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  1. So when you buy vintage kits you get vintage decals that fall apart when used. Any tricks to restore old decals?
  2. Does anyone made trim parts for the resin cabs
  3. I have seen alot of vintage truck cabs in resin. What do prople do for the rest of the truck?
  4. Yea i saw that but its a joke. Stock version uses axle that turns. Oil pan wedges against it......and it turns...
  5. This model is such junk, and they re-popped it the same way. Did they forget to show the engine mounting in the instructions? Engine really doesnt fit.
  6. Body cost as much as I paid for kit. This would be true custom modeling. It's not going to a show.
  7. My dog got a hold of my model car and put a dent and puncture in the door. How can I isolate heat to take it back to original? I have never had luck in the past working with soft plastic.
  8. Guy at hobby store told me that testors went out of business in 19' and the glue is no longer available. Is this true?
  9. I bought this kit fir $19 at hobby town. They had a few and its a great kit, lots of detail and part. Any of you know of other kits like this. Not all tamiya are detailed.
  10. I need the original split tires. Bought a kit and tires were not correct. Any other revell kits use these tires?
  11. Any one here have and built the revell porsche 914
  12. Anyone make body addons for this car model type, wings and such. I have the Tamiya kit, get deal at $18, full detail.
  13. Its from a 70's kit of a porsche 914
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