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  1. Thanks for answer But have one problem. Some of these kits are missing in the plastic or I've never seen these kits in plastic and I'm not sure if they exist.
  2. Is there a way to restore the badge script on the car body if they were removed earlier or to make new ones that are needed? They are absent on some resin kits and these badge scripts are not produced in photo-etched, but some manufacturers of resin kits (like Poul Hattrick) make them on their kits. Have you got any ideas? Thanks for answers
  3. Hello guys. If exterior color Feather Gray or Blue Gray what could be interior color? I could not find images 1948 convertible in this colors. Thanks
  4. Thanks for explanation Doug Seller make a mistake, said me 1954 Dodge, but I have received 1955. I need correctly frame, interior and engine for this body.
  5. Hi guys. I bought Johan 1954 Dodge Royal Lancer promo. Anyone make interior tube for this kit? What is the detail chassis and engine I can use for this kit? Thanks for answer
  6. What is the color of 1967 Oldsmobile Cutlass 4-4-2 engine? Could you tell me code of FS or Testor paint? Thanks for answer.
  7. Very nice work! One question to you. In this place taillight must be transparent. How did you make it? Thanks for answer
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