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  1. dave2aptc added a post in a topic 90's Ford F150 prisoner transport   

    I feel your pain on the weather, I don't have a paint booth set up yet myself. Interesting project, I like the outside the norm builds, great work!
  2. dave2aptc added a post in a topic 1 ton dually   

    Terrific work! That bed looks a lot like the 1:1 Hillsboro flatbeds I see in my area. This keeps me hopeful my project will turn out as planned, hah!
  3. dave2aptc added a post in a topic It's a start... F350 flatbed   

    Thanks Chris! I used these two bits in a Dremel tool and then varying grits of sandpaper wrapped around the end of a paintbrush. It's maddening trying to keep a steady hand with the metal round cutting bit though, I went a bit out of the groove on the passenger side door and straightening it back up is proving challenging to say the least. Don't sneeze and take some breaks!

  4. dave2aptc added a post in a topic It's a start... F350 flatbed   

    Oops, missed this one, yes VERY pleased with your work, thanks!
  5. dave2aptc added a post in a topic It's a start... F350 flatbed   

    Lol, no worries Chris, I DID ask for tips/advice/critique. I thought dad's truck was a 79 with round headlights, I just e-mailed him to get the correct year.

    Thanks Mike, Great idea!
  6. dave2aptc added a post in a topic It's a start... F350 flatbed   

    2wd, dually. The 1:1 was basically a home made utilty flat bed with tool boxes bolted on.
  7. dave2aptc added a topic in On the Workbench: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    It's a start... F350 flatbed
    Hi folks, haven't posted much, been mostly lurking and admiring. But I thought I'd put some pics up to hopefully get some tips, advice and maybe a TAD bit of critique(tongue-in-cheek)

    Anywho, awhile back in the welcome forum, I posted I'd been away from the hobby for 20+ years. Now I wanted to share a few EARLY pics of a model I've been building in my head for the same amount of time. I bought 2 of the AMT reissue "Super Stones" kits(one for a "just in case/future build") and I scored the Monogram F350 dually pick-up on e-bay to use in this, possibly over my head, kitbash.

    I've been doing a lot of modifying to the largely disappointing AMT kit. Since the 1:1 truck I'm modeling after was a '79 F350 CUSTOM, I've had to remove all the body trim and molding along the bottom, fender and along the "groove" down the side. I also re-positioned the top of the windshield and filled the backside of the cab corners. On the Monogram kit, I cut down the under side of the extended cab floor to match the single cab of the AMT kit, removed the rear fuel tank and filled some low spots/pits in the frame. I de-chromed the grill and cut out the center to allow for a tube type grill made from styrene rod. I'm a bit perplexed by the headlights though as the '79 custom version had round headlights. I used a hole punch and temporarily white glued a piece of clear plastic over the existing headlights and may just fill the area around them with putty. From the dash, I removed the vents and glovebox lettering. Be patient, I'm incredibly slow and meticulous, my next update may take quite some time. But please have a look!

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  8. dave2aptc added a post in a topic 1972 Transcraft TX4 40 feet log trailer   

    Great build! I like the "used" look of the bends/dents in the headache rack and bumper. Did you make those mudflaps or were they from kit/aftermarket?
  9. dave2aptc added a post in a topic 77 GMC Rollback   

    Awesome! Excellent work on the working rollback!
  10. dave2aptc added a post in a topic Working F150   

    Great build! I'm curious about the pintle hitch you have on the bumper, was that in the kit, aftermarket or homemade? I need one for a build i'm starting.
  11. dave2aptc added a post in a topic Dodge welding rig   

    What an awesome job! I'm starting something somewhat similar, did you make those bottles yourself? And what about the gauges? I'm going to need a set myself.
  12. dave2aptc added a post in a topic Side mirrors, utility tail lights?   

    Looks great! thanks for the tip!
  13. dave2aptc added a post in a topic Side mirrors, utility tail lights?   

    That would be awesome if you could find some. I bought some 3/64 styrene rod yesterday, I plan to make my own mirror brackets and sheet for the frame. However, I'm not quite sure what I'll use yet for the mirror itself.
  14. dave2aptc added a post in a topic Side mirrors, utility tail lights?   

    Thanks for the replies. You were spot on Highway, the Grote style is exactly the type i'm looking for. But sadly, as I've been away from the hobby for many years and just starting back again, I have no real parts box to speak of

    But thanks again for the tips!

    Edit: By the way Chuckyr, those are really nice looking marker lights, if i get to building the big rigs, I'll def keep those in mind!
  15. dave2aptc added a topic in Truck Aftermarket / Resin   

    Side mirrors, utility tail lights?
    Hey folks, i'm gathering materials to build a scratch flat/utility bed for a one ton dually truck in 1/24 & 1/25 scale, I've used the search bar, but have had no luck in finding another related thread.

    I'd like to find sets of both side door mirrors: full length mounted top and bottom of side door window(preferably non-chromed) and also a set of those square type utility tail lights often mounted on utility trucks, trailers, etc., they were also a style mounted directly to the body of Jeep CJ vehicles as well.

    Does anyone make these or know a site which sells them?

    Thanks in advance!
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