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  1. Way back in olden times, Russell C achieved a degree of fame with a certain GSL entry that was a yellow 3-wheeled Ford. I followed in his footsteps by building and entering my own yellow 3-wheeled Ford at the 2017 GSL* . Now I'm working on another for the 2023 final GSL. It's just too goofy an idea to not continue.

    Here's where I am in the project: it's an AMT '49 Ford that's had the roof deleted, the body pie-cut to make the rear wider and the cowl narrower, shortened about 3/4" and the front fenders/hood replaced with a '36 Ford hood and a '39 Ford grille. The drive train is from a Jo-Han Toronado mounted in the trunk. I'm expecting to put a belly pan underneath, perhaps with a "Nothing to see here" message on it like Russell did on his.

    Thanks, Russell, for starting a wacky idea.

    * https://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/122764-3-wheeled-ford-for-2017-gsl


    1. Russell C

      Russell C

      Now that should be fun to see! And thanks for reminding me of that little video clip of Judge Randy Derr reading that message under my last one!


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