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  1.  Hey Guys, I know there have been other threds about this subject but I have had no luck finding them. 

    I have been using PlastiKote sandable  for years to protect the styrene but it hase been discontinued. Much to my dismay! I sometimes use laquer and need some protestion from it as to not etch the plastic. Does anyone have any suggestions for an alternative  primer that will give similar results and be compatable with the plastic? Any help would be appreciated.




  2. Great pictures Steve. It is amazing how much they become a part of oue lives. I've been working on my Terror dog model ond Diesel has been coming in to check on my progress! LOL. That or he just wants my attention. No pics  I'm afraid as we are batching it as the girls are away at an agillity competition.  Good luck Sugar!



  3.   TJ, Callie .... comfie, yes.... spoiled, maybe just a little.


    Keyser, that is so sad to here about their past, but it looks like they have great lives now! Good for you for adotping them. All of our dogs are recues as well.



  4. It's been a while but here is some progress on the K-9 Mustang. I have the chassis modified for a closer ride height to the car in the movie. The engine is neer completion,just need to install the distributor and wire it. I used Testors acrylic ford engine blue . First time I used this paint. Not bad but it came out a little dark . I think it will be O.K. after all the car has a few modifications and maintenance so it doesn't need to be factory correct. The interior is going to be a bit of work as I will be using parts from both kits.   More to come.



  5.   Hey guys, great pics all.

    Scott, sorry to hear about Coco, it is tough when you have to say goodbye. Piper looks like she will be a great companion for you!

    Robert, I know about the old guys sleeping. Rocky sleeps a lot too.

    Chaz, great looking dogs, Is Chloe great pyrenees?

    Mark, Pepper looks like she is a card, I bet she is loads of fun. BTW, is that her in your Lincoln forum?

    Dan, good thing you have a tall fence! Luna looks very interested!



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