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  1. Looks really good. I like how you changed the lift. Just a FYI the striping on the sides of door opening on the exterior, the stripes on the right side are backwards. The stripes should always point down to the side you want to be the open (access) side. It is that way on road signs, emergency vehicles, etc. I know it's being picky.
  2. Masterbox has some new figures. Look at the Heist Series. http://www.mbltd.info/figures/1-24-scale.html
  3. The 1st issue of "Damaged" magazine has an article about a diorama of an abandoned bumper car ride outside of Chernobyl that used the leaf punch. I can't remember how many leaves he made for the diorama.
  4. Looks really good so far. One thing to remember is when concrete cracks, it will always crack from one joint to another. (it won't stop in the middle of a slab like asphalt will) A great video by Ken Hamilton.
  5. Toywonders has a lot of different police figures. http://www.toywonders.com/productcart/pc/Figures-c282.htm?pageStyle=p&ProdSort=1&page=10&idCategory=282
  6. I saw those round ones and the plated ones too. I got some Plastruct diamond plate from my local model car shop. It was thin so built the boxes from .040 shhet and skinned it with the diamond plate. I also see they have the hooks for on cables/chain. I need them too! hahaha
  7. Those are exactly what I'm looking for. Thank you fellow Greg. Now to see if my local Auto model shop can get them for me or if I'll have to order them direct.
  8. Sorry if this is in the wrong place. Does anyone know if anyone makes the latches you see on diamond plate boxes? (photoetched?) I thought I had an old partily built fire engine model but I guess in a clean up I tossed the rear body.
  9. I use to have the "Initial D" series on DVD. Looks just like the "toons".
  10. Greg T

    Summer's coming...

    Very cool. Where are the figures from? Are you building a beach scene with them?
  11. I graduated from PSU in Jan of 1992.
  12. I don't have a shop. The place I was speaking of is Auto Models LLC (Rt 119 S) outside of Greensburg, PA automodelsllc.com
  13. Hello, as they say "things always circle back". I built models from the age of 13 or so. Then found other interests as time went by. (Art school, college, etc) Never lost interest in cars. Now I'm 54 and I'm back to models. I even have a store in my area that specializes in model cars. Lots of old models that bring back memories and make me want to build them again ( only this time not built in 2 or 3 days hahaha).
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