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    My builds

    Yes I'm varied...lol but mainly cars n trucks n custom builds using parts from kits that were missing stuff like my monster truck Chevelle n monster truck 56-57 Chevy don't remember exactly year. There's couple more in there that are custom builds that also we're pieced together.
  2. Hi everyone, So I have a plastic uss constitution model I got many years ago. It was bits n pieces of it. Mainly both hulls, masts n few other parts. I worked on it off n on over the years using balsa wood to make parts im missing like decking. My question is how can I figure out scale of it? When I got it there wasn't original box or instructions that would've told me. I measured hull (nothing built to it) and it measured 25" (2' 1") Don't know if that helps. From what I've seen online it's probably either 1/76 or 1/96 but that's a guess. I would like to try n find the cannons n rigging pieces cuz those will be a challenge to make. Thanks for any input someone may know
  3. KBryan67

    My builds

    So these are my current builds. Most are complete straight kits and a few are my custom builds that were made from various parts from various kit left overs.
  4. Hi everyone, So I got into building models in about 1991 or so. I was living with a friend I met in a 2 bedroom apartment and he turned me on to modeling. He personally didn't build but he collected. He would buy and I would build. He was all military models. Ships, planes, subs, etc. So needless to say I was hooked. I'm like car models. I've even done a few custom builds using parts from different models. I will find a section on here n post some pics of my builds.
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