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  1. finally finished this one ,,,this is a nice kit ,,,,this one is going on top shelf in front im actually proud the way this one turned out ,,,,actually  looks better in person ,i used the rustolium 2 xprimmer and the  2x rustolium  gloss white,,then the 2x clear 





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  2. Well call me crazy but i ordered this  got it put together ,,,this thing has enough storage for everything i have ,,,this thing is very high quality,,,lots of assembly ,,took about 2 hours, it is made by arttystation not cheap but get what you pay for and this IS NICE,they have other items that are nice also


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  3. Not much here to look at ,,,,first time trying tamiya spray paint this was the gold ,,,,man this stuff looked like BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH it was spotty in some spots like the metalic was coming out ,,,,,and the ts13 clears  😠 i sprayed 5 coats on it  and still looked semi gloss,,,,,,so im contributing to operator error,,unfortunately i bout 6 cans of this clear and an assortment of the other colors for up coming projects,,,,,confused about these paints ,,,might be going back to just useing my cheap craft paints with the rustolium 2x clear ,,,thought i would change over to tamiya because i see all these guys and there fabulous paint jobs saying they used tamiya 🤨,,oh well live and learn,,




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  4. Hey everyone here is one i finished few months ago,,,tryed something different not sure if you can tell but the valve covers are covered in carbon fiber i actually cut 5 seperate pieces for these things,when trying to use one piece it was a disaster,,,but the 5 piece was time consuming but they REALLY look great in person,also did the bumper ,grill ,and radiater tank on top ,and air cleaner.





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  5. The only thing bad about the kit was that the trim for windshield and rear window was really tuff to follow or may be just bad eyesight 🥴

  6. 12 hours ago, PappyD340 said:

    Looks fantastic, well done and don't sell yourself short on your skills!!

    Thanks,,,but i can just imagine if Ace-garageguy or Mr obsesion did one there are a lot of others on here also but those two just came to mind ,,,hey do you own a 340 duster?

  7. 19 hours ago, Bills72sj said:

    I agree. How did you do the seats?

    Lots of masking ,and a SHARP scapel blade ,,,,the seats had a LOT of raised detail so that made it easy ,,and i used craft store paint

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  8. Hey guys finished this up finally this is a REALLY nice kit no fitment problems at all ,,,,,this kit would look GREAT with a more skilled builder ,,sorry about the color shift in pictures true color is 2 pic

    cat 4.jpg




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  9. Hey everyone this is probably an old topic no doubt ,,but i was really struggling with finding a alternative replacement i was looking at the vallejo metalic color line ,,but was turned off by price,,,,fast forward to today well i broke down an ordered a set ($ 32.00) they come in 4 pack,, Man these are pretty decent size ,,,and they brush on GREAT,and cover very well ,and already thinned,,was so impressed i ordered the other two sets of the metal sets ,,,,did i mention they BRUSH on so Great,,,i wont be spraying these ,i do all brushing with the Metalizers paints sooooo  i dont see me running out anytime soon,,,wish i would have gotten these paint sooner ,but oh well,,,so if your on the fence about these paints(cause lord knows i was)try them,,,no i dont have any affiliation with them or sell them ,,,,was just looking for an alternative AND i found it ,,at least for ME



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  10. Hey everyone I want to build a Nova for buddy of mine wounder if anyone has these rims and possibly the rear set up for them I believe they came from a Chevelle kit , I have a complete garage kit (new) that has the lift and bunch of other tools willing to trade if you have those items here is a pic of what looking for. Thanks 


  11. I bought some of the revell paint recently and the stuff is REALLY thick seemed like a 50/50 MIX WAS STILL TO THICK TO SPRAY, but once got it thin enough to spray(used water) it sprayed GREAT,but in my gun it was REALLY hard to clean had to take apart and flush laq thinner through it good

  12. This was actually a fun model despite all the pointed out inacurte porprtions ,still may paint the black along the bottom,but this color at first looked ugly ,,,,but its growing on me🙂






  13. On 3/31/2021 at 2:10 PM, Snake45 said:

    As Steve said, Tamiya is the "weapon of choice" of many here. But it's expensive and can be hard to find. 

    Lately I've been having excellent results with Touch N Tone Flat White, Flat Gray, and Flat Black as primer. This is cheap, near-generic spray paint I found in a couple local hardware stores but it works great as a primer. It might actually be the same stuff as the late, lamented Walmart Color Place flat white, gray, and black, which were also excellent primers. I hope you can find it in Canada. 

    Snake the walmarts in my area no longer carry the primmer so if they do in your area better get all you can

  14. Ok everyone here is the amt 68z28,besides all the in acuracies😉 that been pointed out ,what do you think so far about color choice ,at first i thought oh my god that is hideus looking but once i sprayed the clear was like wow that really looked decent,,,,,ok question is should i go and put the black stripes on or leave off,,,, the trunk deck spoiler is NOT going on cause it no where near matching the contour of trunk and i AM NO good at so called body work😁 So wasnt sure if the stripes would look good or not ,searched google to see if there was a picture of one with strips and without spoiler, came up empty on that .i will paint the lower part below the molding black also.well hopefully the rest goes smoothly.also included the color ,if woundering what it is,,i know NOT many people on believe that craft paint makes good choice for bodys but hey it been working out great so far😀



  15. Just finished this up ,SORRY all mopar fans tryed three times to do the wood grain interior,gave up said heck with it painted black, had issues with the rear tail lights fitting right, the frame was really bent badly ,and the hood was warped Really bad ,when i seen those issues i almost threw it in the round file cabinet ,but as expensive as models are now days ,i went ahead with it ,it looks like it going way in back of cabinet on bottom shelve 😃


    pic 1.jpg

    pic 3.jpg

    pic 4.jpg

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