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  1. 30 minutes ago, niteowl7710 said:

    Testors never made anything, it was all kits that were repackaged from other manufacturers. The 90s Testors kits were tooled up by Lindberg for the Testors label and all of that along with the Hawk, Pyro & Palmer stuff that Lindberg owned is over at Round2.

    Right, I meant the whole Testors  collection of molds from various sources, I should have been more clear. 

  2. Going down the JoHan rabbit hole, does any one remember A new company that announced a re-issue of the Johan 73 ish olds cutlass, and then it never happened?  If it is johan tools, it will be a grand slam for Atlantis. There is a thread elsewhere in this forum about a visit to Johan, which showed the molds on shelves, so maybe we can compare this picture to that thread to see if it is possible these are Johan molds?

    Like someone else guessed, maybe these are testors/hawk/Union/ etc molds . But I thought Round 2 had all the testors stuff?  It sure is fun to speculate and play detective.  The business side of the hobby is very interesting to me. 

  3. I have been slogging through this one, I am also building a Peterbilt 352, so I have been painting parts for both builds. I used several colors to paint the interior, and I just finished assembly of the interior.






    It  looks satisfactory. I will paint the body next, with white, yellow, orange, and red. I have the scheme in my head, so now I need to get to work.


    see ya next update.

  4. The next step is to paint the black trim on the body. This required a lot of masking

    Here is where I did the "fine masking"



    and then I filled in the rest of the body with tape




    almost looks like a blue and yellow NASCAR stock car


    And with the semigloss black applied tape removed, you can hardly see the difference!




    I still need to apply decals, and detail paint under the hood, things like the overflow bottle, wiper fluid bottle, and so forth and so on. 

    See ya next time

  5. Hey Guys,

    I took your feedback, and did my best to apply it to this model, here is the underside of the chassis.




    I tried to get a few different shades of black and dark gray on the different components. It required some very intense masking.


    And as a bonus, here is the interior, I looked at a lot of pictures and tried to simulate the different textures and colors of the seats and other parts of the interior




    Your help is greatly appreciated. All the pictures I found of the underside of G bodies were very good for used and weathered reference, but my goal is a new car for this one.


    I am still polishing the body, and I will post pictures of the finished model when the time comes.


    Thanks again!

  6. On 4/9/2020 at 7:07 PM, Goodwrench3 said:

    Yeah - it's the Model Master semi-gloss black lacquer that i think is causing the bubbles and -- I think it might be because I was a bit too "generous" in those areas with the lacquer spray.  Most of it was fine.  It was just on a couple of areas where I may have been a bit "generous" with the Model Master lacquer that it "bubbled".


    Can you guys take this somewhere else please?  



  7. I have been focusing on the cab, I spent some time assembling the sleeper, and realized before I got too far I should paint it. Since there is not much to be seen, I just hosed it down with AMMO one shot black primer




    I also spent time cleaning up the cab. I spot primed the areas where I sanded the mold lines




    It needs more work, but it is mostly there.


    See ya next time...

  8. On 3/26/2020 at 9:49 AM, gotnitro? said:

    Way to go !!! Sometimes setting them aside for a fresh breath really helps get motivated to putter with a kit 

    Your doing a really fine job 



    And a rolling chassis




    And the left side rear most wheels do not touch the ground. I noticed when I assembled the chassis one side of the axle had a block where it connects to the trailing arm, which makes the axle sit an angle. I figured it was intentional so I left it, but ... well .. i guess I should have done something about it.

    It happens, This is not for a model contest, it is mostly for fun and learning, so I am just going to live with it. I still need to decide on a paint scheme. 

    Lots of cool options, I really like the "sunset" stripes which were popular in the 70s .. something like this maybe?




    Challenging masking but not impossible.


    I will think of something.





  9. I have assembled the wheel and tire sets



    And the first set of dual wheels is already on the chassis, I assembled one set of duals as a test




    As I went to assemble this, I realized I forgot to paint the front hubs. The paint is drying now. So next time I should have a rolling chassis for you. I started addressing the mold lines on the body, but I realized I have no idea how I want to paint this one.   I have some ideas, so I will need to figure it out.


