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  1. Yep!! Made sure that I made a mold for castings too!!
  2. Got those goofy headers in!!
  3. Decals finished! Nowhere near perfect, but the best I can do😁
  4. Got the pinstripe on and cleared her!
  5. They are resin castings that I mastered.
  6. The White went on beautifully over the orange plastic over Tamiya white primer applied before the paint.
  7. Their from the Johan 64 Petty Belvedere!
  8. Made some castings of the old Johan headers for her!!.
  9. Got the stance about right and engine bay near finished.
  10. Trying to build car! Use the Johan and Lindberg kits. PPP and OL' DAYS decals.
  11. Still need to lower the front end more!
  12. Finished her up!! Need to lower the front end more!!
  13. Thanks!! You are correct about warping. They were in the box to be move to the steel table!
  14. It was extended 1/16" and the roll cage lowered 1/16"
  15. I'll check to see if I saved some pix.
  16. I cast a bunch of 73 Chevelle/Laguna bodies! I decided that I would build this one for myself.
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