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  1. I bought this kit fir $19 at hobby town. They had a few and its a great kit, lots of detail and part. Any of you know of other kits like this. Not all tamiya are detailed.
  2. I need the original split tires. Bought a kit and tires were not correct. Any other revell kits use these tires?
  3. Any one here have and built the revell porsche 914
  4. Anyone make body addons for this car model type, wings and such. I have the Tamiya kit, get deal at $18, full detail.
  5. Its from a 70's kit of a porsche 914
  6. Quality control out of control
  7. Starter motor connected to the fan belt?
  8. Is there a way to fix glue on clear parts?
  9. So i have a gaping hole in the firewall and you guys rave about how great this kit is. Some have even bought this lousy kit. Fool and their money soon parted.
  10. Whats the gaping hole in the firewall for?
  11. Its a geometry issue. The flat side of the cam comes around and wedges the lifter. Doesnt matter how much goop is on the cam.
  12. Yea, you guys are right, great $12 kit. Gotta love these fenders. Spend $40 and get a tamiya, worth every penny.
  13. I dont see that those decals are available.
  14. Anyone make a plastic kit of a C8.r or decals. 1/24
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