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  1. I'm looking for a chrome gas filler cap from a Revell/Monogram '67 Corvette kit. Please send me a PM if you have one available. Thanks! Mike
  2. It wasn't issued like this from FM, I modified a stock '67 Vette into a Ko-Motion.
  3. Not to drag this thread out too long, but what about the wheels from the Moebius Dyno Don Comet Cyclone? In looking at the box art it looks like the offsets are different but when I look at videos it's really hard to tell. I can replace the pie crust slicks with regular ones so it all depend on the wheels. If anyone has info and/or pics I'd appreciate it!
  4. Thanks all! The Camaro ones look a little more like Rockets than Cragars but since "beggars can't be choosers" they'll have to do.
  5. Thanks guys! It looks like the Camaro ones will work.👍
  6. Is there a readily-available kit that has chrome Cragar S/S wheels in 60's drag style? I'm looking for slicks(preferably not pie crusts) & skinnies with the rear Cragars having a deeper offset than the fronts. I know this sounds picky, but it's for a particular project. I know there are a lot of kits that have same-offset rims, or pie crust slicks rather than smoother Racemasters, etc., so this may be a challenge. I'm trying to avoid piecing everything from different kits. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  7. Great work! The 1/16's have a lot of mod potential, I've done a ton of them over the years.
  8. He exists, he just doesn't have anything listed right now. Check out the completed listings. bergers10
  9. Contact seller bergers10 on Ebay. He doesn't have any listed right now but I've bought 1/16 rubber tires from him in the past with various tread patterns.
  10. My wife and I returned yesterday from a quick road trip out to the Granite Mountain Hotshots Memorial in Arizona. We stopped at the Cadillac Ranch on the way and I snapped a few pics. It's neat for what it is but the Caddys are so caked with spray paint that they're almost unrecognizable...
  11. It probably turns a corner better than this one 😄...
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