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  1. Good morning guys. So, I'm attempting to build the IMC '65 winning Jim Clark Lotus 38. The kits a mess. Builds more into a toy. Just about everything will have to be scratch built. The bulbous body is fairly corrected now including a scratch built nose. The kit glass is also bulbous. Been working on the glass for a few days now. Not working out too well. Does anyone out there know of someone creating a corrected vacuum formed windscreens for this kit. Thank you in advanced.
  2. Claude Thibodeau, Yes Claude. West Warwick, Rhode Island. I now live in Texas. Nice of you to remember. Guy
  3. JJER, Hi Jim! Still around huh? North Carolina is a great place to live! Yeah, still at it. Take care bud! Guy
  4. Good evening, I don't do fantasy, or "what if" cars too often. When the AMT Digger 'Cuda was reissued, I grabbed a couple of them. When this kit came out, oh, about '71 I built it. When it got issued, of course I wanted another shot at it. The following short story about how the car came about is as follows. All names are fictitious, and came from my moth eaten brain. Vincent Tomolini, better known as "Vinny" buy his friends was a well to do boy now in his early twenties, who lived in Cranston, Rhode Island. His dad Vincent Sr. owned seven jewelry stores throughout the New England area, and was well respected in his community. Vinny was attending UMASS, and stayed at a frat house there. He would travel home for the weekends so he could go drag racing with his '70 Chevelle 396 at Connecticut or New England Dragway. He enjoyed tearing up the car at the track with his buddies but, for Vinny, something was missing. Oh sure, banging that 4 speed was a hoot but, the speed, the speed just wasn't there. Vinny wanted to go much faster. Faster than he's ever been, and the match race circuit just may be the ticket. The following weekend when Vinny was once again home, he had a talk with his dad. He explained to his dad what he wanted to do. Vincent Sr. sat back in his chair, and thought. He always wanted to have his children take over the business sooner or later since he was getting on in years, and he wanted to enjoy whatever years he did have left with his wonderful wife. Vincent Sr. sat back up in his chair and said, "I'll tell you what Vincent. Your grades are not the greatest, but, if you can graduate college with honors, I'll grant your wish. BUT, only for two racing seasons, and then give it up, and help me in the business." Vinny stood up and extended his hand. Dad stood up, and they shook on it, and then Vinny hugged his dad. Vincent Sr. said " I want only the best equipment in the car you're having built. Is that clear?" Vinny nodded. With a turn, Vincent Sr. left saying something about breaking the news to his wife. That night Vinny, and his two best friends Mike, and Dave hit the local bar and hash out a plan, and to celebrate. His buddy Dave was an excellent artist, and he sketched out a wild car on a napkin. They all talked with excited vioces as Dave drew. The sketch was based on a '70 Plymouth 'Cuda. Mike piped up and said Vinny, FIRST you have to graduate, and with honors to boot! Vinny said, "yeah, I know." So instead of going home on the weekends, Vinny spent the time studying, and working hard to achieve his goal. When graduation came around, Vinny did graduate, and with honors! Vincent Sr, couldn't have been more proud of his boy. With his dad's words in his head, "only the best equipment". Vinny set out to have a car built with people like Don Long, Ed Pink, to do the project. The fiberglass body would be built by his uncle who owned Newport marine in Newport Rhode Island. The body was shipped to none other than Don Kirby for paint. Mike asked Vinny what are you going to call it? Well, we can't really call it a funnycar, or really a dragster. Kind of a nether car. Dave said, "hey what about The Twilight Zone", which was one of Dave's favorite shows. The name stuck. The car was completed over the winter of 1970. It was a stunner. When Vinny's mom saw it, she nearly fainted. Vincent Sr. reassured her the boy will be OK since it had the lastest, and best safety equipment. The shake down runs were made at Connecticut Dragway by none other than Jimmy King of King & Marshall fame. The following weekend Vinny obtained his fuel license, and the rest is history. The car was flat out booked for two seasons across the country. After the two seasons, the car was sold, and Vinny now works side by side with his father in the jewelry business. The model kit - The clam shell design body, (which I never really liked), was glued together, and the body can flip up. The body is hand lettered which also includes the opening segment of The Twilight Zone show in black and white. There's many scratch built parts. This car I really enjoyed building. Thanks, Guy
  5. I just wanted to say "thank you" to all of you for all your compliments. Take care, Guy
  6. Claude Thibodeau, In order to install the headers, (like a lot of the 1:1 scale Fords), the headers were first dropped into the engine compartment loose. The engine and trans was dropped in. The motor mounts were then connected to the engine via pins. Once the engine was settled in, the headers were brought up to the cylinder heads. Took a bit but, we got it! Due to the angle of the engine, once the engine was in place, the intake with the carbs was installed. THEN I did the wiring. It's a first for me but, had no other choice due to confinements. In all, I believe this car took a little over a year to complete. Thanks, Guy
  7. gonzo64nova, The headers which I usually do my own, IE Sox & Martin 'Cuda, Lil' Coffin seen at the Under Glass department of this forum, this one, and a host of others are made with Evergreen plastic. The rod size depends on the size of the primary tubes I need to make. Usually it's either .080" or .100". The smaller diameter for say a small block Chevy would be 1/16" rod. The rod is heated over a candle, and then bent to the desired radius, and then cut to length. Sorta like stacking bricks. One section at a time glued together. Once the headers are together, along with the collector, they're sanded as a unit. By the way, the collectors are from the Johan Sox & Martin '71 'Cuda. Nice collectors. Let's admit it, the headers in model kits are kinda bogus! Hoped this answered your question! Guy
  8. Mike Williams, I use a piece of glass out of a welder's helmet/face shield which is 4 1/4" X 2". These can be purchased at any welding supply shop. The sandpaper is wrapped around the glass. The slick is placed on the sandpaper, and sanded back and forth WITHOUT rotating it. With the second piece of glass, set the slick on the flat side to check it's not canted, and also to see if you are sanding it flat. You can't find any other material flatter than a piece of glass! Guy
  9. Force, The slicks are from any Revell dragster or funnycar kit. Yeah, these are the ones you have to put together. Guy
  10. gonzo64nova, As explained by "Gar" himself. He was reinstalling the trans when the officials called him to the line. He hurriedly put it together knowing he was low on fluid. Guy
  11. Mike Williams, Hi Mike. Yeah, well he really wasn't a show car type guy. I use a fine razor saw to lightly cut the sidewall of the slick. Different grades of sandpaper are folded, and then sanded back and forth in the cut. Start out with 320 grit, then 400 grit, and then 600 grit. The slicks are flattened using a piece of glass and 320 grit sandpaper. Guy
  12. Good morning, This is the car that Don Garlits lost half of his right foot due to a transmission explosion. As he tells it, he was hurried to the line knowing there wasn't enough gear fluid in the trans, resulting in that horrific incident. This model was built back in 1988. It features a scratch built frame, steerable front axle, scratch built body, and some hand lettering. Take care, Guy
  13. R. Thorne, Good morning, Ask away! I love questions! That's how we learn. The belt brackets, latch, and that leather flap is all made from .010" thick sheet plastic. No after market stuff. The flap is acrylic paint which is Burnt Sienna, and can be found at Hobby Lobby for cheap. The belt material is actually Tamiya masking tape painted with acrylic black. Attached is the picture I found on the Internet of the belt assembly which I used to replicate it. Guy
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