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  1. That is way cool! Nobody messes with Harry Canyon. "Pretty but dumb. I put it off as a three day ride with one hell of a tip". I don't recall the exact wording. Don't forget the little red button down near the pedals where he gets rid of unwanted passengers. "Take me to the UN building", Yeah, they turned it into low rent housing".

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  2. Well, finally here's some more progress. I had some issues preventing me from doing much model work over the past few months. I got a really nasty cold in late Nov. that lasted through into Jan. Then after that was over I did a little work. Then out of nowhere I had three weeks of insomnia and I'm finally over that. But just as I was getting over that a few weeks ago I caught another cold. But this cold was much milder and I was almost over it in a week. So I finally got back to working on the exhaust system, painting the heat staining, adding those tiny wire loops for the springs. Then I ordered the Top Studio springs. I found one vendor that had them. So I got them in a week. A bag of 20 so that will do a few bikes. I used eighth on this one.  Plus it was quite challenging mounting the tunes pipes with the Scale Motorsports PE brackets. But I got them. The springs were the last thing installed just today and yesterday. So now here's a bunch of photos going aroinf the bike and some close up shots on the exhaust system. I hope you like it.














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