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  1. 11 hours ago, tim boyd said:

    Claude....this is just too cool for school!   Plus, it just sings that you are having great fun with your modeling projects these days.   Terrific!   TB  

    Hi Tim!

    Thanks for dropping by. Cool was indeed the mood back then. I had Hot Rod Magazine "pictorial" full-page images plastered on the walls of my room, and of course it permeated my mind. Hence my soft spot for those unique fiberglass warriors. 

    This one might be a subliminal cross between the Beebe & Mulligan green striped livery and the goofy Jungle Jim type "cartoon art". Who knows?

    Now, if you will excuse me, gotta go to my shrink... He may help me figure it out... 


  2. On 8/8/2022 at 10:14 PM, Chris in Berwyn said:

    Paint is just amazing!  And you have made that AMT chassis look better than I thought possible!

    Hi Chris!

    Thank you. I bought the kit from a guy who was discouraged by the fact that the frame sides were badly twisted, probably by being pulled-out of the mold while still soft. I had to heat it with a candle, which is tricky, and had just one glitch, that I hid with slightly longer scratchbuild side panels.

    And there is a built-in "flaw" in the front suspension: the driver's side lower torsion beam "arm" is drilled in such a way that it mounts the front axle in mis-alignement out of the box. Had to do delicate "surgery" to correct it. Turned out OK!  The Donovan Hemi is nice, however. 


  3. 1 hour ago, CabDriver said:

    Howdy Claude!  Alas, I do not - they had everyone leave their names off the info sheets that were displayed with the cars...but they were going to post photos of the winning cars and the builder's names on their Facebook page, and as I suspect that one probably had a good shot at a trophy we may find out in due course.  Was a cool build - a tonne of detail, and well thought out!

    Thanks for the reply!


  4. On 8/8/2022 at 8:49 PM, AmericanMuscleFan said:

    Beautiful work Claude !

    I think you always had a soft spot for those old AMC cars, at least that's what I remember from some of the comments you made on the old JoHan or AMT kits about that car manufacturer.

    I myself have a soft spot for AMX, Javelin, Hornet and Rebel, so it's possible that I like the negligees more than I realize !

    Great way to give a glue can a second life. Your good hands and vivid imagination are once again on full display here, even the spark plug wires match the body color, not to mention the air valve caps that are now your trademark !

    Are you equipped to tow a trailer, it's going to take one for the Quebec show this fall and I hope our friends in the area are ready for THE Thibodeau wave, in any case, I am !!!

    Hi Francis!

    Thanks for the kind words.

    I do, indeed, have a soft spot for AMC... My next-door neighbour was an AMC dealer for a while, so... Waiting in my stash are a third first gen Javelin, and a Pacer. For the latter, I'd like to bring it to 21st century, in accord with a sketch that the famous Steve Stanford created a few years ago on commission from Hot Rod magazine (see below). We'll see...

    As for the upcoming Quebec event, this october, I'm afraid I'll have to cherry pick among my "Covid collection". Oh well... 


    70 Pacer Concept.jpg

  5. Hi Bruce!

    Again, a world class buid, bravo!

    And I beg to differ as to what you were telling a fellow forum visitor: You can't explain such a glass-smooth finish with "luck" (your term...). Just the reflection of the lakes pipes in the lower body, and the perfect gloss of the grille teeth tell me that there's paint mastery at work here... No surprise, really! I've seen your perfect paint jobs many times on this forum, so much that I can read the specs of your overhead lamp being perfectly reflected in your pics.

    And that, Sir, is shine!


  6. 15 hours ago, skymnky721 said:

    Amazing,,Always enjoy the AMC cars.

    Hi Scott!

    Count me in too! I'm still looking for a 3rd Javelin to modify. I have a promo in my stash, that I will probably complete as the concept station wagon that Harry Bradley created for Car Life Magazine in the late 60's. I still have the mag page over my bench, and it should get underway this fall. And a Hornet pro-touring too... 

    There's already a Javelin pro-touring and a 4WD rallye Gremlin in my dispaly curio. Oh well...

    So much styrene, so little time!


  7. HI!

    Those of us who lived the 60's Funny-Cars great expansion will remember three dominant features: 1- cars looked indeed like the cars they represented, 2- They had a "theme" or nickname (Bounty hunter, LA Hooker, The Snake, etc.) and 3- Most could double as show cars, featuring the wild  psychadelic "panel painting" & lettering techniques of the day. 

    Meet NITRO MANIAC: a fantasy 69 Johan FC, restored from a glue bomb. The AMC 3 color paint scheme was stipped, the hood scoops shaved, the custom ft & rr ends kept in place but molded, and AMT's modified Trojan Horse M2 FC chassis slipped under the smoothed body (instead of the Logghe chassis of the kit). 

    Scratchbuilt tin work, gas tank, chassis side-panels, barrel valve, wiring & plumbing, shifter, gas pedal and linkage, steering rod, etc. Home-made and parts box decals. Tamya's pure white, Silverleaf, Gunmetal, HOK Passion pearl, Testor's ice green, Mr.Hobby Topcoat clear, fully polished. Metallic gel pen pinstriping. Molotow's chrome. 

    A paint experiment, and hours of fun with styrene! 


    DSC01556 (2).JPG

    DSC01560 (2).JPG

    DSC01561 (2).JPG

    DSC01562 (2).JPG

    DSC01563 (2).JPG

    DSC01565 (2).JPG

    DSC01566 (2).JPG

    DSC01570 (2).JPG

    DSC01571 (2).JPG

    DSC01577 (2).JPG

    DSC01575 (2).JPG

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  8. 13 hours ago, Brudda said:

    Hello Claude, here it is finished. 






    Hi Bruce!

    Really stunning, and the contemporary vibe is very inspiring. 

    I have this kit in my stash, and I pulled it out countless times, trying to figure out how to do it in a different way. Now, you got my wheels turning...

    Maybe this fall?



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