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  1. Thanks! I added a group shot showing my older builds. Will definitely be adding to it.
  2. Thanks! Just realized I forgot to put keyhole accents. So I can still do a little touch ups.
  3. Thanks Slusher and thanks for following along the build thread.
  4. I received this kit a few weeks, it's been about 6 year since I built a scale model. It was a fun project to get back into. Below is the MPC box, the car that I modeled it after, and a few pics as well as a link to a youtube display video. Now I have the bug for another model. Thanks. ….and one final shot showing my new build with my past collection.
  5. This will probably be my final teaser shot before doing an “under glass” completed. I had a mishap with the decal for the hood. Messed up the small pin strip bezel around hood intake. So made a strategic cut (saw this same mistake on another model). Still have the rest of the decals. Look for the final in the under glass in a day or so. Thanks for watching.
  6. Some misc parts completed, almost ready for final assembly
  7. Switching to the under carriage. Painted the one piece mold with a combination of aluminum and silver sharpie to bring out the pipes, muffler and gas tank.
  8. Thanks Mopar-D Thanks @slusher , it’s a great color when I saw it on that reference pic at the top.
  9. Finally got some Bare-Metal foil in and starting some trim work on the body. I tried the Molotow pen, but just couldn't it to flow out consistent enough to work with it. So, I went back to what I worked with in the past, the foil. EDIT: Finished the rest of the chrome trim
  10. Finished up the interior today. No matter how much detail you do, you always feel you could have went a little further. Put flocking in for the carpet. Looks a little shaggy, but hey it was the 70's
  11. Did some detailing on the dash this morning to add wood trim. And I decide to just do the chrome bezels with a silver pen because I didn't want it too pronounced on such a small scale instrument panel.
  12. Thanks for the Info, I had some old Bare-metal foil for my body trim but it’s like 6 years old and the adhesive is super sticky and thick so I’m waiting on more of that to come in. I may go to hobby lobby tomorrow to look for that pen and practice with it.
  13. Thanks Slusher. Moving on to some interior work. Wanted to mimic the interior color of the car I'm modelling after. Used an off-white (ivory) emanel for the interior. Will have to dress up the shell. Floor and console will be black, like dash. Bringing out the chrome on the doors panels will be a little challenge. Will have to get me a gel pen to play with.
  14. Assembled the engine and put it in the engine compartment. Not super thrilled with the detail on it, but it'll do.
  15. Oh I was unaware 74s were all blue. Yeah I could have went stock on the engine color, but taking some liberties on it. Good info though, thanks
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