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  1. Hi Luke! Great project, and clean workmanship! Your technique to blend the roof sections reminds me of the way we weld frames on 1/1 rods when we want to increase the strenght of the joint by having a longer weld. Clever! CT
  2. Hi Tom! Very nice concept to begin with... and a GREAT salvage job! Bravo! CT
  3. Hi again! Thanks for the progress report on the MT FC. I look forward to seeing it completed. In the meantime, I'll just enjoy your "warm-up" projects. Keep on! CT
  4. Hi Sir! Impressive work, as usual. This full-bodied liner reminds me of the Barry Setzer monocoque fueler that you recreated a few years ago. Simply stunning! Keep On! CT PS: What happened to the monocoque Mickey Thompson FC you started last year? Just curious...
  5. Hi Lee! Very nice, and the superb paint job is so "60's". Brings back memories... Bravo! CT
  6. Salut Jean-Philippe! Wow, I missed this one, but what a restoration job, bravo! The real ones are hard to keep "straight", I can imagine a styrene one... CT
  7. Hi Grant! Very clever mash-up. Exactly the kind of outrageous experimental dragster that excited the crowds in the late sixties. Bravo! CT
  8. HI! Great build, and the accent color for the interior and engine is tops. I was in bike custom painting during the 90s, and we did countless customs with that HOK Tangelo. It really pops. You may also try using tangelo over Neon Orange (HOK)... It has so much luminosity, you'd swear it's a lightbulb bein turned on. CT
  9. HI! Interesting projects. Your "butterscotch" fade paint is great, bravo! When I look at the front fender bulge from the side, I see a family ressemblance with the second generation Corvair. Even more so with the custom nose job "cap" that AMT provided back then for "advanced customizing". All those GM designers working in large open studios favored a cross-polination of ideas, I guess... Keep on! CT
  10. HI Jeff! To conclude on the subject of "enthusiasm"... One of my late friends was so much in Caddies that he had a special tombstone made to mark his grave. It is made of granit, and has a 60's convertible "riding into the sunset". The tombstone artist said it was a first for him. To this day, it still makes a strong impression on the cemetary visitors! CT
  11. Hi Jean-Philippe! Sacrebleu... You are the only person I know who masters the dimensions of funeral flower cars. That's passion for the Caddy! There was an interesting article a few months ago in the Hemmings' Classic Cars mag about a gentleman from NH who found and restored a flower car. Just like you, he was very versed on those special vehicles... CT
  12. HI Jean-Philippe! Merci for the comments, and the pictures! According to my researchs, there were TWO coachbuilders that offered such cowboy Cadillacs in the late 60's. The Mirage had a more formal or "squarish" roof, streching a bit over the rear box (that's how I did mine), and the Caribou, with a flying buttress roof (à la Camino) mostly like on your pics. Many people confuse the remaining ones with so-called flower cars from the funeral industry. Different animals, completely! I agree: this Cad is missing white sidewalls... CT
  13. HI! If it can be of any help, I know the Revell Mat & Debbie Hayes TBird has rear tires that are fairly similar. It might work... CT
  14. Hi Jean-Philippe! Very nice conversion, bravo! I saw those cars up close when they were new: I was washing cars at my dad's favorite service-station, and a local gentleman had one, painted in Willow grey. It was a stunning car. Yours recreate the era perfectly. I know you are deep into Caddies... I'm finishing a 64 Johan convertible, that I've transformed in a Mirage (Camino-style custom) after I saw a few of them on a thread on this forum. Just need polishing and final assembly. The Johan bodies were great. CT
  15. Hi! Great collection of parts, just like most 1/1 rods. The end result is superb, bravo! And as usual, your paint job is a mile deep... CT
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