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  1. Contact Ryan Mlynek hes on FB.....I've used all his products on my rig builds....nice stuff!
  2. Just finished this one. I've done a lot of 1/24 scale scratch built sprints....so I decided to go a little bigger with this one. The chassis is fully scratched using .080 styrene rod.....020 styrene sheet was used to make the hood and body panels. I used an engine....tail tank...wheels...and top wing from a GMP diecast sprint car kit. Scale racing replicas was the decals of choice. The suspension and steering is fully functional....as well as a sliding top wing. Just like the real car.
  3. My latest build I just finished.
  4. I have actual cogged blower belts...1/24....1\25 scale.
  5. Starting to look like something now....
  6. First stages of my paint scheme...
  7. A project in the works. Starting out with the Revell Christine Pro Mod....only this one is blown...instead of Carbed....plus it's getting a whole make over with paint and graphics.....stay tuned.
  8. Nope I'm a Pat's fan....through thick and thin. Through good years or bad.
  9. The Saints choke at home.....best game of the day..lol!....Better luck next year
  10. Just finished this.... enjoy!
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