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  1. This is an easy one. You got any fried chicken?Best dam chicken in the state.Give me four fried chickens,and a coke. Oh I’m gonna die Larry,all this blood is scaring the @%#*+ out of me.Hey are u a doctor?No,so then u don’t know what your talking about.
  2. Off a diecast pro stock,and the cage and dash are also from the diecast Jegs car.Kinda putting the two cars together.
  3. I’ve been painting most of my half done builds in flat black,lately.
  4. Love this car.The stance is the best.Too bad we had to lose one of the best drag racers in history recently...May you RIP Mr.Bob Glidden.
  5. Thank u.I didn’t bother painting it,cause I knew I by would ruin it,so I just put about 10 coats of clear coat on it.
  6. Strange Brew was such a hilarious movie.The great white north.Coo coo coo coo coo
  7. Ah yes,gotta add,great movie.Loved the fake cops.
  8. Sick looking build.The headers are wild.
  9. Nice job,I’ve got one of these on my bucket list.
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