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  1. Great thread. In those MPC days we didn't have have resin or 3D parts to add to our models. Anything scratch built was looked at with awe and amazement. Some build sheets these days look like a page from an aftermarket suppliers catalog. IMHO those same parts produced by the builder himself should be noticed by the contest judges and taken into consideration. The larger the scale chosen the higher the standard should be. Just my humble opinion of course. As to the consists I chose to enter today...if what I put on the table pleases someone, great,and I appreciate that. If not...so be it. I build what I like as I think it should be built and only to please myself. Always have...always will.

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  2. Very cool and original OEM dealer display piece. As a long time promo collector of Chevrolet promotional stuff I can certainly appreciate the owner's reluctance to part with such a unique piece. You're correct about belonging in a museum setting. Thanks for posting the photos for us to enjoy.

  3. On 1/15/2022 at 10:02 PM, Ace-Garageguy said:

    Yessir. Not too many people even know that term anymore, either.  B)

    I have a couple I use that were given to me by a lady who does clothing alterations. They were a common sewing basket tool in an age when clothes were still hand sewn. Excellent riveted panels can be made from those really cheap aluminum roasting pans available in dollar stores.

  4. On 11/14/2019 at 8:29 AM, mirage1980 said:

    Hi i'm a italian modeller end i decided to modify a Pocher F40 model and imagine how it could be today. The main muse is a revisitation of the F40 designed by designer Samir Sadikhov. My intention is to maintain almost all of the pocher kit, modifying it to make it similar to the designer's project, similar because I will also use mine. 317564d1548249238-ferrari-f40-pocher-1-8


    Images will not load on my Kindle.

  5. On 5/16/2022 at 10:44 AM, iamsuperdan said:

    Was manning the booth at a tradeshow all weekend, and yesterday included a carshow. 

    Not as big of a turnout as I was expecting, but some nice stuff there. I didn't take pics of everything, as I recognized a lot of the cars from other shows.


    Good use of a frunk on a new Mustang MachE




    I don't know what this is. But I like it.




    Hudson of some sort.



    1985 Mustang SVO. Love this one.






    Charger. Didn't really look around back, so not sure the year. I think it's a 1970, because of the front grille?






    Dead mint 1988 Ford Wagon. Want.







    Chev truck. Something I noticed on this. So when I built my version of the kit, I tried to smooth out what I felt were mold lines and seams. Turns out, there are seams on the front that are supposed to be there.




    Another super nice CHarger. Factory sunroof.









    Firebird 962.33 kB · 0 downloads




    El Camino




    Old Jag. 






    1971 Chevelle







    1975 Ford 

    The dealership I work for sold this one new in 1975. Family owned ever since.





    The Ford Tudor is a '49-'51 era "shoebox".

  6. On 5/21/2022 at 11:32 AM, Jantrix said:

    Most of my recent work has been based on or at least inspired by a real vehicle. Here's a trio of awesome rides that will be finding their way into my plastic soon.

    This is a '55 Desoto that Dave Mackey of Blue Dog Garage has called the Chupacabra. This one's got a big online presence and is easy to find info on. Mobius' '56 Chrysler would be a good candidate here I think.



    This is Mike Burrough's at Stanceworks, Model A. I've contacted Mike through Instagram and he's great about sharing info. I'm currently gathering parts for this one. The AMT Phantom Vicky is providing a lot of help. Wheels/tires are proving difficult.



    This is Bombshell Betty, built by Jeff Brock, a 1952 Buick. When the Foose Caddy was released, this is what I had In my mind. Although having to rework every panel in the interior has me daunted.




    So, that's what's got my creative juices flowing, how about you? Post up whatever real 1:1 car has got you inspired enough to build yours in scale. I'll be adding more as they occur to me.

    I love the "Betty" car as well. I would create all flat sheet metal interior panels if I were building it.

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