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  1. i use modpodge for clear parts and it works great. one thing to note, if the piece is ill fitting, it wont work. 

    the modpodge dries very clear and if you mess up you can wipe it with water and start again. it says it takes 24 hours to fully cure, but honestly, 1 hour is enough for me.


    for tough fitting pieces, where something is warped or just very ill fitting, i use gorilla clear. it holds much better, but there is less room for error with that. 

  2. On 11/25/2021 at 1:36 AM, peteski said:

    That really stinks!  I feel for you!  After the last Thanksgiving was a total bust for most people, this one will also be a bust for you guys.  I don't blame you for being really aggravated.

    thankfully my wife tested negative last night so i think we are in the clear. its unfortunate that we had to miss the thanksgiving surprise for my mother but glad my wife is negative

  3. im not sure what i did wrong, i got the amt 72 chevy pickup coke kit, which is molded in red.


    i wanted to paint it white, so i primed it gray using tamiya primer. then i did a coat of tamiya silver, and then a tamiya white primer. everything looked fine.

    howver when i did my white paint, everything turned pink.


    i really wanted this white and short of just buying the mpc version that is molded in white, im not sure what to do

  4. my wife's coworker came into work sick all week, and decided to get a covid test and tested positive. now her entire company has to get tested and they did the 15 minute tests today to see if anyone else tested positive. 


    my wife and i were going to surprise my mother at thanksgiving, so we had to cancel that, and we had to cancel our hotel, and we are out the almost 200 dollars for that. i also had to get groceries delivered for my wife and my thanksgiving because we didnt think we needed to cook.


    i could absolutely scream. we see my mother maybe 2 times a year and because this lady was a selfish and stupid idiot, everything is ruined. 

  5. This one is finished. It really tried my patience but because of my love for the subject I made sure i finished the best i could.

    It looks like the kit was missing the upper hose, but im not going to fret. Im really happy how it is.

    I didnt put the photo etch on the taillights or the gt logo grill because I like it better without. I normally don't do anything like that, as i try to build as close to stock as possible, but on this i built it how i would like it. 


    Thank everyone for the nice comments along the way, i really appreciate it 



    Edit: i forgot to put on the door handles. Haha







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  6. I messed up the glass by getting glue on it. I tried to fix it and cracked the glass in the windshield. 

    Thankfully I had thin clear plastic from my wife's Christmas ornaments box. I cut it to shape and glued it in. 

    Its not 100% perfect but looks good considering. There is a small gap under the top, i think i would have needed a heat gun to shape it better.


    Im not going to fret over this because my only other option would be to buy another kit for the glass.





  7. I tested on a spoon with the gray primer. Even with 2 coats, the gray is too dark for the white. 

    I really want the white, so im going to do a very thin coat of white primer.


    I needed to use the gray because there was still some orange tinting and left over paint in some areas i could not get off when i stripped it.  The details are a bit thin, so hopefully a thin coat of white priner wont be too bad

  8. 7 minutes ago, BlackSheep214 said:

    Go and try and ask some teen employee on finding a particular model kit. Better yet, ask if they know what a model kit is. Lol! You’ll get some dumb looks.

    A million years ago I got a job at toys r us at 16 or 17. I knew nothing of the toys, especially the dolls and that type of stuff. Within a couple of weeks i learned quite a bit and was able to get it. 

    If someone was looking for something and i didn't understand what it was, i would try to help them what i thought and try to find out more if it wasn't right. 


    Its about this person i called being very lazy, not incompetent or asking for some crazy out there thing. Laziness, pure and simple

  9. i looked through my paint stash, which is getting low. i have only a deep metallic blue and racing white. 


    the racing white is very close to wimbeldon white, and the deep metallic blue is closer to a purplish black more than blue i think. i am leaning towards the white because this kit has the hidden headlights, so i am going to fully black out the grill. i think that will look great with white. 

  10. This has been a doozy so far.  Firstly, i sanded out the little fake vents that were molded into the side. Most of the pictures i found online dont have them, so maybe it was an option. I dont know, but it looked way too small for such a big body


    Anyway, i had primed the kit and painted it tamiya ts 56, brilliant orange. I thought it was really close to the grabber orange, but it looked more like a yellow cab.

