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  1. What kit is that from? That is flash like I've never seen before.
  2. Checked my kit. The hood scoop in it isn't even close to what you need. Sorry.
  3. Rich, I may have that hood scoop. I have an MPC '76 Pinto and I'm pretty sure it has a similar if not exact hood scoop. I'll check tomorrow and let you know.
  4. Didn't pay attention to the scale. But, the boxart makes it look a lot like the Revell '69. I'm thinking that's not a built model on the box either.
  5. No way to know. I got a shock the other day on ebay when I saw a '69 Nova SS by Atlantis. I had no idea that that kit was in the deal with Revell. There may be others they have that we don't know about.
  6. That one isn't. It's 1/25 and based on the diecast that Monty mentioned.
  7. I finally got a little time to work on this thing. I was waiting for the embossing powder I ordered to come in so that I could finally be done with the floorpan. It's by WOW and is the super fine grade. Pretty much the same texture I was getting with baking soda. The color wasn't close at all. So, I had to paint it. I thought putting it over black would get it closer. But, it didn't. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Now, I can make some decent progress hopefully. The underside. One issue I had to deal with on the chassis was the front track. It was way too narrow.
  8. Thanx Paul! I may do a McGee "tribute" roadster to set next to it someday. My original idea was actually for the roadster. But, I decided to go with the 3-W instead.
  9. That sounds a lot like Moebius. Their Ford pickups have horrible proportions and loaded with inaccuracies. IMO, at least the Trumpeter kits look much closer to the full scale than theirs do. I can't recall ever seeing a Trumpeter Nova built and have only seen maybe three of the Falcons. I may have to see what I can do with one of the Falcons soon.
  10. That came out looking nice David! Makes me want to build one for myself. Nice work!
  11. I did it for almost fifteen years without a problem. But, I only use spray cans.
  12. So did I. Like others have mentioned, the price was the problem for me. At the time they were realeased, they were almost triple the price of AMT and Revell kits IIRC. I have Nova and it's quite detailed. But, I never have had the desire to tackle it. I also have both versions of the Falcon. They don't have near the detail of the Nova. I bought all of them on ebay for about the same price as when they were new. Not much more than current kits. I was just shocked at the prices they're going for now. Another kit I was shocked by the price it went for was the Meng F-350. I put one on my watc
  13. Nice looking '37 Jim! I really like that color!
  14. Does Trumpeter not do reissues? I was on ebay last night and saw the Street/Strip '65 Falcon with a bid of $90 plus $44 and change for shipping (from Australia) and couldn't believe that some are willing to pay that price for that kit! Then I did some checking around and found the cheapest for that version was $59.99 plus shipping. The convertible and Ranchero could still be found for a reasonable price. I also looked up the '63 Nova and all were over $100. So, it got me wondering why Trumpeter has never reissued their automotive kits? I know they have some issues. But, nothing that can't be f
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