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  1. I have this kit and am in the middle of doing it as a US Navy security/utility truck from my childhood. My Dad was a lifer in the Navy and I saw these trucks at every base we were stationed on during the 60's They were painted Haze Grey with white bumpers and grill no chrome at all . Black interior even missing hub caps LOL Keeping my fingers cross
  2. Mikemodeler, I would be in for about $100 for a complete kit (frame,wheels,tires,bed,glass and cab) I'm on a very fixed income due to a double amputation and currently battling kidney cancer That's where most of my income goes ,but that's the way it goes HAHAHAHA!!!!! To the guy that was saying he drove on of the crew cabs in Da Nang that was a bit of a sway back I've attached a pic of one of the Navy's F-100 at Chu Lai RVAN !!LOL COChef
  3. Looks like I'm out of luck finding a crew cab model any time soon especially at a price a guy on disability can afford Oh well maybe next time LOL!! Thanks to everyone
  4. Thank you everyone for all the help !!!!!! I've purchased both the Lindberg tanker kit and the AMT Ford Mail truck and trailer and I found an old Jimmy Flintstone body for the Econoline pick up I just got the New Release Moebius 66 Ford F-100 Flareside pick up. Now to try and find the 60's International cab over and a kit or how to for the odd shaped tank on the back of it Now there's one more kit or body that I need . I need a 66-69 Dodge Crew Cab 4X4 Power Wagon like the one in the attached pic's Again THANK YOU for all the help !! You Guy's Are The BEST COChef
  5. Hey Everybody, I'm looking for help in finding models of civilian trucks ( big rigs/trailers and pick ups and vans) from the 60's to early 70's that were used by the US Navy . Specifically for Ford step side pick up and a Ford Econoline cab over pick up . International Harvester CO-190-220 series trucks and a supplier for the tank on the IH Chevrolet trucks like the ones in the pics And last but not least a fuel tanker trailer like the ones in the pics I would like to build models of all these trucks if there are kits or conversions for them Any help would be greatly appreciated COChef
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