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  1. Trying to figure out from poor screen shots what kind of CB antenna mount this is so I can scratchbuild it. It doesn't seem to match anything I've found in google searches. Seems to be some kind of V-shape, bolted on the side and the back.
  2. So...I ordered some interior flocking from an online model car company supply. I've ordered from them a time or two in years past with success. This time it's been a month and a half and nothing arrived. No tracking number given, only order and shipping confirmation emails, so no idea if it's the USPS's failing, or somewhere else. So I write to the company simply asking them to confirm the shipping, to make sure. No reply. Wrote two more times. Three times failed to answer at all. I'm hesitant to mention the company name but no doubt it is familiar to many. ....normal? Hard to think I'm asking too much with a simple inquiry....
  3. Ok; would that only be for the front seats, or might it have also been for the bench seat in the rear?
  4. I'm doing the Dixie Jeep (Daisy Duke's); not sure how to do the floor. Using the Monogram "Mork & Mindy Jeep" kit. I'm convinced there's black on the flooring, but whether it's mats or paint, or what, and then to what extent (what's black and what's white) I can't figure out. Tried googling pics of CJ7 floors and everything seems to be heavily customized or a total wreck, not indicative of the near-factory-fresh item used on the TV show. Can't imagine I'd just paint the whole flooring black from firewall to tailgate.... How would you interpret what to do? ]
  5. What would you recommend for the golden color on these wheel hubs? Obviously I don't want any-old-gold. Prefer Tamiya sprays or MM enamels, but open to other ideas.
  6. Finally got around to finishing. The classic/iconic steer horns on the roof was the last item to scratchbuild. Here's how I did it:
  7. CB radio work. Found one scene in the series supposedly showing the radio in Boss's Caddy. Mounted on a metal bracket. Made the bracket and the support arm from strips cut from a soda can. The rest is scratchbuilt from plastic and fine copper wire.
  8. Nope, simple mask, dry then cut the excess.. The peal it when done.
  9. How's this? Made the mounting plate/bracket from the metal of a soda can, cut and bent to shape. CB is scratchbuilt plastic and copper wire, the mounting arm from a thin strip of soda can.
  10. Latex liquid mask is dried; now trim with a fresh blade and remove the excess....ready for Gloss Classic White.... sorry the focus isn't the best....
  11. Yep! No interest since it was never part of the show. All my Hazzard models are that way except The General. Besides, this is being restored from two junkers, so I've got enough trouble already....
  12. Thank you! I got the grill and headlight mounts from an Ebay dealer, but the grill was badly warped, and I actually had to cut it into sections and mount it bit by bit to make it actually fit. The light mounts were uneven though much better molded; even so, I discarded the clear resin lenses and went with acrylic diamantes used for ladies' clothing etc, sanded and polished out the facets. Really looks the part, great trick now that MV lenses are about gone. The green is supposed to have a slightly aqua tint if one pays close attention to the show. I made a custom mix using Testors enamels from the little square bottles; after much experimentation I settled on the following mix: 7 parts gloss green; 3 parts gloss light blue; 1 part gloss dark blue. Thanks again for the kind comments!
  13. Thank you! I normally do military aircraft, so the weathering skills from that come in really handy for building cars that are not still on the showroom floor.
  14. Nope, not a bit! Alclad is a lacquer, dries almost instantly, seems impervious to anything water-based. Only 2 things I've found that bothers Alclad is 1) applying it too early over the gloss black primer, and 2) handling it too much (rubs off). If you saw my Ultimate General Lee build from over a year ago, or the Sheriff Little car currently over in the Under the Glass right now, they were done the same way.
  15. Chrome is now reverse-masked; the blue sticky stuff is liquid masking medium, still wet. When it dries, I'll trim it with a fresh blade, and it'll be ready for airbrushing the Classic White.
  16. 75 Plymouth Fury, as seen in a recurring role on the Dukes of Hazzard. Always loved this patrol car best of the lot. MPC Dodge Monaco body and interior. AMT 71 Charger chassis, engine and suspension. Resin grill and headlight mounts needed a LOT of help. Headlights from reshaped and polished acrylic fashion gemlets. Scratchbuilt CB antenna, rear view mirrors, searchlights w handles, light bar mount, & some radio gear. Lightly weathered around the bottom for normal dusty road patrols.
  17. Little more work folks....I don't use foil, I use Alclad Chrome lacquer, using liquid masking for the up-close edges, backed up with regular masking tape. After the chrome is applied, I reverse the process, and I mask the finished chrome with the same liquid masking medium, trimmed with a fresh blade.
  18. Okay, now a couple of points to consider....any chance this could've been mounted on the seat itself, between the two front seats, like at the edge of it? Meaning not on the transmission hump? Three reasons I wonder: 1) The image kindly supplied by highway seems to suggest this, it's so high up and then so far aft away from the dash. 2) In several episodes, Boss reaches it with ease from the back seat, just reaching between the two front seats to get it. And Boss doesn't exactly have a long reach! 3) Also in several episodes, when Boss is in the front seat and reaches for the CB, he doesn't seem to be reaching far, but almost appears to be reaching almost next to him, and not down too far. Meaning, could it be mounted right here (red "X"):
  19. So, the metal bit with the holes on it that the radio is resting on, is it like a box structure, or is it also at an angle of sorts? I've been looking up CB stands and not having any luck with anything like this.
  20. Wow! Good eye....so maybe it really is mounted where I was thinking.... Really, really appreciate that!
  21. The 70 dashboard had a damaged steering wheel. Couldn't replace the entire wheel from the 68, the styles were different; so I cut the 68's intact wheel itself from the center and mounted it on the center of the 70. Dab of paint, and good to go. Interior now complete except for the CB radio....still trying to figure out where it should go (see post in "General" asking this)....
  22. The interior needed a lot of work; the 68 was a little different from the 70, so I couldn't use the unstarted/mint 68. Also, the seats of the 70 are under par. First to remove the massively thick seatbelts which had already been glued on, and repair the sites. Then a total rebuild of the headrest, which is like a hood on the real thing, plus some details under that on the back and on the sides.
  23. Started this when I got the JoHan '68 "Boss Man" Cadillac after reading some online stuff...only to find that not everything online is true! Who'd have thought it? Totally wrong front end and back end. So I managed to score a somewhat damaged '70 JoHan Caddy that was already built. Found many essentials were identical between the two kits, including the chassis and engine. Got everything except the tail lights, which I can make. The white is from the '68, the tan is the '70. The 68 was complete and totally unstarted, which was a big help to this project...although this first post only shows progress on repairing and altering the '70 body.
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