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  1. Please read below.I just want to check out some cool models on here with no issues.And that is itSo thanks

  2. I hope this gets listed on my profile page.Im not the best with my old pic,/phone.I joined the website in 2014,but shortly after I did,my mother passed away.So making models wasn't the first thing on my mind.Until recently,I decided to get back into it...Which is what I'm trying to do...Now,,to the person on here,who he knows who he is,who is trying to bother me.Jyst do me a favor and leave me alone.I don't understand your intentions.So please leave  me alone.I come on here looking at car,truck,or motorcycles models,built by great builders all over the country..I have no idea what ur talking about,.And my name is Ron,not Ron Smith,I felt like I was checking into a motel.I don't have to be truth full of my name..This is not a private website...Anyway,I'm from LI NY,and I really like building these cars,and looking at other peoples builds.Again,that's all I want to do...Not be bothered.amd that's it..

    Thank u very much.

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