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  1. Have you thought of using metal foil,any kind works and it helps to create the sharp edges in an impact.
  2. Thanks David,re the tranny one guy built a car with a merlin and used a bus tranny.I am going to be doin a dualy rear end,just have to finish off what I am doing at the mo...A teaser...... First of all the cab- it went well and there no severe gap.I did this repair for the sake of it. Got the engines sprayed silver. The bronco interior is done in light yeller! I decided that I needed another recovery vehicle a TRACTOR my old local track had a couple of tractors... The engine/transmisssion. Pretty much the entire kit!
  3. Thanks,compared the last two comments I did not consider posting here anymore.But might do so now,guess they would like another 32 etc............
  4. It snowed overnight so perhaps the slicks are a bad idea!! This is the transmission that will be used. Dressed up what if style with water pump,starter etc,plus valve covers. A comparison with the Bugatti straight 8. The aprox position I want.. And primed. Got the engine sprayed gold,the pipe are being cut down a bit. The plastruct has arrived,it is 4.5x5mm and just right for sleeving the original chassis.Also the orig floor is being cut out. Just to give you an idea on the lengthening. What I am aiming for..... Stripping some of the chrome with bleach,but if poss want to keep the reflector portion. Was thinking about the turbo situation and think it would be better if all the ports feed the turbine.. Fitting the toeboard/floorboards to the tub. Here it is after 3 coats of rust treatment........ What she looks like now.
  5. Re colours,your bet bet is Hiroboy.com
  6. A very nice build,it is a tad diff to 'our' Fusion!
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