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  1. Worked on the blade carrier today, luckily found a few photos of these assemblies on the dark web. This plate houses the cylinders that push/ pull the entire packer assembly and also the cylinders that curl / fold the blade to drag the trash into the container box. Heres an image i found for ref.  2563177.jpg.0313299e6fd0cd5e452e882a8c773810.jpg

    Using my blade for size comparison,  I drew a pattern on paper suggested by Mopar-D . After it fit , I transferred to plastic . I used 30 thou for the pan, then 40 for framework. The rest of the bracing was similar sizes judged by the photo. 20220805_170131.thumb.jpg.c015deb17452141cdb7e8823974348c0.jpg


    Sistered up with the blade 



    straight on view showing where the  enormous rams will attach 20220806_151615.thumb.jpg.30734410b268a51b2d1eb34bdaa76e73.jpg

    I'd really like to make my cylinders functional, only to have movement to display all the components..pretty sure this was posted awhile ago how this is done. 

    Thanks for following along 

  2. 10 hours ago, CabDriver said:

    Beautiful scratchbuilding!  Super clean work, too (for a garbage truck 🤪)

    Thanks ! Good thing about tamiya glue , conceals easy but the fingerprints stick around lol 


    3 hours ago, Mopar - D said:

    Nice work on the pusher Jeff. I know what you mean about the angles lol. 

    Thanks Dan  math was never a popular subject in school making this way more challenging. 

    Crossed off another milestone,  getting the tailgate hinges working. A few tabs from scrap bits and a roughed in hinge profile from the scaled drawing , and it actually works ! 


    I need to clean up the attachment, and the cover panel running over the roof still. Turned out a little crooked , but what garbage truck isn't a little twisted !!

    Started work on the meat of the packer after dinner last night. Photos showed several options, I chose one w the wide teeth for more bite visually. Watching videos of the cycle helped catch details i still need to add. Most of the layout was done w a popsicle stick and channel for spacing lol20220731_203543.thumb.jpg.7fd1b428e8f5783617a21451ac1ee78b.jpg



  3. Tossed some more plastic together this weekend,  started building the push out plate. After a couple try agains..I had a suitable pusher. I really fought getting the angles right on the sled the plate attaches too, and still functional to slide out making painting easier . Id really like to add the angled horn onto the pusher before closing things up. 




    Inside view showing the pusher at home waiting for its turn emptying out the container 20220730_133854.thumb.jpg.e93fee9d3aeaa14360912268b769f859.jpg

    While the glue cured i also worked on the tailgate ribs, these really helped tighten up the curved area 



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