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  1. Mack R685ST cement mixer

    That's a great idea!
  2. It's probably wishful thinking that these would show up at Hobby Lobby. All my HLs seem to be Freightliner dealerships...they still carry the reissued FL COEs from several years ago and now they have the latest SD/DD kits too!
  3. It might take him a while to catch up but that's a very cool build!
  4. BJ & the Bear XXL Project Complete

    I considered windows but I had the same thoughts...most drivers probably want privacy. Another consideration for me on this particular model is that windows would interrupt the paint lines. I think we should petition PPG, Duplicolor, etc., to offer JT Orange as an official paint color. The paint code would have to be something in the 77379-77389 range!
  5. Front axle question!

    Thanks for that Cary. I checked Jamie's site and no drop axles, but I'm guessing that being more for the custom crowd rather than stock builders they probably didn't sell well.
  6. Front axle question!

    I found a website last year that sold drop axles for the Italeri Peterbilt 378 kit but I can't recall what the site was. I wish I could find it.
  7. BJ & the Bear XXL Project Complete

    Looking at it I'm wondering if I shouldn't pop the reefer unit off and paint the bottom half white to match the rest of the paint scheme. Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in! JT, good to hear from you man! This place has been missing it's orange, can you help?
  8. I could probably add details and tweak it until the end of time but I've pushed this one across the finish line. My parts came back from Chrome Tech the other day...only fitting since I bought the Moebius trailer from them. In addition to the trailer tool box, I had the reefer tank and vents chromed, as well as the rear bumper/tail light piece. I replaced the kit air intake hats (which didn't clear the top of the sleeper) with a set of Jamie's ram air intakes which were also chromed by Chrome Tech. The whole thing is 39"-long, and I've certainly had models hat were easier to photograph! After a couple of COEs I think it's time to move onto something more "conventional".
  9. COE ID???

    Thanks for that! I doubt anything like that is available in resin.
  10. COE ID???

    I found this pic on a Google search awhile back and I'm not sure if it's an IH, Freightliner, or what. It looks to be some sort of chemical truck. Just wondering what the heck it is, possibly a Euro or Aussie version of something...
  11. Clays daycab kw

    That looks very cool! I have a KW day cab on my to-do list...along with about a hundred other projects. I really like the paint scheme on yours.
  12. The fenders are all done and painted. My parts are on their way back from Chrome Tech so I'm getting close to the finish line on this one. I think having a chrome 48" tool box between the humps will look nice.
  13. Slow-going on the fenders right now...I haven't had time to work on the other one lately. I'm hoping to get it done soon so I can get them both painted. I've been tossing the idea around in my head about making some type of air deflector to go in front of the front trailer axle. I don't want the full side skirts as those have too much of a "fleet" look, so I'm considering just a small air foil of some kind. Then again, a cabover has all the aerodynamic qualities of a brick so I'm not sure how much difference an air deflector would make!
  14. BJ & the Bear XXL

    Thanks guys, I appreciate the kind words. Progress has slowed a bit on the trailer due to work constraints and fighting off a cold but I'm hoping to get the fenders done soon.
  15. Here's where I'm headed with the trailer fenders. I got the basic trim match on the existing resin fender humps, now it'll be a lot of filling and sanding to get everything as seamless as possible before paint.