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  1. Hi all well I've started cleaning the bodywork, getting rid of the flash and checking the fit, I think I have a lot of work where that is concerned its a terrible fit
    anyway I sprayed the engine black as per the instructions.
    then I thought I would do some research as I want to do a good job of it and discovered the engine has no black in it, it's silver and green
    so thats where I am now, looking to find what I can use for the ht leads from the spark plugs.
  2. Hi all thanks for the words of encouragement, and as has been said lit from underneath by led's



    you may be wondering why the led legs are painted, well that's because I know from bitter experiece that the glue from a hot glue gun conducts electric(dont ask me how I know) you may be wondering why I used the glue at all, well that's because I wanted to dull the led's down a bit and the glue when cooled is semi opaque, also it alowed me to paint some orange, yellow and red on top of the glue to help with the diffusion of the light and add to the overall effect.

  3. Well,,,,,,,, it's,,,, Finished!!!
    unfortunately one of the super troupers failed and to fix it I would have to take it all apart, so, since its glued in place it will have to stay off (insert swear word here).
    So what do you think have I pulled it off
  4. Well this shows you how far along we are I have started crushing christine into the loading bay I am so nervous, this is make or break. I have the bumper and grill bent into it, it's now the car. No pics I really should have Christines lights working but to late now I think especially when. The wings are crushed in (not enough room all my leds are 5mm) and I can't damage the paintwork as I mixed the colour and spilt the pot I had it in, so if I ruin the paint I have to spray the whole car again.

  5. Hi folks and tonights update is,
    got to try and figure out how to attatch the seat to the dolly for the camera man/woman to operate the camera and then figure out how to attatch the boom mike to the camera then some wheels for the dolly. We really are on the home run now.
  6. Well I've started building the other 2 cameras this time they are not Panavision they are Cisca they are being built as a pair but I am giving one a different lens, also one will be on a tripod and the other will be on a dolly.
    little bit more detail to put on them then build the tripod and the dolly, then the camera men\women the rest of the crew a boom mike I just suddenly thought of (i wonder if that could\would be mounted on the dolly with the camera) some kit boxes, film reels, all the cables then the dreaded crushing christine into the loading bay.
  7. Hi all last night I went to my first Ipms club meet, I have to say they were very friendly chaps, there were no elitists among them and my models seemed to go down ok, I was worried about taking them (I took Moochie's death and unusual showroom )incase they weren't good enough, but in the end my worries were pointless as no one said anything bad about them. I was made to feel welcome. I was invited by another member, but a modeler walked in and was made to feel just as welcome good evening enjoyed it.

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