrome, but my guess is that the closest I'm going to get is to find someone who can apply either Alclad or Spaz Stix using an air brush. I've even thought of trying to use BMF but given the detail and small size of the grille that may not turn out well. I suppose it'll be worth a try.
  12. Mike77 added a topic in The Truck Stop   

    Anyone use Alclad?
    I hope this is in the right place as there isn't a "services wanted" section here. I'm looking for someone who uses Alclad chrome and can do a good job on a grille for me. I have the W900L grille for by BRBO project, but the grille is 3D printed and can't be plated via the usual method which for me is Chrome Tech USA. The next best thing from what I've heard is Alclad via air brush. I don't use an air brush so I'm looking for someone to do the grille for me in Alclad chrome. I will pay for your services and return shipping of course. If anyone out there can help me with this please let me know at perhach2@mediacombb.net or via PM. Thanks! Mike

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  13. Mike77 added a post in a topic B.R.B.O. Kenworth W900L...5/3 update   

    Thanks Brian! This is probably not one I would've ever done on my own, but when I was thinking about a subject for the BRBO and saw KJ's BRBO conversion kit I thought I'd give it a go. Now that I'm building it and it's starting to look like more than a bunch of parts I'm getting into it a little more. It may not "win, place, or show" but I'm having fun with it and I guess that's what really counts in our hobby.
  14. Mike77 added a post in a topic B.R.B.O. Kenworth W900L...5/3 update   

    It sounds like I got one of KJ's last W900L conversion kits which is why I'm trying my best to do this one justice. I'm not trying to make a precise replica of a W900L, just my version of one.
  15. Mike77 added a post in a topic B.R.B.O. Kenworth W900L...5/3 update   

    I'm too lazy to do all that scale inches stuff so I'll do it the easy way...it's 15-1/2" from the steer axle to the rearmost axle. Google searching has shown me some pretty long rigs. I don't know how practical this would be in the real world but the fun of modeling is that I don't have to turn any corners with this KW.