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  1. I will be glueing the dryer sheet directly to the body. The panel was just a test piece.
  2. Yeah, another coat may help, but if you look at the photo of the buggy I am replicating (the original 1:1 photo I posted), my buddy's car has a more pronounced weave than the one you posted. I will take your advice into consideration when I apply the dryer sheet to the body. Thanks!
  3. Test piece mocked up to the under side of the body:
  4. I think I settled on my first attempted method. Here’s the test result: I cut a piece of styrene sheet ant glued a swatch of used dryer sheet to it with Elmer's glue. Then sprayed it with gloss black. I think it will work beautifully!
  5. I am interested in any, or all of the Mustang parts. I am particularly interested in any 64/65 coupe chrome bits. I will PM you to see what can be worked out. thanks
  6. Wow! That is amazing. Do you happen to know what scale that is? I have a few methods to experiment with, now.
  7. Thanks, I’ll try that. .....and thanks to the other responders, as well.
  8. I would like to replicate the texture on the under side of my friends Meyers Manx. What methods would you suggest?
  9. Welcome Bob. There’s so much here! I’ve only been on the forum a couple of months and have learned quite a bit.....from different techniques to new tools that have already helped step up my game. welcome to the madness.
  10. I got the plug wires installed. I used Bondic liquid plastic to attach the wires. I have some touch up to do. The semi gloss black paint isn’t setting well, so I’ll have to re do all that. I LOVE the Bondic plastic pen! I cannot thank the folks here enough for what I have learned so far!!!! Bondic liquid plastic,! Molotow chrome pens!
  11. Thanks. I bought a lot of four Mustang kits. Two of the kits were incomplete junk yard parts. Unfortunately, the chrome was missing from the parts kits, but the tail light lenses were in one of them. I was able to paint the surrounds withe a Molotow chrome pen
  12. I have started with the engine. I had to scratch make the intake manifold because the kit came with dual carbs and his is a single carb. Because the exhaust in the kit was just a stinger, I also had to scratch build the exhaust pipe from the collector to the tail pipe, including reshaping a muffler from another kit. The intake manifold and the mid pipe are..080" styrene rod, and the tail pipe is 3/32" tube. The air cleaner is a piece cut from a flat piece of scrap from another model, and shaped to be round. I haven't installed the distributor or coil because I am waiting on delivery of spark plug wires and a Bondic UV glue kit.
  13. I am building a model for a friend of mine that has a Meyers Manx dune buggy. Unfortunately, his car is in almost the same state as the unbuilt kit he gave me to build. LOL. here are some of the photos he gave me:
  14. Wow. Some really cool stuff here. My modifications don't hold a candle to most of what I see. But here are some of mine: 2008 Mustang: Hood scoop, cold air intake and plenum cover to match my 2008 Mustang My friend's 200 Mustang: -Grill and pony corral to turn a 99 Cobra into a standard Mustang -Side scoops and modified rear wing Air conditioner units mounted on top of Metra F40 locomotive
  15. Very nice work. Is your chrome window trim foil, or paint? Looks great!
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