    I had also tried to black wash the door gaps but it looked horrible and i messed up the paint by doing it.


    A quick run to walmart for some easy off oven cleaner and a 4 pack of tooth brushes. i cleaned off the paint and filled the part of the plastic i screwed up


    Next i primed the whole body again, only to realize i had a crack in the hood tip.  I fixed that and resprayed it, fixed the dist i got in it and one last spray. 


    The hood has a small spot where it cracked, but its hard to see unless you know its there. the spot i mssed up the plastic on the trunk is also very hard to see.

    Unfortunately this kit has gotten too expensive to buy a backup for these types of issues, so spending 4 hours fixing a tiny flaw is where im at.


    I need to decide on a new color because the orange i have is not right. I am limiting it to colors i have in mt stash, just not blue because my last few builds have been blue. Im thinking maybe a color close to Wimbledon white 


    Not much to look at right now, but this body has had more fixes and refixes than any of my other builds


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  11. 3 hours ago, BlackSheep214 said:

    What did you expect from teenage girls and women? BTW, a majority of HL employees are female. Asking them about a certain model kit in stock is like asking them if they carry a certain type of nail at a hardware store or certain type of spark plug for your car or power lawn equipment at Walmart.

    Nope, not lazy. Just clueless and she’s already told you that on the phone since she has no idea what she’s looking for. They have zero idea what or where the model kit aisle model kit is or what they have in stock. They all look the same to them.

    I mean reading ford torino on a box doesn't seem overly difficult 

  12. 27 minutes ago, Dave Ambrose said:


    I can sympathize with you about the drive. My closest hobby shop is a good 30 minutes away too. That's a big difference from the 10 minute bike ride of my youth. Thank goodness for RC. If it weren't for that, most of the remaining hobby shops would be gone. 

    my closest hobby shop used to be about 30 minutes away, they moved out of state and now the next closest one that stocks model stuff is more than 60 minutes away. i always bought from him before he moved even thought he was more expensive than online. but once he moved out of state, it becomes too much to drive there. 

    there is one hobby shop that sells tamiya paint about 30 minutes away, but they are primarily pokemon card store and sell just the bare minimum when it comes to models. i can usually get paint there in a pinch, but they charge about 9 or 10 for a can of tamiya paint, if i remember correctly. i will buy from him if he has the paint in stock, but he doesnt stock some of the higher TS numbers, like the new colors. 

    i would definitely prefer to buy in a hobby store, even if it is a bit more expensive, but not at the cost of taking half an afternoon to pickup a model or some paint. 

    we have a hobby lobby, but for the most part they never update their inventory and the last few times i went there, there was nothing i wanted, and i have too many kits to buy one that i may or may not build in the next few years



    i do wish that if the hobby is doing well, they stop raising prices for kits. at 30+ dollars for a revell or amt kit is too high. if they raise the prices anymore, i guess i wont have to worry about my stash growing. i will just have to build what i have. i have enough that i will never run out

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  13. i have never had an issue with hobby lobby customer service. in fact, i think it might be one of the best i have seen before. however, this past weekend, i experienced one of the laziest workers i have come across in all my years. 


    i went to 2 different hobby lobby stores looking for a specific model. when i couldnt find it, my wife suggested i just call the next one since it is over 1 hour away. i agreed, and i called.i asked them if they could tell me if they had a specific plastic model in stock. the lady said she had no idea what i would be looking for and they said i should just look online and get it from there instead. 


    i hung up and turned to my wife and said, now that is lazy. 

  14. I have dropped my phone a lot. Its never broken. i have even dropped it outside on the pavement. 

    Last Night i dropped it on the carpet in my living room and the screen cracked. 

    Its over 200 to fix so im just going to use it as is because thats too much

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  15. i built the model king re-release of the wild hoss a ways back. it was very difficult because of an issue with the back not fitting right and being warped badly. however, it was a pretty good kit. i also remember the front grill not having any tags to glue, so it required some extra careful glueing and a promise to never touch that spot again.


    its a wonderful kit thought and i am so happy they are releasing it again.  i will for sure pick up a couple. i spent over 100 on the model king version and i also had a copy of the wild hoss original, which was very expensive as well, which ended up being needed for paint issues and other issues. 


    i put mine in my first diorama. that was a nightmare by itself. haha





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