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    Nice Jonathan!!! They did not (unfortunately) re-realese the VW Van, so it is little difficult to find. Have you try on ebay? If you want, when you start to build them post the picture also on this website car-toons.proboards.com . Here they build only cartonish stuff. 

    Thanks Brizio, I signed up for the Car-toon proboard. looks like a lot of fun!  I have a trade pending for the DW van. I will start the Glitter bug today!

    Thanks Jonathan


     I've heard it said the Blue Trabant were the most popular in East Germany because they considered blue to be a lucky colour, if that's true or not, I don't know, but a little blue Trabant in the display cabinet would certainly look good,

    My Sister lives in Berlin and has had me make her 3 Trabis. But she wants them all green, she claims that's a lucky color.  I think you where just lucky to get one at all. Love you build, Great work!

    Go Trabi Go!


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