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  1. Thanx Carl! Thanx David! It was quite a bit of work. But, the result was worth the effort to me. Thanx Mike! The engine was the reason I decided to detail it. When I got it put together, I hated to not add details to it. Thanx Ed! I wish it coulda set just a little lower. But, the exhaust wouldn't allow it. Thanx! I've not seen many '69 Firebirds built. When I saw Tony's build a while back, I had to have one of my own. Thanx Tony! You build was the one that inspired this! Thanx David! Glad you learned a l
  2. 1. Throw away the Testors and get Tamiya TS-13 clear. 2. Buy the Tamiya polishing compounds (Course, Fine and Finish). You'll never need the polishing pads past 4000 grit again. I've done several paint jobs using 2000 grit and then the polishing compounds. 3. You don't have to do mist coats with Tamiya. Mist coats cause orange peel. It works for enamel. Not so much with lacquer as it dries quickly. You would literally have to try to make it run in my experience. I spray three wet coats of paint or two if the second covers well and three wet coats of clear. If I get good paint coverag
  3. I fill the panel line in with a strip of styrene the thickness of the line, sand smooth and rescribe. I have fixed small areas by filling with Tamiya Gray Putty and rescribe with a photo etch saw blade.
  4. That looks so much better than the Fireball 500 ever thought about looking! It reminds me of the model Ron Savoi built by putting a '67 GTO roof on the Monkeesmobile. Your wheels are either from a Viper or the Duster Street Machine. Same wheel either way I think.
  5. Thanx Kurt! I'm sure you've seen these wheels before. Just not painted. They've been around for close to 15 years. The horns/hood latch are from the Camaro kit. The side markers on this particular kit were barely there. The fronts were basically gone.
  6. Just finished this one up. It's a kitbash of an old MPC/AMT '69 Firebird and a Revell '69 Camaro. This model was supposed to be just "for fun". The plan was to fix the body as best as I could, use the chassis and big block from a Revell '69 Camaro with no details added. But, that plan went south and I ended up going down the proverbial rabbit hole. I first worked on the body to see if my idea to make it look better would work. I cut the roof, cowl, top of the fenders,door and quarters along with a section of the trunk from the Camaro and grafted it to the Firebird body. With that don
  7. No, I don't. I can dig it out and shoot a couple if you want.
  8. I have one of these in the project pile that I used the chassis and underhood detail from a '66 Fairlane. But, that was as far as I got with it.
  9. Still looks good Ray! Looks like you sprayed the Pearl White over gray primer? Tamiya Pearl White needs a white base coat to go over. I recently learned the hard way that it's a very finicky color to paint. You could do a coat of white primer and Pearl White to brighten it up if you're not happy with it. Just make sure to attach the hood and tailgate to the body so that it will all match up.
  10. That is one sharp looking Buick Gene!! I love the color on it! Sure makes me wish I had done something similar to the one I built a few years ago. Nice work!
  11. A chopped top can get by with a gasser build. But, if it comes in the stock version, it'll fly about as well as the '90 Mustang LX.
  12. Very nice! Don't think there's a better color combo for that car. Nice work!
  13. Sharp as a tack!! The wheels and stance makes it!
  14. That's a nice looking El Camino Oliver! Nice custom touches! Really like the grille! First time I've ever seen one used on a build.
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