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  1. Hi Al! You are right: I substituted Wild Willy chassis, albeit stretched a bit. Nicer than the Logghe chassis, in my view. CT
  2. Hi Mike! Thanks for the good words, much appreciated. To your point: I DO build 1/1 cars, mostly street rods and pro-touring cars, but making and assembling the same in scale is sometimes much more tedious. I'm getting older by the day... So much styrene, so little time! CT
  3. Hi Bob! Verrrrry nice, and period-correct. Bravo. Long live the salt! CT
  4. Hi Steve! Thank you so much. Indeed, I had fun packaging all those systems in such a tight confine, but at Bonneville, getting "gallons into quarts" is a way of life. Long live the salt! CT
  5. Thank you Paul! Indeed, but I had to stretch it in front of the firewall, shorten the rear floor section, and narrow the floor pan at the door sills. Came out fine. CT
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