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  1. it actually fit pretty nice. i cut halfway across the trunk and down to the beltline at the vent windows. the trunk lines line up perfect.
  2. just a super clean build. gorgeous
  3. has testors discontinued #2936 clearcoat ? i can't find it anywhere.
  4. im also working on one of those. disappointed with the wrong 65 interior though.
  5. this is a nice quality cast. scripts and logos molded in, minimal flash
  6. beautiful build...outstanding paint!!
  7. does any one of the resin houses cast a 68 442 conversion kit?
  8. looking for a 65 olds 88 body... hdtp or convertible. any condition . modified stocker excluded.
  9. excellent work! i saw that movie as a premier; it was the talk of the neighborhood.
  10. lookin good, scriplts look great. 64 grand prix was my first car so ive always loved that car.
  11. ah yes.....the 67 thunderbird that made my mouth drop as a kid. i couldnt believe how awful it was. someone actually built a 64 galaxie recently that looked halfway decent.
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