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  1. So for Christmas I thought What Would  Be A  Good Gift  So I Decided To Restore One Of His Models So I Chose The Fairlane Because it was the kit easiest to find as a parts kit  so first i started by taking it apart then wait for the parts kit which i needed a lot of parts from. so here it is finally complete i still have to clean some glue marks off but thats it.






    image1 (6).JPG


    image2 (5).JPG

    image3 (2).JPG

    image4 (2).JPG


  2. 2 minutes ago, landman said:

    Always enjoy the Blues Brothers. At a car show in Granby QC, a few years ago.


    thats awesome one of dream cars is a 74 dodge monaco there so hard to find though

  3. so  a month ago i got back into the blues brothers  then i thought how bout i build the bluesmobile i new there wasn't a 74 dodge monaco kit so i decided to go with the close's i choose the 77 dodge monaco joker car and i went from there. i hope you enjoy. Charlie

    image1 (4).JPG

    image4 (1).JPG


    image3 (1).JPG

    image2 (3).JPG

  4. 2 hours ago, rickcaps55 said:

    I think that's a great thing I will be watching this one the 64 is one I have always loved I am 67 I have two daughters one liked cars but not in to models I have 3 grandsons 5,6 and 10 I had hoped to get the 10 year old in modeling that's when I did my first model it was the AMT 62 Fairlane 3-in-1 two years ago I found one at a garage sale in the box unbuilt I can't believe I got it for $10.00 bucks it's on the bench for this winter but like I said I tried with the 10 year old and he only likes those dam tablets and video games can't get them away from it I hate to say it but I think we are the last of the model builders with in a few years it to maybe gone.!!!! one thing is for sure as lone as I can drive I will never buy or drive an electric car if it does not run on gas it's not a car.!!!! I want to hear the pipes.!!!!

    i agree with you there i love gasoline cars 

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