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  1. keyesg added a post in a topic Dana `68 Camaro 427 Tri-Power: Pictures anyone?   

    Contact me through my email and I will send some pics. Don't know how to attach pictures using this forum. keyesg@comcast.net
  2. keyesg added a post in a topic Dana `68 Camaro 427 Tri-Power: Pictures anyone?   

    Hi, I want to introduce myself. My name is Gary Keyes and I built over a 5 year period a 68 427 Dana Camaro recreation. I prefer to call the car a reproduction since the car is so correct. The car was finished in 2011 and was featured in Camaro Performers magazine April 2013 issue as well as the cover car. Many hours of research was done to build this car with advise from notable people knowledgable about Dana Camaros and Dana Chevrolet including Dale Armstong of drag racing fame that worked at Dana Chevrolet in 67/68 and did many of the converstions including the orange Dana. Out of the 50 427 Dana Camaros built only 6 are known to exist with supporting paperwork. My car is the only tribute car ever built only because I was crazy enough to attempt to build one. I joined this forum due to the originators request for any information on Dana Camaro particularly Kevin's car. I know the original owner of the orange Dana. Purchased when he returned from Vietnam. My car is red, but very much the same as the orange Dana. More information on this car can be seen buy searching 427 Dana Camaro and seeing my car as well as a pod cast on the Muscle Car place that is over an hour long explaining how I built the car. Many other articles and pictures. I would be glad to assist you with information and would love to have a model made of my car. I do have the model Dana hood I bought a while back. Please contact me if you would like to discuss. Thanks, Gary