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  1. My 68’ Camaro pro Mod
  2. The wheels and tires are from Ted’s Modeling Marketplace
  3. Got the flames painted on.... starting to take shape now.
  4. It’s not going to be a true replica... as I can’t replicate every decal on his truck. I’m adding my own flair and ideas as I go along.
  5. Got the hot rod black laid down.... got my flame masks from lazy modeller... ready to start the flames soon!
  6. Got a little more done on it.... made the front struts.... got the 4 link in place along with a nice set of aluminum shocks and nut and bolt pins from RB Motion....taking shape now. Ordered my flame masks from Lazy Modeller ... they are coming from Australia so it will be awhile. Now time to finish the engine.
  7. Starting a new project.... Fast Freddy’s 66’ Chevy C10 pro mod truck.
  8. Well... decals finally got here.... applied them now ready for final coats of clear.... getting close now.
  9. Yes I will be using the kit glass... the windshield fits perfectly and will not interfere with opening the doors. I’ll be using clear glue to hold them in place. I will make the door windows out of clear plastic sheet.
  10. Update.... waiting on my decals.... mail is super slow.... but got the doors hinged and are removable..... everything fits good. And lines up.... super happy with how it’s turning out.
  11. Yes it is House of Kolor Galaxy Gray....with purple/ blue shift flake mixed with the first coats of clear. The orange is House of Kolor too. Ultra orange pearl
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