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  1. Thanks for sharing your process with us. Seeing how it's done may help others to start similar projects.
  2. The term Mohair is a natural fabric made from Angora sheep's wool also referred to as "denim-like wool". It was often used for folding convertible tops prior to the invention of synthetic materials.
  3. Looking very nice. I'm tuned in for sure.
  4. Is the weld bead and rivet detail done with 3D Decals? If not how was it done please.
  5. Send me the contractor's phone number and I am willing to contact them to see if I can arrange to have the whole dumpster emptied directly into your front yard. Always ready to help out a fellow modeler out 🙂
  6. I'm sure these are available in 3D as I bought a set at one time along with a Frenzel supercharger for future use.
  7. If you decide to build a Weaver hand crank with boom I have a lot of reference material that I used for building my 1925 wooden cab Ford model TT wrecker a few years ago. PM me your email address if you're interested in seeing pix of the finished model. Good luck with your project.
  8. Thanks for posting that link to some great wrecker conversions. Lots of reference info and inspiration for kit bashers and scratch builders to work from.
  9. Neat project. This looks like the body work was professionally rendered. A lot of early cars with heavy duty frames and healthy engines were converted into service cars following a rear end collision. This is a very classy shop car. Be sure to keep us updated when actual construction begins.
  10. I watched the remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still yesterday. I saw the original in 1951 when I was 9 so I do have something for comparison. The remake has a lot of plot holes and unexplained loose ends but only if you've seen the original. Naturally in '51 there was no CGI for special effects so the producers relied heavily on that technology this time around. I personally prefer the original release version. Watch both and decide for yourself.
  11. FYI always keep your light source behind you if possible. Nice WIP here. Thanks for posting.
  12. Love everything 'bout this ride. Can crushin low, and detail rich. Thanks for sharing your inspiration with us.
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