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  1. If I can't replicate the body damage, the entire project is pointless. If I only heat up and bend the plastic body it will look toylike, as the body thickness when scaled up would be akin to a couple inches thick. Not convincing at all. THE SOLUTION: Make aluminum foil copies of the body sections to be damaged. Let's try it on the hood first:
  2. For those who didn't know, the Charger wreck used in Dukes Season 1 Episode 4 "Repo Men" was the same car that made the jump at the very end of the show's opening credits. LOVED this car the first time I saw it as a kid, did not know how important it was until decades later. Replicating this wreck in 1/25 will be a VERY ambitious project. Not as simple as wrecking a plastic body.
  3. Finally finished, thanks to some guidance from many of you. It's #6 in my ultimate Hazzard County series. Base kit was the vintage Monogram Mork & Mindy jeep, although the roll bar needed rebuilding (should go to the floor, instead of just sitting on top of the wheel wells). Scratchbuilt CB antenna and mount, center console, sun visors, side lights and headlights (made from polished acrylic diamante gems). Really happy with the carpet, stains and all!
  4. Thanks folks, I really appreciate it! Never would've found 'em without your help!
  5. Where can I find these wheel hubs in 1/25? Vehicle used extra-wide tires on the TV episode (see next 2 pics); planning on using the ones in the MPC Dodge Monaco, maybe....
  6. Thank you! Exactly, there would always be some dust from always being out on the country roads foreclosing on widows and orphans
  7. Had to combine two very old kits; a junked Jo-Han '70 Cadillac and a new/unstarted JoHan '68 Caddy. Very, very brittle plastic on the '70, as I either cut away or tried to repair. Scratchbuilt the horns, CB gear and driver's rear-view mirror, among other things. Build thread is here: Now the pics:
  8. Finished it before the new year but didn't have a chance to post any pics....here's a teaser, gonna start a thread in the completed builds
  9. Discovered my guess at the CB setup was spot-on! And, what they show in the photo I posted above back in July apparently truly is the actual CB set used in the actual car; look at the support legs underneath it propping it up....found it in a scene from an episode in which the criminals were disabling everyone's CB's....
  10. So, maybe one of these? https://www.limonlushop.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=346170
  11. ....I should have clarified, I meant the black mount that the ball attaches to.... I think that, from above, it is some sort of V-shaped plate with the ball attached to the apex of the "V". I think.
  12. Trying to figure out from poor screen shots what kind of CB antenna mount this is so I can scratchbuild it. It doesn't seem to match anything I've found in google searches. Seems to be some kind of V-shape, bolted on the side and the back.
  13. So...I ordered some interior flocking from an online model car company supply. I've ordered from them a time or two in years past with success. This time it's been a month and a half and nothing arrived. No tracking number given, only order and shipping confirmation emails, so no idea if it's the USPS's failing, or somewhere else. So I write to the company simply asking them to confirm the shipping, to make sure. No reply. Wrote two more times. Three times failed to answer at all. I'm hesitant to mention the company name but no doubt it is familiar to many. ....normal? Hard to think I'm asking too much with a simple inquiry....
  14. Ok; would that only be for the front seats, or might it have also been for the bench seat in the rear?
  15. I'm doing the Dixie Jeep (Daisy Duke's); not sure how to do the floor. Using the Monogram "Mork & Mindy Jeep" kit. I'm convinced there's black on the flooring, but whether it's mats or paint, or what, and then to what extent (what's black and what's white) I can't figure out. Tried googling pics of CJ7 floors and everything seems to be heavily customized or a total wreck, not indicative of the near-factory-fresh item used on the TV show. Can't imagine I'd just paint the whole flooring black from firewall to tailgate.... How would you interpret what to do? ]
  16. What would you recommend for the golden color on these wheel hubs? Obviously I don't want any-old-gold. Prefer Tamiya sprays or MM enamels, but open to other ideas.
  17. Finally got around to finishing. The classic/iconic steer horns on the roof was the last item to scratchbuild. Here's how I did it:
  18. CB radio work. Found one scene in the series supposedly showing the radio in Boss's Caddy. Mounted on a metal bracket. Made the bracket and the support arm from strips cut from a soda can. The rest is scratchbuilt from plastic and fine copper wire.
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