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  1. Wow, I didn't realize there were any of these types of events near me! I'm in Grafton! May have to check this out!
  2. Box art looks great! I cannot wait for this kit to be released! I spent my high school years cruising around on a black '67 with a 390 and 3 on the tree! I will likely be purchasing a handful of these kits! So many ideas in my head already!
  3. Very nice! I'm a Big fan of this car & driver!
  4. I was curious, does anyone make one of these in resin form or are they available In any current kits? These would be great engines for many older ford cars & trucks!
  5. So, I saw the pics of the '71 from Toledo NNL, but has anyone heard anything about the '69 short bed version? Also, from the pics and the "work in progress" comments, is it safe to assume that the '71 won't be ready by the Febuary date that Tower Hobbies is now giving?
  6. I pm'd him a month or so ago about them and he said he does not have anymore right now.
  7. Picked up a dremel today! And a few cans of paint from Hobby Lobby.
  8. Any info on the '69 F-100 that Mobious was supposed to be coming out with in addition to the '71? Also, since the '71 is a "work in progress" still, any new info on release date? Man, I almost went to Toledo today but it was late in the afternoon and I didn't wanna drive all the way there and be short on time...guess I'll plan on attending next year with some builds! Thanks for the info and pics guys!
  9. I am not. I would love to join the one in the Cleveland area but their meetings are In the evenings and I work 2nd shift. Hopefully someday I can join.
  10. Awesome! Thanks for the info guys!! I thought I was gonna be out of luck on this one!
  11. Just curious if anyone makes a '67-'72 Ford F100 pickup model? My dad had one when I was a teen and I spent a lot of time working on it and driving it. I'd love to build a replica of that truck. So, anyone?
  12. Beautiful car! Did you use taller wheels in the rear?
  13. Looks great! Really like the new wheel choice!
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