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  1. So here’s the story… my dad built these two Hubley Duesenbergs in the late 70’s as a gift to my grandfather. These two cars sat on my grandparents’ mantle for over 40 years. My dad passed away of cancer 15 years ago. My grandpa passed away 4 years ago, and these Duesenbergs came to me. Needless to say they mean a lot to me. Recently they crashed to the ground and were damaged. I have been restoring them with donor kits. I was able also to re glue the custom acrylic case my dad made for them. I finished the phaeton and am working on the town car.

    My problem is finding the matching tan color for the town car roof (it’s broken) . I know this is a long shot. But I think it’s a testors color. I know I’ve used this color before and thought it was model masters flat earth. But as you can see, I painted the convertible boot with flat earth and it is way off. Any ideas what the color might be?





  2. 1 hour ago, Joe Handley said:

    Honestly, that would look great with just a 2"/4" drop.  Low enough to tuck those whites a little on all 4 corners and get rid of the CUV stance, but but still high enough to easily make it over the same obstacles a modern sedan should at stock height!

    That’s about what a dropped axle and a dropped rear spring will do to the stance. A 4” dropped axle is actually 2” over stock 

  3. So I'm itching to get this thing lower to the ground, but for personal reasons it's going to have to wait. So I've been tinkering with it.  It had a bad off-idle stumble. The carb was filthy inside and out so I rebuilt it, and now it runs like a champ!  Also the timing was way retarded. It has no timing marks so I advance it by ear and that really woke it up too.

    @Dennis LacyI think I will paint the brake drums black or gun metal gray at some point, but for now I picked up these 16" caps and I think I like them better than the exposed wide 5s for the moment... They'll work until I can lower it and decide what wheel/tire combo to go with. Blackwalls are definitely on the table, and if I do that, the wide 5s will come back out detailed.

    I already have the dropped rear spring, I just need a dropped axle for the front, and sway bars front and rear. Should drive a lot better. 


  4. 38 minutes ago, espo said:

    Great find. Really nice paint job and I like the look of the bumpers. Depending on how much you would want to spend on brakes, replacing the wide 5 style drums and wheels with the more standard 5 on 5 wheels would open up a far wider choice of wheels and or hub caps that you could use. 

    It has new Lincoln brakes on the front and stops pretty good. I might just live with the wide 5's for a while, but I'll paint the drums black or gunmetal gray. But yeah, 40-48 wheels would be a lot better. 

    2 hours ago, Paul Payne said:

    That is one sweet ride! Your tweeks and improvements sound great- please post more pix when things have moved along! Can you tell us a bit more about the engine?

    I don't know much about it. The numbers on the block say it's a mid-80's 305.  It might have a slightly bigger than stock cam, a little bit of rump on the idle. It runs good, has good vacuum and good oil pressure. 

  5. This just followed me home. Really solid car, zero rust, old paint job shines nice. Rare 40 Olds bumpers.  SBC hooked to the 39 box and banjo. It has a dropped spring in front with stock spring in back and stock front axle. Plans are to lower it with a dropped axle and lowering spring in the rear. Also add front and rear sway bars so it doesn’t feel like it’s going to flip over in turns. Very reliable driver with some things that need tinkering. It’ll be a fun cruiser for me and the family. It came with AC that needs to be installed. It had full wheel covers that the PO kept, so I need to figure out a wheel solution. Probably paint the drums at least. Enjoy!







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  6. I've been on a vintage stock car kick lately. The latest is this Johnny Rutherford Smokey Yunick prepared 63 Chevy.  Tamiya paint with wet look clear, color sanded and rubbed with 3M Perfect-it.  Others pictured are Junior Johnson's 63 Chevy, Fireball Roberts 62 Pontiac, and Buck Baker's 57 Chevy.  There are threads posted for the 62 Pontiac and 57 Chevy if you want more details. Thanks for looking! 










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