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  1. Hi all, This is my second completed project for 2021 - Hasegawa BMW 2002 tii. 2002 or any BMWs from 70-80s are my favorites and 2002tii is the car that I’d happy trade my e30 for. It’s a Hasegawa’s new curbside kit from 2017, featuring realistic suspension assembly and very detailed grille and trim pieces. For this build, I wanted to simulate my favorite color combo for 2002: Agave Green with Saddle Brown. The build summary: Tamiya grey surfacer 2000 grit sandpaper 2 layers of TS-9 British Green (This is one of last few kits that I painted with spray cans before getting my airbrush setup) 2 layers of TS-13 Clear TS-1 brown for interior 3000 grit sponge Tamiya three stage compound Masked then painted with TS gloss aluminum BBS Motorsport E76 magnesium wheels with period correct pirellis from USCP and painted with aluminum & gold centre Apart from having some difficulties making the chrome molding stick (I used Elmer’s white glue so that I can polish away any smudges if something goes wrong, but I realized it’s not the best tool for this kind of job) and putting on front & rear windshield molding decals, it was an amazing kit to build and I already want to make multiple of these.
  2. Great job completing the best Fujimi enthusiast kit! I loved building mine, and I want to build another one!
  3. Impressive details and that background is really sweet.
  4. Wow, seriously beautiful build and equally great photo! It looks so realistic.
  5. You did it just the way it should be! I built the same kit with different wheels way back.
  6. Impressive details! I love your 1/35 beetle work too.
  7. Very agressive! The color looks bang on!
  8. Beautifully done! This is the kit that I've been seriously tempted to buy. You've done a great job!
  9. Impressive build! Interior and engine bay looks amazing too.I like the light washing effect on the alternator too.
  10. Thank you! I'm trying to find better angles to hide hints of showing the scale. Thanks! 80s Mers and BMWs are my favorites!
  11. Love the details of engine as well as the body finish - even the tires look so real!
  12. Thank you! If I don't restrain myself, I'll end up painting red on black on all of my builds! Thank you! Thanks! I love painting in black! I forgot to mention I masked the center console and spray painted with red and black to simulate woodgrain. What I enjoy the most is painting and building the engine and suspension, but I always end up forgetting not taking the pics! Thanks! I remember building this in hot summer, where paint would get micro holes (especially on front & rear bumpers )after laying wet coats which was PITA to fix! Dark color helps hiding the flaw. Thanks Chris! Appreciate it! Thank you!
  13. Nicely done! Interesting how they sit low from the box stock.
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