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  1. Stunning paint! Clear parts look so clean as well.
  2. Thank you! It's my favorite Lamborghini ever made! Thank you so much! Thank you! Thank you! There are a lot of 60s machines I want to build, but kit selections are fairly limited! It must be the little branches!
  3. Beautifully done! The interior detail looks stunning. Love the monochromatic exterior color too.
  4. Nice build! Love the period wheel and rubber. I have an identical wheel set too.
  5. Thank you! Smaller aperture (I shoot between F16 - F22) helps capturing all the details. Appreciate it! Thank you very much! It's definitely easy to put together - body was almost perfectly free of any uneven surface or nasty mold lines so I didn't spend hours of body prep (I'd typically spend a full day fixing this for revell/monogram kits). Interior metal transfers are a bit finicky but otherwise it's very easy to put together. Thank you! Thank you - the surface on my miura project isn't as good as my other previous work (all the flat panels were kinda hard to get mirror-like surface compared to convex panels), but the dark color helps hiding the imperfections Thank you! Thank you! Hasegewa kit's metal transfers definitely helped. I admire all the weathering work to achieve barn find look! To me that's harder than getting a good polished paint! Thank you very much! Thanks a lot! Yes, I didn't modify anything (didn't even de-chromed them) because they looked really good. PE wipers are great on these kind of sports cars with huge windshield but I wanted to save the hassle for later! Me too! I wish there are more pre-countach Lamborghini kits available..
  6. Thank you very much! Appreciate it! It's my favourite lambo as well! Thank you! Thank you very much! It is a beautiful model to work with! Highly recommended. Thank you! I spent so much time deciding what color combo to use! Thank you! Appreciate it! I agree! I love all the pre-countach era Lambos. Thank you! Soft box setting definitely hides all the imperfections. You got it! Cloudy day or under some sort of shade is the best for any car photography. I sometimes shoot it early in the morning or right after sunset too. Sounds like a real treat! I don't think I saw Miura in action yet. I only saw them sitting on the grass in car shows. Thank you! Wet-sanding the second base coat is always a bit dicey and sometimes I have to apply touch up paints - and I usually hit with 2000 grit after first clear coat and try to flatten the orange peel (and move onto the other spot if I end up seeing paint bleeding through) - but I rarely go through the paint if I cure the paint for a day or so. Personally, it saves me a lot of wetsanding efforts after the final coat as the final (second) layer feels lot smoother, and a bit safer b/c I take off less material from the final layer by just using 3000 grit and polishing compounds not 2000 grit for polishing.
  7. Beautifully done! Masking must've been pain in the ass - I haven't seen this kit executed such a clean manner!
  8. Thank you! It's not quite the right color I was going for, and next time I'll maybe try out overcoating with clear blue to achieve what I want! Thank you! Hasegawa sure did the great job getting the body and stance just right! Thank you! My new macro lens really helps getting closer shot. Thank you! Appreciate it! Thank you! It was a breeze to build one! Thanks a lot!
  9. Sharp looking Alpine and great video! Now I need to get my hands on those Tamiya Alpines...
  10. e30lover

    '49 Mercury

    Fantastic restromod! Dull red for interior is one of my favourite colors too.
  11. One clean looking Impala! The wheels and stance just works great.
  12. Hey all, here’s my 5th build of 2021: Hasegawa Lamborghini Miura 400SV. I want this to be a simple box straight build even though there are a few details such as door vents that really could use detail up PE pieces. Overall it was a great kit with perfect stance and proportions - it sucks that there’s no way to access the engine bay once it’s assembled. Since almost every Miura produced had unique color combo, I wanted to replicate very dark blue with tri-tone (brown/tan/caramel) interior that some Miura came with - and here’s my build detail: Prepped body with Tamiya grey surfacer and wet sanded with 2000 grit Used mix of Tamiya acrylics (mix of red, yellow, black, tan) and masked different parts of the interior Applied 2 based coats using Mr color’s C2 black and small amount of C76 metallic blue Applied 2 clear coats (Mr color's super clear) with 2000 grit wets anding in between Polished body with 3000 grit sponge and Tamiya three stage compounds Masked the body and applied Mr Color’s aluminum for window trims and used BMF for inner door cards Thank you for reading and enjoy!
  13. Great restoration job! Color looks bang on!
  14. Thank you! Thanks. I strongly recommend building the Lindberg 67' Olds! Thank you! Masking is definitely tedious but it's well worth the effort.
  15. Very interesting use of overcoat and result looks stunning!
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