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  1. Can members please give advice on methods for "flaring out" rear wheel wells? Thanks.
  2. Tim: Very, very nice build! Thanks for posting. I may have missed this from a previous post but, would you mind describing how you did your paint (including the bed and rivets). Thank you. Jim
  3. Very Nice builds. How did you get the blue on the Goodyear slicks of your Blue Fish Cuda?
  4. Looking for a set of the Shores & Hess Anglia Decals. I know they at were made by Joe Curtis at Fremont Racing. Any help would be appreciated. Also, might anyone also have a set of the "Fireball Shores" chopped anglia decals as well? Thanks. Jim Polli
  5. I agree. The PPG Durcryl is good stuff. I have used it with HOK with good results
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