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  1. Bill @ Gooche Decals custom made them for me. He now sells them though. He has a Facebook page.
  2. I was there too. The b&w photo is from Byron, but it is not my photo. Those manufacturers funny car showdowns were fantastic. Ron Leek was a great promoter.
  3. The owner of that must not be too fussy. It's missing the center cap on the LF wheel. ?
  4. One of the lesser known Ohio George Montgomery race cars. 2.3L turbocharged Pinto.
  5. Gooche Decals made them for me as a custom job.
  6. Thanks for moving the Dyno Don post, but the other two are still in WIP section.
  7. It was H/ Modified Production and ran in the 11's. It was a 300 truck six with 3 Weber carburetors and a 4 speed.
  8. I made a newbie mistake and made 3 posts in the WIP: Drag racing racing, when they should be in the completed drag racing section. Any way to move them?
  9. Modeled after my 1:1 '95 Flareside, trailer and '88 Mustang LX drag car. Revell LX coupe with pieces spliced in from MPC GT hatchback.
  10. I hope it's OK to post this here, but it seems like a better place for it than with trucks. Moebius '69 F100, Scenes Unlimited duals, wheels and tires. Scratch built bed with flocking to simulate carpet. Custom made decals by Billy Gooche.
  11. Some people were probably scratching their heads over this title. This is one of my favorite sportsman drag cars. Bruce Sizemore's H/MP 300 six powered Maverick.
  12. I want to build a '65 Galaxie 500 4 door. At one time, there was a resin available, but no more. I bought a 2 door sedan body and plan to rescribe the door lines and move the B post. I would like to get a resin interior tub or at least a pair of bench seats. I see a seller on Ebay routinely has '66 Ford Wagon resins and that interior would be a great start. I just can't find the source. The seller states that they are mastered by Paul Hettick.
  13. I have been building for 50 years. About 7 years ago, I sold off over 100 built models prior to a move and started over. As a self imposed restrictor, I only do replicas of 1:1 Fords that my dad or myself have owned, and real Ford drag cars.
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