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  1. haymanlj added a post in a topic In the lab with DrNitrus   

    The 59 Chevy is amazing in the detail. You either have great eyes or use a magnifying glass! Jack
  2. haymanlj added a post in a topic Tognotti King T ?   

    I have a box that includes Wild Dream by Joe Wilhelm and King 'T' by Don Tognotti. It is kit number 2164-200 from AMT. I don't know about anything else on the King. Jack
  3. haymanlj added a post in a topic Truck motor colors   

    I have an AMT/Ertl Autocar Dump truck I am working on and it said to paint the engine white. I thought this was wrong until I saw this forum. I think it is a Cummins diesel. What about any other colors on the engine? Any specific parts not white? Thanks. Jack