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  1. They both look great! Love the color combo. Keep'em coming!
  2. e30lover


    I love it! Having built the same Aoshima Celica in the past, the underbody is a huge improvement!
  3. Beautifully done! Green really makes the interior too!
  4. Love the subtle color and stance. Clean build!
  5. Fantastic build! Love those attention to detail - the fabric seat cover brings so much memories. Your work on Nardi steering wheel is on point as well. Did the brown tinted windows come with the kit?
  6. Thank you! Looking forward to seeing your Mr. K version as well! Thank you! That kit screams for wider wheel and lower stance! Thank you. Beautiful pair of 510s your dad has there! Appreciate it!
  7. Thank you! https://www.plazajapan.com/4967834204683/ This will be one of my next buys! Thank you! Revell one has full engine detail - I'd love to get BRE version if it's 1/24.
  8. Thank you! I definitely took my time building this one! Appreciate it! Thank you! The thickness adds a some reality for sure! Thank you! I spray painted silver, then sprayed ts-38 gun metal. The center cap is painted with silver sharpie. Thank you! Maybe I should buy the 510 bluebird as well! Thank you! I usually do three coats too, but this particular model had very thin and shallow panel lines, so I decided to go a bit lighter even though I wouldn't be able to wet-sand as aggressive as usual.
  9. Hi all, This is my latest build - it's one of the Hasegawa Fairlady kits that come in various forms (ZG, Datsun 240Z, rally version, etc) depicting Z432R, which was the homologation model for their racing program with S20 borrowed from KPGC10 GT-R. I decided to create it as Z432 instead of Z432R because I didn't like the orange that came with Z432R, as well as black hood. For the build, I used; - Tamiya white primer - Tamiya Camel yellow (two thin coats) - Tamiya gloss clear (two wet coats) - Prepped the body with 1500, 2000, 3000 grit sandpapers - Polished with three stage Tamiya compounds - Masked the front window trim and rear end and sprayed Tamiya flat black - BMF'd side window trims - Tamiya gun metal for the wheels and flat black for the interior - Thinly sliced electrical tapes for bumper trims and turn signal gaskets - Flockings to simulate trunk carpet - Acrylic wash (yellow + brown + thinner) for panel lines With 91 parts count and being curbside kit, it's pretty simple kit to build. It also comes with pretty detailed clear and chrome parts as well as metal transfers for various badges and side mirrors, so I highly encourage one if you want to make a 240z!
  10. Thank you! It's a great kit! Thank you. If I were to do it again, I'd use slightly thinner gauge wires. With working frunk, engine lid and realistic suspension assembly, the kit has so much potential! Thank you! Back in 2010 I planned on slamming it with two-tone body, but I just wanted to finish it and move on! Appreciate it! Thanks. I used a few circuit board connector pins and putty instead of making a proper hinge, and it has some fitment issues. Thank you! Thank you! It's been fun building this one! Thanks! This might be the best 1/24 beetle kit available! Thank you!
  11. Back in 2010 I made a roof rack and vintage Coca Cola cooler out of styrene sheets and aluminum wires, then cut out doors, before stashing it away. Fast forward to 2020 I bowed to complete all the boxes that I had before buying any other new kit, and this is one of them. I painted with TS-10 french blue and TS-68 wooden deck tan, masked the windows and used BMF for other chrome trims. I really rushed making this one and ended up making decent amount of mistakes, but now I got rid of all the unopened boxes except for Fujimi EM Lancia Stratos, before going on another buying spree.
  12. Beautifully done! Great job on the vinyl roof!
  13. Very nice! The color really suits Camaro.
  14. Clean build and a great color combo!
  15. Great work on those doors! I recently built the same monogram 1/24 roadrunner too.
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