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  1. ratchetman87 added a post in a topic 1960 impala (wip interior)   

    Ok so i finished the back seat and got it installed. Also installed the front bench. I had to scribe the tuck and roll into the bottom section of the upper rear bench sanding the filler fdown to the desired shape. After i scribed the lines i widened them with the good ole razor saw. After that i took a contoured file and rounded the edges of the the lines to match the rest of the bench. Sorry but no progressive shots. I tend to get in a zone and forget about snapping pics until its done. But here are some pics of the end result. Thanks for looking.

  2. ratchetman87 added a post in a topic 70.5 Baldwin Motion Camaro Finally Finished!   

    Wow that paint looks unbelievably deep. Nice work.
  3. ratchetman87 added a post in a topic 1960 impala (wip interior)   

    Well i managed to start on the seats last night. I really didnt like the ones in the kit so i borrowed some seats out of a 62 catalina. The back bench really needed some work to make it work but it wasnt to bad. I started by removing the old bench from the interior and removed the center sections. Then i took the catalinas bench and did the same. All i really wanted from the donor was the tuck and roll pattern that it had. Once i removed the pattern from the donor i glued it to the bottom half of the rear bench and filled the voids with styrene. Then filled and sanded to shape. The upper half has been puttied and ill come back to that tomorrow to alow it to cure fully. The front was a simple swap out and i filed of the pontiac emblems on both front and back benches. For color im thinking semigloss black for the primary and flat white to create some seperation in the interior. Thanks for looking more to come.

    apologies for the side ways pics. I forgot to crop and rotate them.
  4. ratchetman87 added a post in a topic Parking Fun , You know it makes you mad.   

    When my fiancee and i were living in an apartment complex we had a pain neighbor who would double park all the time. Made it really hard to get into the small lot that was usually packed so one night when i came home from work exhausted and seen how this d-bag parked i went in my trunk found a screw driver and flipped their plates around so that you couldnt read them. About 3 hours later he was leaving for work and made it about 1/4 mile before being pulled over. Not my best moment but i grew tired of nothing being done about how he was liberally parking like he owned the place. Management never once did a thing about it, so in a moment of weakness and frustration i got subtly even. Never had an issue after that
  5. ratchetman87 added a post in a topic 1960 impala (wip interior)   

    Minor update on the impala along with a pic of what i may have planned for a grand national. I finished the trunk pan tonight, the spare tire was really bothering me so i decided to remove it. After removing i filled and sanded the trunk. To get the texture back i brushed the trunk pan semi-gloss black and let it tack up and took a brush i use for dry brushing and dabbed it over the entire surface. Worked out pretty good i think. Havent painted the wheel wells yet still doing some work on the chasis. Heres a few simple pics of the before and after.

    Before removal

    After removal

    And in the trunk of course

    And lastly a sneak peak at the grand national any ideas on power supply... im thinking 350

  6. ratchetman87 added a post in a topic Ok, what do these two have in common? Ferrari/McClaren   

    Turbo or no turbo either way this is awesome, that paint scheme is really going to show some aggression.
  7. ratchetman87 added a post in a topic Ok, what do these two have in common? Ferrari/McClaren   

    Only thing more menacing than those wheels is a big fat turbo . Looking good. Body and wheel colors?
  8. ratchetman87 added a post in a topic 1960 impala (wip interior)   

    Ok guys ive finally got back to the bench after almost 8 months. Been a hard year with a lot of time restraints. But i finally found about 2 hours to spare so i opened up shop yet again. Sorry no pics yet, maybe this weekend. I got some work done in the trunk tonight, i removed the spare tire and filled the hole it left behind with sheet styrene. Then i filled the voided areas with putty and well thats about it.thanks for reading more to come
  9. ratchetman87 added a post in a topic Stacey's Davids GEARZ on Velocity   

    Was always a fan of stacey david. I remember him when he was on spikes powerblock on the show trucks. Thats where he built project copperhead, that truck is so cool.
  10. ratchetman87 added a post in a topic What cars interest you in resin 1/25   

    65' buick riviera with a 425 wildcat to suit
  11. ratchetman87 added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Was at pat catans with the wife and while she was browsing the yarn i came across the revell prostreet chevelle which is perfect because i was in dire need of a set of tires and wheels for an upcoming project. Im naming it super nova. Im planning to build a 69 nova after i finish the impala which has stalled due to time restraints. Any who i also came across some wire picture hangers that is braided and i thought hmmm that would be great for spark plug wires or brake lines if i seperate the strands. Each strand measures .010 in diameter which is exact scale for 6mm spark plug wires in both 1/24th and 1/25th. Easier to work with too because it stays put when its bent to shape. Cant wait to get started at the bench
  12. ratchetman87 added a post in a topic and now, Virtual Models   

    In this light i think that would be pretty cool, on the other hand craftsmanship kind of goes out the window when someone else produces the parts. Being that im part of the younger demographic i think most advances in tech. are pretty neat. This concept in particular because, it would be neat to have virtually (no pun) any year make and model customized to your specific taste in any color. Then click an order button and it show up on your door step in a few weeks. If this idea were to be used just as a game then im completely against it because, kids today have to much xbox, gameboy, and time on their hands to not learn how to use them. If this idea were to be used as a substitute to physical model building instead of a design aid, it just further pushes children into their iphones/smartphones. But it may also spark something in some cases and cause more interest in the hobby itself. I guess it could be a positive or negative depending on your standpoint on tech. Also im not exactly sure but i think 3d printing can obtain very clean detail based on the nozzle diameter, and the slice of your program meaning how much material added per layer. Seen prints with slices as thin as .1 mm thats about .004. If you factor in the radius of the bead of material when it stretches flat there should only be minimal clean up on the final product, ive done 3d milling on a cnc hbm with a 1.25 ball mill with a .032 overstep and it looks almost perfect so i imagine the same concept would apply just on a smaller scale.
  13. ratchetman87 added a post in a topic 1960 impala (wip interior)   

    Well 2014 hasnt been to friendly so far guys. In the last couple of weeks ive worked 180 hours, my cousin has passed away, and my truck has caught fire, oh and seattle blew denver away. So needless to say i havent had much time to saddle up at the bench. However my darling wife who is always in my corner has noticed the high levels of stress and came home with a few cans of paint from autozone. She sent me to my work bench with supplies and demanded i get away from it all. So after about 2 hours of nothing i noticed she got a can of duplicolors gm artic white and i had to see how the impala looked in it. I am very satisfied with the end result. Flat black reverse mount steelies with wide whites will pull this snow flake to the ground really nice. As mentioned i pulled the fender skirts and decided to bag this one instead. Im thinking i might put side pipes on her as well but as usual nothing is set in stone. Heres a couple pics of what ive got so far.

    Artic white paint laid this morning just needs buffed and clear.

    Engine about half way done. More details to be added later on
    Well thats all for now thanks for looking more to come.
  14. ratchetman87 added a post in a topic 1960 impala (wip interior)   

    Well my boss doesnt seem to understand that work is getting in the way of my build time. So as it stand right now the impala hasnt progressed to much at all. I decided to lose the fender skirts and put air ride suspension to level the car out a little bit. The wheels are different sizes in the front and back so out comes the razor saw and styrene. Sorry no pics yet but sunday i have a date with my workbench and the probowl so you guys should see some progress soon ( hopefully)
  15. ratchetman87 added a post in a topic Taurus SHO V8 rwd converted   

    Very cool, kudos on the originality.