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  1. I always paint the underside of the hood and the engine bay first. Then tape the hood to the body with blue tape. If needed, I'll push the hood up slightly so that it's above the fenders. 

    With pickups, I have a jig made so that I can tape the cab and bed onto and spray as a unit. I spray the cab wall and front of the bed first. 

  2. 16 hours ago, Can-Con said:

    What exactly did you do, Roger?

    I can see it looks much better but I can't exactly tell what you did.

    I first sanded away the reveal on the quarters. 

    Sanded the hump at the base of C pillars down. 

    Reworked the bottom of the quarter window.

    Puttied the top of the quarters to add some height. 

    Cut the bottom of the quarters and added a .040 shim. 

    Made a new reveal with .010 rod and putty.

    Reshaped the wheel openings and put the trim back.

    Cut across the trunk and stuck a .040 shim in the middle and filled the remaining back in. 

    New vent window frames.

    New reveal on front fenders. 

    Lot easier to explain with photos. Next time I do it, I'll take some as I'm doing it. 


  3. 29 minutes ago, 1972coronet said:


    I have an unbuilt copy of the Sunrunner [1979 annual, for those whom aren't familiar with MPC's Econoline Vans], and it has round headlamps. IIRC, the Sorcerer was the 1980 annual, and it has the square headlamps which are shared with the Stunt Van

    MPC took some "liberties" with their built-up prototypes: the c.1982 catalogue exhibits the Fall Guy pickup with the 1978 cab! 

    '79 Ford vans had square headlights. '78 had round headlights. 

  4. 2 hours ago, Can-Con said:

    So does the "Sunrunner" and "Sorcerer". Same kit, all the same parts, different decals.

    I bought the "Stunt Van" thinking it was the same kit as the "Off Road" van. But, it has the newer grille and it's molded in red. I was going to attempt to paint the graphics of the "Off Road" version. But, never have got around to it.


  5. 45 minutes ago, Daddyfink said:

    This thread needs to end the way most threads end around here regardless of the topic , with the discussion about some MOPAR kit they need to make again and how wrong the hub caps are! 

    Giggle My Figgle GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

    Please! Let's not get that topic going! I'd rather read the curmudgeon's hating on anything past 1970. 

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  6. 1 hour ago, stavanzer said:

    Strangely Enough, those wheels are in the two most recent issues, The Plow Truck and the Big Game Country pickup.

    Notice too, that the wheels are going in opposite directions on the 2 sides.

    Those alloy wheels were in the original version and the plow truck. The Big Game Country version has the chrome spoke wheels.

    Do you mean the tires? The wheels aren't directional.

  7. 19 minutes ago, stavanzer said:

    It is because they know how badly those tires look for the right side, IMHO.

    But, just to prove that it wasn't always so, the Original GMC High Roller Box, with the tires in question.

    GMC HIGH ROLLER, Monogram 2273 (1981)

    I bought that kit back in the day. I was disappointed that it didn't have the wheels that appear on the box. It instead had chrome spoke wheels.

  8. One trend I'm sick to death of is the gasser treatment. They're like a Donk, only with smaller wheels. They were cool in the '60s. But, that was 60 years ago! I would rather drive a Donk! 

    Another is steel wheels and hubcaps! Anyone not around in the '60's thinks every muscle car came from the factory with them! There isn't more of a "me too" trend around. 

  9. 1 hour ago, Justin Porter said:

    The Street Machine version of the El Camino was fantastic too! That EFI supercharger setup on the big block was an amazingly trick piece that always shocks me didn't find its way into a ton of Pro Touring builds. Likewise, for that matter, the "mini Viper" EFI setup on the 340 in the Street Machine version of the '71 Duster kit. 

    Of course, reading all of the "I never knew that chassis existed" posts on the '57 Chevy Street Machine kit proves that for all of their tooling genius at the time, AMT/Ertl didn't know how to market what they had and that's a shame.

    The big problem with all of those engines is that not a single one came with a set of headers. That's something that really annoys me with street machine kits from both AMT and Revell. Headers are typically the first performance modification anyone does to a full scale car. 

    While the street machine '57 has some strong points. It also has it's weak points. The engine is nothing special. Besides the Super Victor intake. No headers. The frame is nice. But, it has stock front suspension. Not very Art Morrison like to me. Then there's the stock interior with an aftermarket steering wheel. 

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  10. 2 hours ago, Can-Con said:

    I think the biggest problem with selling the street machine '57 Chevy was they didn't make it clear that fantastic chassis and engine was in the kit. 

    Just taking a quick look at the box and you'd think it was just the stock kit with a set of Vette wheels and tires and some dress-up parts on a belly button big block engine. 

    I think a set of slightly larger wheels/tires in a more popular style and the underside painted to best show off the unique chassis and it would have flew off the shelves.

    BTW, at the time, I had no idea about that chassis or I would have bought at least 3 for chassis donors for other cars.

    I think you nailed it Steve. The box art gave me the exact impression that you described.

    In all my years of building models, I've never built a '57 Chevrolet. It's my least favorite of the tri-fives. The things everyone loves about them are the things I don't like. Still, I have three of them in the stash. One thing's for sure, no one can say the 57 Chevrolet hasn't been covered by the kit companies. AMT has three. Revell has six. Now one less to Atlantis. Don't know if they got the Nomad also. Monogram has three. MPC has one. Is it any wonder people complain, "we don't need another 57 Chevy!"?

    I don't understand the desire for this AMT '57. The side trim looks horrible and always has. Has the '90’s stock issue ever been reissued?

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