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  1. Well I finished it. Some modifications, parts from other kits, etc.
  2. Yes it should be interesting...lol . I have spare parts from various different models like seats, tires, rims, etc that I will probably use. May not be accurately or even period correct but that's the fun of it. I will definitely have to scratch build the chassis.
  3. Thanks, besides being broken in half it was in bad shape. Pretty much everything I'm gonna have to get creative with nothing but what u see in pics to work with. I do have a roof for it that I'm gonna use which I'm pretty sure doesn't go to it but think it will look cool and it's gonna be chopped (lower profile) roof.
  4. So this is my other build I'm slowly working on. Not sure year of it but all I have is body (no roof) with doors.pretty much a broken body with some body damage.so this is after sanding down all imperfections and such.body after I glued it together including doors to help hold together. Worked out pretty well.
  5. So this is my other build I'm slowly working on. Not sure year of it but all I have is body (no roof) with doors.pretty much a broken body with some body damage.so this is after sanding down all imperfections and such.body after I glued it together including doors to help hold together. Worked out pretty well.
  6. Hi all, So here is a build update with pics. I decided to keep color white including body but I'm gonna put racing decals (logos) on body.didnt have inner cab part so I had to scratch build one.more done to inner build.another angle inner interior, not done yet though still need to put in stick shift and NOS bottle.hand built roll cage.
  7. Thanks for the feedback guys, much appreciated.
  8. Hi all, So I pulled out this shell of a prowler that I have. Was sitting looking at it and thought maybe turning it into a rat rod of sorts. Pictures is pretty much what I have to work with. The shell I was thinking about cutting off hood, flare out back fenders a little, flared front fenders as part of body making it entire body on piece from front to back. The chassis I may do my own. Basically a lot of stuff with no parts. Would have to figure out an engine for it also. I have parts and pieces of engines but don't know if they are Chevy, Ford, Dodge, etc. I like challenges like this and making one of a kind custom cars...LOL So anyway those are the ideas I'm running around with right now.
  9. Hi guys, So I pretty much use testors contour putty (gray tube). It tends to work alright when I use it besides fact that it seems to want to start setting up quickly. I have a couple bodies I may want to mess with in the future like slightly change the look of the body which will require adding some styrene and putty. My question is any suggestions other then testors contour putty that would be good for body work that preferably something I don't have to mix and will smooth easily and doesn't crack and will work on styrene obviously. Thanks
  10. UPDATE: 3/9/19 HI ALL So this is my update of my chassis build that I've done so far. Still working on it. First pic of the rear attached to front BEFORE contour putty Second pic is what I filled in with contour putty ( still need thin layer for the crack ) The 3 tanish looking color is for mounting the rear end. Third pic (top side of chassis showing how I attached "tubular" bars on. Last pic is rear end ( nothing glued yet ) It was a regular size rear end but I shortened it up. So that's where I'm at right now. It's gonna be like a "backyard mechanic street rod dragster" , LOL. I have some wheelie bars coming from eBay. It's not perfect but still working on it and gonna clean it up a little ( trimming, sanding, etc ).
  11. I found a couple wheelie bars on eBay so I ordered both and see which one I like best on it and I will have a spare for a future model.
  12. Yes I think it will turn out ok. I'm currently doing the chassis attaching different rear chassis for the slicks. I will do before and after photo on chassis when done. I'm currently on the hunt for some 1/25 scale wheelie bars for it though.
  13. Hi guys, So I was going to do a truck but I couldn't get an engine to fit and look good so I scratched that idea. I decided to do 67 Dodge charger. So basically I cut off rear of chassis and I'm putting in a back end chassis so I can put in dragster slicks I do have. Uploaded a pic.
  14. So I'm gonna start a new project. Gonna build a hot roddish/dragsterish truck. Decided to use a Silverado truck that I have which is an incomplete kit. Still going through tons of extra parts to see what I wanna incorporate into build. Still trying to find some really wide dragster tires for rear online but still haven't found any.
  15. I can see the fire extinguisher tank being turned into nos tank OLDMOPARS. What do u want for one of them? So I went through my stuff today and think I know what I'm gonna use to build my hot roddish/dragsterish truck. Have a kit incomplete that's a truck n have frame, body, bed and most everything. Appears to be missing inner cab compartment so I will probably scratch build one and do some modifications to other stuff. I have tons of tires and a few wide slicks for back but I would like to put on wide, wide but can't seem to find any online. Anyone know where to find any? I attached a pick of what width of tire I would like to get as an example. Slicks I have are probably half the width or maybe a hair more as of one in pick. Thanks guys
  16. Thanks for feedback guys, didn't think of ball point pen idea...lol
  17. Hi everyone, So I been thinking about building another 1/25 scale car, kinda off a one of a kind/won't find in store type of thing, not sure what. I'm gonna go through a few kits I have, some complete some not. Go through all my extra parts. I have an idea of what I want to do. I wanna do like a hot rod/dragster with maybe a engine that has blower sticking out kinda thing. I may have to make some of the engine parts but not sure yet till I go through parts. I know the engine I'm gonna have to piece together but any ideas on where to get 1/25 scale NOS tanks or even idea what to make one or two out of? Looked on eBay but they want to much.
  18. So still browsing internet and I'm finding ship cannons but they are brass. I found 1 site that sells them single for a couple dollars but their shipping is ridiculous. Think it was Modelers Central n they want like $16 for shipping, crazy. I don't mind getting 1 brass Cannon and experiment with clay and make a mold but finding 1 Cannon with a fair shipping cost isnt going to well. I did find on eBay the back of ship wall with the six windows which I needed so I did order that. Hopefully it will be right size....lol
  19. Yes peteski it is uss constitution. The one I saw for $67 is gone now. Right now on eBay there are some cheap ones but the shipping is ridiculously high. I know it don't cost no $50, 70, 90 to ship a plastic model that doesn't way that much. So I think I'm gonna put it away for a while n keep searching n see what I can find cuz I'm not gonna pay that kinda money for shipping. There was one for $85 n free shipping but that's a bit too high for my budget at this time.
  20. Thanks SSNJim I will take a look. I kinda want to update what I wanna do. I think I'm gonna try to find a 1/96 scale online for as cheap as I can find. Cheapest I found right now is $67 through Amazon. I figure if I have a complete kit then I will have actual measurements of parts I'm gonna make from balsa wood. So the one I have now I may customize it a bit and turn it into a pirate ship but I gotta get a 1/96 uss constitution kit first and go from there.
  21. No clarification Jim B. but I been researching n trying to find some cannons w/carriges for the ship n absolutely nothing out there. I did come across a website called shapeways.com and they do have cannons n carriges but they want like almost $12 for 6 of each. That's to much for me. Anyone by chance know an online shop that might sell cannons n carriges for way better price/deal? Cuz think it's like 54 cannons or so needed total. My last resort will of course be hitting hobby lobby n seeing what they have cuz I need to get a few pieces of balsa wood anyway but I was hoping to find something online. I found a couple sites but they want to much. Thanks
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    Haha... I like that....recycling...never thought of it that way.
  23. I don't know the word terms from front to back or side to side.,lol but I think it's 1/96 Thanks Jim B.
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