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  1. 16 hours ago, Can-Con said:

    Peter, I've seen this conversation played out over many model boards for as long as I've had a computer.

    There's some people who you just can't make believe red plastic will sometime have dye in it that will bleed out into the paint you put on it. They think for some reason that it's just a matter of the paint being transparent or something and it's just the painter not getting coverage. 

    You'll never convince them that the plastic is actually changing the color of the paint. 

    I've given up trying to convince anyone. I just let them know what has worked for me. What they do with the knowledge is up to them.

    that some people i guess u talking about me since u picked up on my post..i been around many years (66) and tried many things and it you use the right primer's & paints you want have a bleed thru. that's why i do not use model paints... but builders like you that think u know it all will never understand that...

  2. 19 hours ago, peteski said:

    Some modelers think that the metallic particles in silver paint prevent the red or yellow dye from bleeding through.   I guess you haven't heard of that.

    Are you saying that just using plain flat white paint (what brand?) undercoat will prevent dye bleed-through that primers and silver paint can't prevent?

    nope never heard that before..i used Walmart brand for many years till they quit making it ... now i will use Rust-Oleum 2X Ultra Cover Flat White Primer...white paint has always been hard to paint over a dark surface anyway... another thing i have learned (and i picked this up from aircraft builders) is prime white then paint with a flat white then clear coat..a gloss white is so hard to spray , but a flat white with a clear over the top is not.. 

  3. i use Micro Set Solution from Microscale. most hobby shops have it or u can google it and buy it on line..of course first thing u do is soak your decal in warm water a few seconds till it slides on the paper backing . with a paint brush dab a little Micro Set where the decal goes and slide it on. brush more on to the top of the decal. let set a minuet or so . u may see bubbles or curling around the edges. now take the brush and dip it in water and go over the decal...now get u a parer towel and lightly press down on the decal soaking up the water. by now the decal should be setting..but i always like to brush more Micro Set and press the decal a few more time to make sure using water in between also..let set 24 hrs then u can take a damp cloth or paper towel and wipe all the excess  Micro Set off before u clear coat . and remember if u do clear coat make sure the body is clean. i use air in a can or a tack cloth



  4. On 10/22/2021 at 4:04 PM, BIGTRUCK said:

    I wanted to keep the drive on both units to the back but I can raise the drives up some and back to tighten the tracks. Cut off the wheel dowel pins and install the drive wheels on evergreen rod. Thanks for the heads up.




    you got it going your way now , only thing i see u need to do and im sure u already know is the trailer stinger needs to be at least another 2 inches added to the front (dont want the rear to close to the truck) and at least another 2 to 3 inches out the back . another thing are u gonna also haul the trailer on the back of the truck ?  if so make sure u got the right width on the rear tracks..i know i rattle to much but im a scratch builder and just trying to help..

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  5. 17 hours ago, Mopar - D said:

    Nice progress on your interior Tom. Did you notice that they have a Chevy emblem on the steering wheel instead of the GMC. 

    my friend if i would have been building that model i would never notice the Chevy emblem on the steering wheel ..good catch....AMT was bad about using parts from other kits to save a dollar..

  6. 1 hour ago, deuces wild said:

    I got mine like yours a few months back.... I still haven't broke it in yet...:rolleyes:

    you will like it..i seen on Ebay the price went down and now comes with a LED light..i may get another one and hook them together..thats the good part about this booth they latch together as many as u wish.

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