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  1. The paints are kinda wavy in flat places which I find being very hard to correct! Thank you! Thanks! I can never decide which one I upload lol! They're straight out of box - being snap tite kit I didn't have to touch it at all which helped! Thanks! Thank you! I always use Mr color's paints Ferrari cars look best in blue or brown in my opinion!
  2. Thank you! Thanks a lot! Thanks! I love all the popup-era Ferraris! I was surprised to see how they looked when I popped the box. Very un-fujimi like! Thanks! You are 100% right! I realized all the research photos I was looking at as reference, were actually Blu Chiaro not Blu Sera. One of classic car listings site put the Blu Sera instead so I think I went with that instead. It did confuse hell out of me as I was making because I was seeing bunch of different colours! The real F40 Speedlines were 17" and weren't as wide as the rims I used. They're 18" (Autostrada actually made them from 16" to 18") : https://www.scaleproduction.de/product_info.php?info=p2523_18--autostrada-modena.html
  3. Brightest red you can achieve would be a clear red on top of silver (I use Mr color with self leveling thinner).
  4. This E30 has been a daily driver for the last 11 years.
  5. I could've used one step finer sandpaper before moving onto the polishing steps! Yes I'm on Instragram Thank you! Thanks! Thanks! It's really just more prepwork! Thanks a lot! Thank you! Ferrari has so many beatiful non-red colours to pick from. Thanks a lot!
  6. Hi all! Here’s my finished 512TR build - it’s Fujimi’s old kit from early 90s which I bought from Ebay. As for the build concept, most Ferraris in the era including 512TR were sold with red, yellow and black but I personally don’t like red, especially red on Ferrari. So I wanted to paint it with Blue Sera(period Ferrari colour from 70~90s) . As with most of older colours, you don't really see visible metallic flakes - so simulate that I painted silver as base colour and laid mix of cobalt blue, pure blue, clear blue, clear green and tiny bit of black on top. I also wanted to jazz up the wheel so I bought Scale Production’s Autostrada Modena (Japanese copy of F40 Speedline wheels) wheels. This time I wanted to give slightly more attention to my surface as it's always hard to get even surface finish on flat, angular body - I couldn't quite get the desired result I was looking for (for me it's always roof and bonnet that's really difficult to get mirror like reflection) but overall the paint turned out alright. Here’s the full build detail: The kit got the panel line wrong (panel lines in front of popup headlamps were missing) so I used panel line scribe tape to create a new panel. Overall panel lines aren’t that deep so I scribed all of them Prepped the body with 600g > gunze surfacer > 1500g and airbrushed silver as base coat Airbrushed the blue mix on top until I got the shade I wanted Laid 3 layers of Mr color’s super clear III (wet sanded each layer with 2000 grit) and let the paint fully cure for 1 month. Wet sanded with 3000g sponge and polished with Tamiya three stage compounds Masked & painted all the plastic/rubber trims then gave a light panel wash with Tamiya panel liner As for the interior, I glued embossing powder for the carpet part and airbrushed mixture of red and tiny bit of black, and finished with flat clear Painted engine and exhaust with various shade of silver, copper and black and used red enamel for the valve cover - engine parts are made up with only 5 parts but they look wholesome after assembling.  I was initially disappointed to see snap-tite parts and dead decals that turned into mush as soon as I put them into water(I ended up using decals from my other Ferrari kits), but as I started building I was pretty impressed with the quality. Overall it’s a great, simple kit that can actually built without glue(It was first time seeing snap parts that actually work as intended!).
  7. Beautiful SL320 and equally beautiful kit! You really nailed the two tone silver look there.
  8. Beautifully detailed work with great photography! Your photos of real car makes me want to get the same kit and paint it with the same colour. I think it can be achieved by painting gold as base coat, and paint with mixture of clear green and couple drops of black
  9. Really impressive work! Is the rocker panel painted or BMF'd?
  10. Fantastic colour combo and clean build! I have a similar Moebius kit and this makes me wanna build one soon.
  11. Thanks a lot! I need more Moebius kits in my stash Thank you! Thanks! I feel like I need larger backdrop and reflectors to get sharper contrast.
  12. Thank you very much! Thanks a lot! Thank you! Appreciate it! Thank you! Thanks!
  13. Thank you! Woodgrain was fun to paint and I'm now thinking what other kit I can try the same method again. Thanks! Thank you! I did a quick search on those diecast and they look fantastic! Thank you! I have another Moebius kit (plymouth belvedere) which I wanna build using some aftermarket wheels. Thanks a lot! Thank you! Thanks a lot! Thanks! Thank you! Thank you! Thanks a lot! Thank you! Thanks! Thank you! I tried Thanks! Thank you! Thanks! Thank you! I like the Jefferson green too! I could've done a cleaner job at masking side trims.. Thank you! Thanks so much! Thank you! Yes I apply primer right on the bare plastic
  14. Hey all, Here’s my latest build - Moebius 1/25 52’ Hudson Hornet. It’s my first Moebius kit so I decided to do a box straight build - the whole experience feels very similar to how some of Revell Germany - lots of parts so they require minimal amount of masking, very realistic construction which got kinda handful to securely assemble. Here’s the full build detail; All the panels showed some level of warpage and bunch of sink marks, so I filled sink marks, shaved door handles, scribed panel lines then corrected all the panels with 600 grit sandpaper (to get even panel surface across the body) Applied Mr color’s while surfacer then wet sanded with 1500 grit I wanted to get some nice two-tone that’s close to stock 52’ color combo but slightly deveated from it - so that paint would ‘pop’ a bit more Mixed Mr color’s super fine silver, leaf gold and metallic green to get lime-ish light green Airbrushed mixture of Mr color’s clear green and black on top half to simulate Jefferson green Painted the underbody and suspension with combination of gloss black, flat black and flat dark grey then added light weathering effect Added ignition wires and PE hose clamp to the engine bay Added 3 layers of Mr color super clear II with wet sanding after first clear coat Let the paint cure for 1 month then wet sanded with 3000 grit sponge and polished with Tamiya compounds Airbrushed the interior with mixture of Tamiya’s green & pure blue As for the woodgrain I make & airbrushed brown, brush painted with Tamiya acrylics (lighter and darker browns) then brush painted lacquer clear on top of it Masked off the body and painted the chrome bits with Mr color’s aluminum Because this kit just put the spruce gate right at the middle of parts, I had to strip chrome out of headlamp bezel where the mark was too obvious - plastic somehow melted a little bit so I used leftover parts from Ebbro DS kit. I lost the front emblem while doing so I made one up with leftover PE Apart from couple of issues such as decals that has weird white outlines acround the artwork, as well as wheels not fitting at all without grinding out the female portion inside the wheels, overall it was an enjoyable build and I can’t wait to build another Moebius kit! Thank you for reading!
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