    See ya next time

  10. Since the last time I checked in, I installed the engine and transmission. As soon as the glue dried, I realized I had more things to glue to the frame, which would have been easier before I painted it. Out of frustration,  I set the kit aside for a while.


    I got the kit back out this weekend and installed the stairs and battery boxes




    Sadly I did not quite align the parts properly. 


    I spent a lot of time with the tanks. 




    They required a fair bit of work


    And while I was gluing parts together, I assembled these exhaust pipes and the intake pipe.  They will require lots of sanding and maybe putty




    Not pictured, I also assembled the seats, in preparation for more parts painting


    See ya next time

  11. 12 hours ago, gatorincebu said:



             Nice choice of subject. Though I have to agree with you. That the instructions for that kit leave much to be desired .

    And the flash that everyone complains about including me. lol I will be following this to see how you finish it out .


      Be Well


    Thanks Gator. I will get back to this one this weekend, I was away for a week shortly after after my last update and that threw my schedule off after I returned, but I am back to normal now.

  12. The paint work came out nice


    First is the engine, I used AK real colors "dark dull green" from the US aircraft cockpit colors set


    It gets the idea across but might not be quite the right color. The fan was painted with Alclad Dark Aluminum, as was the transmission (not pictured)

    I am also working on those wheel rings .. they are a real pain to clean up


    And here is the frame, the sheen came out just right, though it is not apparent in this picture




    I looked ahead in the instructions and see I should have assembled the battery boxes and the steps, as it looks like they are the same color.



  13. I hosed a ton of Mig One Shot (re packaged badger stynlrez) primer on the drive line parts. I ended up snipping off the brake chambers .. they did not fit between the frame and the tires. I sure hope this truck never needs to stop fast ... 😁



    After this dries I will paint the frame, probably with Tamiya semigloss black, and I think I have some paint for british wwII aircraft cockpits which is almost detroit diesel green.

  14. 5 hours ago, Force said:

    Before you go too far, I know it's shown that way in the instructions but check the fitment of the rear wheels, because I think you have to reposition the brake chambers to make the wheels fit properly, I don't think there is enough room between the frame rails and wheels for the brake chambers to be where you have them now.

    Thanks for pointing that out, Now i can see that will be an issue. 

  15. No, I did not abandon this one.  After over a week of putting this one aside in frustration, I got the kit out and I mocked up the cab so I could figure out where to put the front axle. I mocked up a wheel/tire assemble to get the best possible idea of how the tire will sit in the fender opening




    I traced the position of the spring shackle on the frame with a pencil




    So, now the other front leaf spring has been glued to the axle and the glue is drying. Now I can pick up some momentum on this one in the next few days.

  16. 8 hours ago, oPROJECTMAYHEMo said:

    Yeah I found out the need for a respirator pretty quickly. Absolutely murdered by throat!

    Do you mind me asking which booth you use?

    I have a pace enterprises Peacekeeper


    I saved up for it, and they used to (and they may still) run a sale around the holidays, so it was something like 40% off, and it was less expensive when I bought it 9 years ago.  It looks like you are in the UK so shipping one to you would probably be impractical, but lots of people have built similar paintbooths, the most expensive part is the fan. 


    I learned my lesson about using a respirator when I painted a car white ... then I still smelled paint every where I went. I looked in the mirror and could see the inside of my nose was coated with paint! 


  17. There are so many different opinions on spray booths. I like to use enamels, and lacquers, and I have always been of the opinion the fumes really should be extracted from the room. I have a spray booth with a hose that vents out a window.  I have not used the second spray booth you linked, which vents outside with a hose, but I have seen generally positive reviews about it.  I would be remiss if I did not mention you should wear a respirator while airbrushing or spraying paint so you do not inhale the fumes or the paint. 



  18. I apologize for the quality of these pictures, but I think I took them with what was an old camera at the time and before I had a good idea about lighting. This is from 2006.

    I built an El Camino for a co worker to replicate her husbands car.  I had to start with a glue bomb, and I was lucky to find a lot of two bodies with the correct grill on ebay.  here was the body I ended up using



    It had a mangled rear lower fender and a glue rash on the roof.


    and it came out OK, but my Co-worker's husband loved it, so it was mission accomplished.  I used the then recently re-issued El Camino SS for the rest of the build, but I also used the bench seat from the original kit







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