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  1. Very well done with realistic looking weathering and creative photography.
  2. misterNNL

    LS7 engine

    Nicely detailed engine. Just enough dark wash to show off the features.
  3. Thanks for sharing this with us. Well planned and executed project.
  4. I have built several period speedster models with two speed rears. I modified stock ones by searching images on line then adding parts made from Evergreen hollow tube stock, etc. You might consider trying that approach.
  5. I don't have access to a vacuum former. I have considered using a heat gun for the forming over a buck then trimming the pieces (carefully) to size. In the real world the segments overlap slightly to allow for rivets. That overlap in styrene would be unacceptable and pretty much look terrible. Most every trailer model has rivets that are way too big. Real rivets are placed about every 1\2" which would be very difficult in 1\25. Most of the antique trailers I have built are done with flat panels. I'll figure it out someday and will share it here.
  6. Thanks,those iconic multi-curved end shell segments are the sticking point for me. The current production ones are even more difficult as the aluminium segments are stretched into shape right here in the factory one block from my house. On warm day I can walk there and the big door in the wall right next to the "stretcher" operation is clearly visible so I can watch them do it. Fascinating to watch.
  7. Man I love this one! I have a ton of respect for whoever created the model itself with all the slopes and rounded corners. Looking at the base I am guessing it is carved from wood much like a lot of the car models built for the old Fisher Body Craftsman Guild competitions of the 1960's.
  8. A little research reveals the headlights were probably only available in the dump truck version so please keep digging friends.
  9. Bump. No-one responded to this in February. Anyone know anybody associated with Boulevard Resins or have one of these 1\25th scale Air stream resin trailers stashed away that you are willing to part with?
  10. Correction: a closer look at the photo and in particular the cover over the wheel and I spot the words "Bowuls Papoose ". That is a super rare trailer.
  11. These appear to be Curtiss-Wright trailers from the early '30's. The entry doors were over the hitches for two reasons. The technology for opening the side sheet metal had not been developed yet even on longer units, and some like the one shown here were simpler too short.
  12. This style was known as a "barrel back". The wooden section above the rear bumper is divided into two halves,hinged on the outside edges. Those opened and swung outward allowing access to the interior.
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