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  1. Now I’ve got to build the kit.And then put it under glass.
  2. I was always wondering where the ZZTop 33 Ford was.It’s sitting in the rock and roll hall of fame .
  3. Favorite ZZTop songs,,,,Cheap Sunglasses,I need You Tonight,Just Got Paid Today,Legs,Jesus Just Left Chicago,& the list goes on.Always wanted to see them live,but never did….RIP Dusty☹️
  4. Sorry didn’t see your post.That sucks,never saw ZZ Top live.RIP dude.Great band.
  5. Easy one…Chief get behind me,Hooper reverse,ain’t you watching it….Come on blow up.Smile you son of a boooom!!!!!Quint? No.
  6. I Went to NYS DMV today to get my Jeep on the road,and found out you have to make an appointment to register and get a title.DMV really sucks.They are making things really hard to getting your car on the road.Just annoying as all hell.And it takes weeks to get your car registered and titled.All because Covid.😡😠😡😠!!!!!.Now I have to fill out all the necessary forms,and get an appointment.Who knows when I’ll get my Jeep on the road.
  7. Great movie.Absolutely hilarious..
  8. So Last night I’m driving home.I decided to take a dark side road,Well another car was coming the other way,I moved over to my right.And bam I slammed into a pick up truck.Then to add to the frustration,the other driver kept going and never stopped.Next thing I know about 10 people come running out of the house yelling and screaming.I didn’t get a chance to explain what happened.Then the police show up.About 5 or 6 cars show up.Then before I knew it,the police thought I was drunk or on pills.I had to explain to them I was just tired,and another car was coming the other way and took off.The pol
  9. Yea,your right,it’s a car I wanted to build from Shapeways.Trying to build it.And thanks for the comments guys.I just like the murdered out look.
  10. Once again,I woke up to a flat tire on my car.Arrrggg.😖
  11. Me either.If I want food,I’ll get in my car,and go buy it at the store,or a restaurant.He’s got customers ordering tiny little ice cream sundays, or appetizers to have delivered.m across towns..Hey get off your asses and go buy it yourself.And I don’t want to hear about the all famous Covid excuse.
  12. No Miles,sorry I was just joking around...No that seriously can be annoying.My friend does door dash,and a lot of times the restaurants get the orders wrong,and he’s gotta run around to keep his customers happy.Definitely A pretty tough job.
  13. Yea I just went to a Satin black,which I’ve always said was my favorite black shades. Crisp and clean.
  14. Gee Miles,that must have been so upsetting.🙄😧Lol.
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