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  1. Mike77 added a post in a topic International Harvester Truck kit's ERTL's First Models.   

    Even as a kid in the 1970's I considered the Ertl kits to be better quality than AMT kits, even with the limited subject matter.

  2. Mike77 added a post in a topic stretched cando peterbilt rotator slider   

    I did scratch build the wrecker bed and boom as well as the chassis of course. Naturally the whole thing was loosely based on the Can-Do. I don't want to hijack your thread with a bunch of pics but here are a few. The first photo is a "waiting for the chrome to come back from Chrome-Tech" shot...


  3. Mike77 added a post in a topic stretched cando peterbilt rotator slider   

    That's the good thing about working with plastic, you can almost always improvise. Even following the carpenter's adage mistakes can still be made. I think it'll look great any way you go about it. I remember getting frustrated more than once when I was building my 1/16 wrecker years ago but I just kept chugging away at it.

  4. Mike77 added a post in a topic Waupun Truck Show 2017   

    Wow!!! Thanks for the pics Kerry! I'm diggin' on the '49 Studebaker COE and the big white QuadGraphics Pete. Lots of great pics and great model ideas!
  5. Mike77 added a post in a topic stretched cando peterbilt rotator slider   

    Looks like a great project! You've outdone my 5-axle by a mile, guess it's time for a 7-axle...
  6. Mike77 added a post in a topic Reissue Wishlist   

    I'm guessing that has to do with licensing issues. Too bad lawyer's have to screw up the hobby for the rest of us, but I guess everyone wants a piece of the pie.  
  7. Mike77 added a topic in The Truck Stop   

    Thought I'd start a thread where we can post pics of trucks we see in our random travels. Besides being pics of awesome rigs they also give great building ideas!
    I saw this beast the other day, an Oshkosh 8x8. Not a typical road truck but it was a monster!

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  8. Mike77 added a post in a topic Reissue Wishlist   

    IH Transtar II - a no-brainer reissue and it'd sell like crazy.
    Revell Peterbilt Can-Do/Will-Do wrecker - I know it hasn't been a long time, but they're back in the $200 range on the aftermarket.
    KW Transit mixer - probably the holy grail of truck kits but it's never been reissued to my knowledge.
  9. Mike77 added a topic in Wanted!   

    1/8 Corvette windshield wanted
    I know it's a long shot but I'm looking for an unused windshield for a Monogram 1/8-scale 1978 Corvette. If you have one available please PM me or email me at perhach2@mediacombb.net
    Thank you! Mike
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  10. Mike77 added a post in a topic Re-chroming   

    I've used Chrome Tech for as long as I can remember. I just send the parts loose and they come back plated in 4-6 weeks. Can anyone enlighten me on the other two companies regarding turnaround time and how comparable their prices are? I've never wanted to mess with mounting the parts myself so I like the convenience of sending the parts loose.
  11. Mike77 added a post in a topic AMT International Transtar Reissue   

    Sad thing is, that was 21 years ago. Think of all the sales they could've had and the builds we could've had if they would've done one or two more runs since then. I often wonder about why these companies pass on the no-brainer stuff.
  12. Mike77 added a post in a topic wrecker question   

    Nothin' wrong with extra axles!

  13. Mike77 added a post in a topic 2016 Builds...Let's See 'Em....   

    This is the only one that made it to the finish line for me in 2016...

  14. Mike77 added a post in a topic Papa Truck Kenworth   

    Has anyone else spotted these at Hobby Lobby? I've checked two different stores a couple of times in the last week and nothing but the Super Bosses and their seemingly endless supply of White-Freightliner DDs.
  15. Mike77 added a post in a topic Truck-A-Thon 2017 'list is assembled'   

    I'll probably give it another go. Like most I'll just have to decide on a project.