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  1. Wonderful, thank you! What would y'all recommend then for this project given the photos above, maybe F60s and L60s? Or should I go with the E60s and G60s?
  2. Kewl, do you mean Fireball Modelworks? Forgive me, I'm not well-versed in the automotive aftermarket world....
  3. Kewl! Although I'm not worried about the brand name, figure those could change. Maybe this shows my problem better. In my tire stash, the closest things I've got are these. The slightly larger tires aren't really much wider at all over the other ones, so I fear it will just look like I've got crummy mismatched tires going. I'm thinking it's serious enough that I should source a dedicated set.
  4. Wondering where I can source appropriate tires for my build of Daisy Duke's GMX? The kit tires are 1) much too narrow, 2) too big for the appropriate wheel hubs (thanks for them Lee!), plus 3) it appears the rear tires might be just a LITTLE bigger and wider, but are not huge racing flats. Here are a few photos I've taken from the show or found in my research; what do you think, and where can I find appropriate tires?
  5. Thanks for the reply! I'm not doing F&F, but I imagine the comparison might be the same (will be Daisy's car). I'm using an aftermarket hood, and didn't know if it would be incorrect to use this engine top-area with that kind of hood. If it is wrong I do have the air cleaner for the 69 Charger, if that helps. Or I can keep the original if it's fine. I've actually been going through episode footage trying to see if there are any scenes in which the hood is open, i.e. at the Duke Farm...only such scene I can find is for the previous-used 74 Roadrunner, which is a different beast.
  6. Would the carburator/air filter combination portrayed on this kit ever be used with a hood WITHOUT a scoop? Or, if I'm using a non-scoop hood, would I need to replace the air filter/carb?
  7. Not worried about plated, I'll Alclad them. Any available in aftermarket form, or are those kits pretty much the only way to go? Also, just took a look at the Superstones; they look awfully heavy duty. This is only for a muscle car roadrunner-type....would they still be the same types?
  8. Sorry that I'm beating this to death....but as similar as Silver Jade does indeed look, it's the wrong year...and I know the car had been repainted in the original color. Just pulling my hair out over what should be simple. Wish there was a way to actually see the product at Scalefinish...
  9. Nice, thanks, I'll take a look! In the meantime I still need to figure out the green for the small one, so I'm wondering, if "Medium Green" as listed under 1970 on ScaleFinishes is the same as "Medium Green Poly" as listed on the autocolorlibrary.com?
  10. No, wish I did....I found a couple of fairly decent Matchbox cars of a Mk III that I'll disassemble and repaint as our friend's car, one for my brother for Christmas and the other for myself. Was a special part of our adolescence in the 80's.
  11. Would "Medium Green" as listed under 1970 on ScaleFinishes be the same as "Medium Green Poly" as listed on the autocolorlibrary.com? Looks very similar to the 69 Silver Jade, might be what it is....
  12. Starting to think it might be a '71, that the color might be Medium Green Metallic, and that the photo is just dark exposure (going off memory as well). Wondering if Scalefinish's "Medium Green" under the 1971 Ford colors might be the same as "Medium Green Metallic"?
  13. Not bad at all...does appear very similar indeed! But still not sure.... Also think you're probably right about the Anti Establish Mint. I redid the list and took off several shades that just didn't seem like they could be it; also added the Silver Jade to the 69 list.
  14. This is a photo of an award-winning Lincoln-Continental Mk III owned by a family friend. Photo from late 80's, is the only pic I have of it. Was repainted in original factory color. I'm trying to find the correct color for this, to buy from Scalefinishes.com. Not sure if this is a '69, '70 or '71, and therefore have no idea which green to select. 69's green possibilities seem to be Silver Jade & Lime Gold. 70's possible greens could be Medium Lime, Three Putt Green & New Lime. 71's could be Pinto Lime & Medium Green. I'm hoping it's one of these. So many of these seem similar, and with lighting differences, I have no idea! I defer to y'all's wisdom; please guide me to a correct(ish) color!
  15. Always love seeing worn out "this is owned and used" vehicles, since that's what most of them are. Love it!
  16. Awesome, and heartbreaking about the final decal.....maybe chalk it up to youth and vandalism?
  17. Perfect, very helpful; the hood isn't an issue, but the lesser-quality plastic is. Thanks!
  18. Any differences between the standard Revell 71 GTX kit and the re-release as the Fast & Furious Dom's vehicle? Such as, molded in different color or differences in chrome? Thanks!
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