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  1. Added some pipework and did some work on the engine.
  2. OK so now I mix a wash up using It's a very thin wash and I just run it in the nooks and crannies. Then I make another thin wash using I put this over the whole engine(very quick don't move it about as you will wet the silver and it will all just end up looking a dirty mess) I let that dry then use And dust it all over the engine and give it a little buff up.
  3. Hi all this is how I do engine cases. So first I prime it. Then dab white in random places. Then since it's already a light grey primer, I add a bit of darker grey(just for a bit of variation) Now I just use a stiff brush lightly loaded with AK steel And scrub over it all.
  4. Hi all it's my birthday so I'm allowed to start this. I'm going to stick my neck out and say by the way this builds the original had a crank shaft con rods and pistons (a bit like a Pocher kit) I've ordered some replacement decals from Indycal for this so hopefully I won't have the problem I had with the JPS.
  5. Here's a quick mock up ( I'm thinking of using some led's and have it hovering) Can't decide on colour gold, blue or pink.
  6. I knew this wouldn't please everyone (been unwell lately) but will be continuing soon.
  7. Thanks guys, I did think it was strange, it was at the head of my page but went when I deleted the post.
  8. Hi all do any of you post your builds on Instagram if so be careful of what you post. I posted my porsche 934 resto build and have been told to either take it down or set up a paid partnership with them as its product placement (I'm assuming it's because I have good year and castrol logos (amongst others)) I've deleted the post but if that's the case I think I will be deleting a lot more.
  9. I found something better to power the GT40 than some marker pens and some plumbing spares.
  10. Sorry venom nope. I have it stripped (now just have to strip the paint off.
  11. Hi all well it cleaned up fairly well, just got to strip the paint next. What I'm planning involves using these
  12. It is the old trumpeter kit that's just over a Yr of dust from my shed (ido my spraying in the shed)
  13. Hi all got this back out of the shed, can you guess what I'm going to do with it.
  14. Another of my favourite products I have an old stiff brush I use for stuff like this. Dip in the powder. And flick over the engine by pulling your finger through the bristles. You should end up with this
  15. 9OK so this next one will be in 2 parts as its more than 10 pics long. Doing an old oily engine . So heres how it looks before First my favourite leaky engine product. So put it on joints or gasket areas (think about where a real engine would leak)(for anyone who doesn't know anything much about engines don't put it on fuel injection or electrical areas, fuel injectors do leak but not using this product) Whilst this is still wet my next favourite colour (I know you may be thinking is he nuts, but trust me) This is important keep engine in the orientation it will bevin the vehicle then load the brush with white spirit and flood the areas with the colours on them, you should end up with this.
  16. OK so it's nearing the end now, I suddenly realised I have it being sponsored by Dunlop and Goodyear. Easy fix
  17. Hi all I luckily won this on ebay for 56 quid (which you can see is less than the original owner paid, not allowed to start it till my birthday so just under a month. Yes the box is a bit beat up but the kit is all good.
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