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  1. Rade8boy added a topic in Wanted!   

    1978 Dodge Sno-Commander decals
    Good day,
     Does anyone know if the late 70's sno commander decals are available any where? I've looked on ebay and searched the Internet. None of the pictures I've found online are good enough to grab. I tried hand drawing them and using a drawing program with no luck. It is the stripe that starts yellow and black and goes to white at the back with sno commander in it.
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  2. Rade8boy added a post in a topic 1985 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe   

    Here are some updated pictures with the side mirrors added and black foil, BTW, I was not impressed with the black foil, it is a lot thicker than the chrome and did not want to stick well, maybe it was old?? To answer some questions the original car was Light Regatta Blue with a light tan/beige interior and the interior is from the Monogram 87 kits so it is not really correct, see real car picture below. it is not 100% correct the sun roof in missing and the engine is somewhat close, but that is fine with me.

  3. Rade8boy added a post in a topic 2008 Shelby GT500KR convertible   

    Sorry for the long delay, between work and vacation I have not worked on any models in a while. I have the chassis finished and and the KA Models disk brakes and calipers done. The motor is in th chassis and I am now working on getting the bod yready for paint! With the humid weather in the North East I am letting everything dry twice as long after another project suffered paint lift even after 1 week of drying. Hopefully I will have the body done soon

  4. Rade8boy added a topic in Under Glass   

    1985 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe
    After graduating PSU and getting a job in 1985 I bought myself a brand new 85 Ford T-bird turbo coupe, I bought the resin body from All American models and the PE scripts and 10 hole mages from R&M of MD over 20+ years ago!! It is finally ready to put on the shelf, just needs the black windows trim, I ordered some black chrome foil. It may not be 100% correct but it is close enough for me.

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  5. Rade8boy added a topic in On The Workbench   

    2008 Shelby GT500KR convertible
    I have been working slowly on this project, I bought the resn body from Reliable Resin, and I am using the Revell 2008 GT500KR kit, so far the body has had the kits front end glued on and the rear spolier is done. I have the PE set from KA-Models, nice stuff, but horrible instructions, there are parts that are not even called out on any of the pictures shown, I guess it's free style? I am now working on getting the louvers inserted into the hood one is done. I also made the disk brakes. The PE parts are a bit hard to bend, I personally like it that way.

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  6. Rade8boy added a post in a topic KA Models Mustang GT500 /GT-H/GT500KR detail up set   

    I have a set for the GT-500KR on the way from Squadron, should be here early next week. I'm using it on a resin body convertible with the GT-500KR kit. I have 2 other sets from them fo rhte GT-500 and hte Ferrari California, plus the 1/200 scale USS Arizona set with wood decks, absolutley beautiful stuff.
  7. Rade8boy added a post in a topic Entex 1928 Mercedes SS wire wheels   

    Ok, all 6 wheels are done and I chose to paint them Alclad Chrome, onto the chassis! I picked up another one of these kits ata flwea market, everything was still sealed in bags but it was missing the fenders and body, if anyone has old unwanted built kit or knows of a cheap parts car please let me know!


  8. Rade8boy added a post in a topic 1913 MERCER RACEABOUT TYPE35   

    Wow great job on the Mercer! I have the Entex version in my stash, which probably is a reboxed Bandai. Unfortunately my kit does not have any of the decals in it.
  9. Rade8boy added a post in a topic Revell 1/12 Shelby GT350   

    The kit may not be the most accurate but I like big scale kits and Mustangs, I try to do the best with what is given. And like most everyone else I cannot wait until the new Revell 1/12 2010 is released!! It is surprising that they are even making something new in this scale! I have a couple of the OLD Doyusha/Otaki 1/12 scale Mustang and TransAm kits, that I was able to snag many years ago at reasonable prices (pre-ebay), along some of the Entex 1/16th scale kits.I would love to get some of the other kits in the series, even though they are inaccurate they are IMHO interesting kits! I read somewhere (maybe a forum?) that whoever holds the molds is afraid to release them again due to the inacuracies in them and the precived critism they would get?? I personally would love to get them at reasonable prices!
  10. Rade8boy added a post in a topic Revell 1/12 Shelby GT350   


    I do believe they are the same kit, with some part differences,as I also have the one in your picture. I have always been around and owned 1:1 Mustangs, Back Before Kids!!! And thanks for the complement, I just build slooow, from lack of time and sometimes that translates into a good build.

  11. Rade8boy added a post in a topic Revell 1/12 Shelby GT350   

    I built this kit about 20 years ago and it is still in my display case, I think it went together OK!? I only used the GT350 decals for the sides the stripes were masked and paitned guardsman blue. I added some detail wiring and the battery in the trunk. I always thought the tires were too chunky, but thats what they gave you.

    Good luck building it.

  12. Rade8boy added a post in a topic What is the best putty   

    I am a fan of Tamiya putty, and while it has been is short supply, Squadron Mail Order has it available, I just got a tube 2 weeks ago. For large areas a 2 part auto putty is best, I use the store brand of premium putty from the local auto paint supply house, it is cost effective . Squadrons' putty has ruined a couple of my works with shrinkage over time, cracks showed up where the putty filled a seam, the putty was under a good automotive priomer and automotive enamel paint.
  13. Rade8boy added a post in a topic Shelby GT500JR Convertible   

    The casting is pretty good, no air bubbles and the body is crisp and sturdy, I would order from them again. What I have not worked on yet is fitting the resin interior side panels and making everything fit nicely. I will be posting pictures as I progress.
  14. Rade8boy added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Shelby GT500JR Convertible
    I started this about 2 months ago and then put it away, and now I am back at. The covertible body is from Reliable Resin and is a very nice starting point, saves alot of time.

    I have already attached the kits' front end and spolier to the body and most of the body work to blend it is almost done. The chassis is primered and the exhaust is done.

    I have also built the engine and started to detail it based on pictures found on the Internet.

    I have a PE detail set from KA Models that that is the wrong one for a KR so I have to order the correct one. I decided it will be Kona Blue with Silver stripes, from Scale Finishes.
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  15. Rade8boy added a topic in Under Glass   

    Revell BMW Z8
    I needed something simple to build, so it was the Z8 curbside, Tamiya metalic blue and clear coat from the can, only the interior was airbrushed testors tan and a sprinkle of flocking..done.

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