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  1. Awesome build.  I've owned 2 Novas. A 3rd gen 69 two-barrel carbureted version of the 350  5.7 L V8 and a 4th gen 75 with inline Six-cylinder 250 4.1 L. I might be comparing apples and oranges to you but I loved the I6.  Smoked V8 all the time. The 350 is a classic and a champ under the hood, the 250 Purred like a large cat and was less weight better millage. The 69 was friends, he needed the cash. I sold the 69 to make Money to buy my great grandmothers 75.  the 75 was a present to her from her son who worked at a Mich Chevy dealership. Boy it had all the bells and whistles, bullet wing mirrors, chromed out everything but the base power train and 1975 wheat colored thick shag carpet. I was confused at first but after a week I was sold, for life! And yes I did replace the carpets. No one believed it was a I6 always had to open the hood.

    Loven the Nova and applaud the use of a smaller block. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Finally,  I got my 1st truck kit today, actually I ordered and received 3 kits today.  I just came back from customs, didn't have to pay the full 19% retail, only 15% as I told them the box was toys, and it's a gift to me. 

    Anyway, I just opened the AMT California Hauler, the Diamond Reo and the White COE.  I'll probably do the 359 first since it'll take customizing better than the Diamond Reo, at least I think so.  I don't want the DR to look like a Peterbilt later on.

    Man, these kits are scary!  I think they're intimidating.  The parts are huge.  I've never seen a 1:25 truck before.  The plan was to do my usual thing, casting lots of parts in metal, scratch building a few things (leaf springs and front axle so it'll turn, metal motor and so forth.  I'm not sure now. 

    A rough calculation shows this tractor when finished as being very heavy.  The metal parts weigh 10 times what the plastic ones do. Judging from the mass and size of the motor and wheels, this will be a serious project.

    On the other hand, since I've done a couple of my cars with metal parts and see what  metal does to enhance the models,  I'm thinking maybe just do it.  Go for it.  We'll see.

    Instead of ordering metal at 1/4 lb. quantities, maybe the 2 lb. package will do for a start at least.


    Great choices of kits. Yes I see how they can look intimidating at first. The best advice I ever got about building rigs was - find a big table or bench to work at. At least with the 1st. And when you have a Q ask, some one will know. Clayton is a great wealth of knowledge.

    I too would like to welcome you to the dark side. Clear lots of space on the shelf!


  3. Wow y'all have some great work spaces. My work space is where ever I can sit, at a table, desk, floor I'm not picky. Lets see I have an old cafeteria tray and cutting mat. A bucket of rattle cans (lots of red).  Found the old desk organizer, I was using a shoe box. No part box It may have been trashed:wacko:.  All gets pulled out and put away every time. 

    You can take the man out of the military, guys, but you cant take the military out of the man.;)

    Every thing has a place and all in its place. Oorah!


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