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  1. Hi Roberto! Very interesting concept. I can see this truck on the floor at the SEMA show! CT
  2. Hi Steve! Very nice car, and great execution, bravo! Many critics back then booed the 62 Chrysler as a "transition" design, as if Chrysler had extended the design pass its useful life... But I, for one, think this more "low key" rear fenders/ toned-down fins is one of the better balanced variation on this iconic design. CT
  3. Hi Francis! Wow, this is what we call a tight fit. I would not want to be the guy busting his knuckles to bolt the headers on this truck... Just kidding... Bravo! Now, to be able to pass tech inspection, you will need pressure lock pins to fasten the joints to the steering shaft. Quite a challenge! But please, don't do it. That would be, litterally, nano-machining! I can't wait to see this thing in person! CT
  4. Hi Robert! Thank you for the infos. Your roof targa section looks a lot like the Ford concept Mustang when JMays (VP Design) introduced it in Detroit, and as it was featured in bright red in Automobile Magazine back then. Your roof design and tonneau cover are great ideas, with great execution! I was in San Juan PR twice for vacations, and I loved it. Great place to live! Regards, CT
  5. Hi Robert! Great ideas here, bravo! The Mustang appears to have a chopped top, is-it so? And if I may, what is the provenance of the wheels on that same Mustang? They are great! CT
  6. Hi ! Fun project. A few years ago, I posted one on this forum under cars (not a WIP) as "Custom Avanti Inverso concept". It was fun to build... Keep going! CT
  7. Hi Sir! We miss your work. I know sometimes one has to get away from the bench, but go full steam ahead with the housework, and treat us with your styrene magic ASAP, please! CT
  8. Hi Rob! Masterful, really. It brings me back to my old issues of Hot-Rod, mid 60's. Bravo! CT
  9. Hi Lee! Wow, nice and sweet, bravo! This thing would make the cover of the GoodGuys Gazette if it was a 1/1 car... CT
  10. Hi Marcos! Impressive attention to details. I love your solution for the rod ends on your front suspension. Very clever! I'll borrow your idea on my next build. CT
  11. Hi! Great work. I'm finishing one right now, and I know the basic kit has many shortcomings. Yours is world class, bravo! CT
  12. Hi Randy! Great built, bravo! I know for a fact that this Tamya color is not easy to apply perfectly, and you certainly nailed it! CT
  13. Hi Francis! Thank God, you used regular rubber brake hoses!!! Most Provincial or state DMV outlaw braided hoses. I would have been sorry if you would have been turned down on mechanical inspection... CT
  14. Hi! A poet once said: "Life is a deadly desease, sexually transmitted". How true! CT
  15. Hi Tim! Now, THIS is clean work, and the rolling stock fits the car really well. Bravo! CT
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