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  1. Mike77


    Hmmm...just because you can doesn't mean you should!
  2. I've heard stories over the past few years that the molds no longer exist, and just as many "soon to be reissued" stories. Personally I'm hoping for the latter since it's been 23 years since it was last issued, but I would've thought with the popularity of the kit and constant demand for it that it would've been reissued by now if the molds do exist. At this point I wouldn't even care if they came with Coca-Cola decals as long as the kit gets released!
  3. Looks like the AMT/Italeri collaboration is continuing.
  4. Driving through Colorado last week I happened upon the "Reaper" at a rest area west of Denver. It was awesome to see such a huge Kenworth...it even has a Harley inside! The other pics a rig I saw on me trip...
  5. I get the functionality of those twin-steer wreckers but they just look goofy to me.
  6. I'm looking for an AMT Kenworth Aerodyne COE cab shell. I don't need the headlight surround pieces. If anyone has one please email me at perhach2@mediacombb.net. Thank you!
  7. That thread is from 6 years ago. Nevertheless, it would be great to see that kit again, especially at primary market prices.
  8. Mike77

    Big logs

    Robert Plant would be proud.
  9. I wish there was another service out there comparable to Chrome Tech for those of us who don't use an air brush. Most of these spray-on/brush-on chromes come close , and it's great that they're available, but I've still seen none actually match plating. Call me lazy, but to send in parts and have them come back to me plated like a model kit was well worth it with Chrome Tech.
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