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  1. powdie added a post in a topic Ideas For Kenworth K-100 Conversion?   

    try this,http://www.precisiontrucks.com/TOTERgallery.htm, these are the style, but most now are conventionals, I see A Freghtliner cabover made it to the bunch,I don't believe there is a set limit, I have seen single sleepers,double bunks, as long as it can pull, it will work, I now see regular 3 axle trucks with the toter box added on going down the road, if I can find out more, I will let you know, I get the desire to try this one more every day....hahahaha
  2. powdie added a post in a topic Ideas For Kenworth K-100 Conversion?   

    Being a cabover lover, I always wanted to replicate the single axle short wheelbased mobile home toter that delivered trailer houses around the US. Most of the trailers were 60-80 feet, so the short trucks were easier to manuever and I believe a little less costly to permit each trip
  3. powdie added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    Movin' On Kenworth
    I am currently in the process of moving, so I am "gathering", I acquired an old CF Exterior Post van, I want to kit bash it into a Merritt hopper bottom grain pup trailer @ 24 scale feet.........I have a reefer that I plan to try convert into a 40-42 hopper as a lead trailer. I just need a truck. I am between a Peterbilt and a KW, but I would prefer it to be mid to late 80s, did the Kenworth change other than the grille and headlights? I would steal the 8 airbag suspension from a cabover to update that.........as soon as I start the process I will try to post some pics, I was raised in ND and now am in Fla, and the hopper/pup combo is pretty common up there
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  4. powdie added a post in a topic chassis help?   

    thanks for the tips , I will be sure to try a few of them
  5. powdie added a post in a topic Truck motor colors   

    my dad was an owner operator, he had a 78 Peterbilt and an 83 Kenworth K-100, both sported the V8 Detroit Diesel Silver 92, which as the name implies, were silver, they were both 475 HP
  6. powdie added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    chassis help?
    I have built a few trucks, but I have tried to shorten and lengthen frames, simply cutting and glueing never is quite enough, advice please? P.S. I would like to have a long framed cabover with a dromdeck, and also have built up a few sleepers, for conventionals, but my frames never seem to stand up,HELP!lol
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