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Scale I Build

  1. The title says it all, looking for decals or stencils for modern trucks, I can build, and paint models all day, but graphic drawing programs elude me. Thanks
  2. can i shoot 2k automotive clear over decals paint is tamiya laquer
  3. Does anybody make good quality aftermarket Little Red Wagon decals? I already burned through 3 LRW kits for the decals. They shatter every time! Maybe I should coat them or something?
  4. Hey guys, I'm just wondering what is the best carbon fiber decals? I've heard of studio 27 and scale motor sport just wondering which are better. Thanks for any help.
  5. I'm building the c.2000 Street Machine version of the ol' Monogram 1971 'Cuda for my girlfriend . Painted FM3 Moulin Rouge (came out quite nice) with SRX9 interior . I applied the white Billboard decals ; approached it with much apprehension due to the age of the decals . I test-ran the "HEMI" windscreen banner on a piece of painted scrap plastic ; came out nicely ( too bad that the China-made decals don't last for 20 years ! ) , even with the setting solution . Then I applied the V6W stripes ( a tiny bit of hand soap and water on the body ; warm water to release the decals ) then brushed them with the setting solution , and then walked-away ( hahaha ) . They set impressively well , especially given their age . However , some wrinkles did develop (around the door handles and near the wheel well lip) , and I want to rectify the wrinkles : Should I : * Slice the wrinkles with a new , sharp #11 * Brush more setting solution * Hope for the best Please share your advice / experiences . Thanks .
  6. Scale Motorsport is one of the leading aftermarket companies for the last 20 years, offering the finest carbon fiber decals, upgrade kits, and useful tools. For the past year, we have carried a limited selection of Scale Motorsport products at shows, but did not offer them online. That has changed for 2019! ScaleProShop.com now offers a selection of Scale Motorsport carbon fiber decals, wheels, and seat belt sets on our store, and hope to grow this inventory this year to include even more of their products. Here's a sample of what's on the site!
  7. I was planning on creating the box art version of the kit. Does anyone know if the white stripe and star decals are opaque enough to prevent the base blue and red colors from bleeding through? Thx in advance, Joe
  8. Hi. Is there decals for hoses and stuff to detail up engine rooms? Some hoses like the radiator or hoses for the heater often have white writing / numbers on it. Maby stuff for battery,radiator "warning hot" etc. Tip where to get are appriciated.
  9. I am working on a project it's a Shelby series 1. I tried to apply a couple of the kit decals and they basically disintegrated before they even let loose of the backing paper. I figure that these decals are just old and what ever magic makes them work disappeared a long time ago. Now I am looking for some generic under hood decals. Or a reproduction of the original set. Anybody have suggestions?
  10. Does anyone have a Rusty Wallace #27 Kodiak hood decal ? I would hate to have to buy a whole sheet just for one decal. I have a hood. I think when i was cleaning out my stash lately i think i threw the hood away with spare parts. This is all I need to finish Rusty┬┤s championship ride. It really turned out nice otherwise. One of the best ive done and its all i need to finish it. Help would greatly be appreciated on this. Thanks
  11. As decals age, they get that gold-ish color on the clear portions and become brittle and flake off sometimes. Has anyone here used clear over the decals and had any problems with it? I'm wondering if there have been chemical reactions or anything like that.
  12. I've been doing this ever since I was a kid. Decalling can be very stressful and very overwhelming to many. You spend countless hours honing your skills and building a kit you are "Hoover Dam" proud of. Everything has gone great or you have been able to correct any problem you have had. Then comes the dreaded decal laying. Sometimes they never get done and we make ourselves feel better by convincing ourselves the build look fine without them. Or we put the kit aside with great intention to work up the courage to do them. Sometimes they never get done. So you've gone and said to yourself "Hoover Dam it I am going to do this" , you get all set up. You put the decals in and you get on with it, then things start to go off the rails, you loose a decal in the water. The problems just snowball from there. I started doing this. The sponge insures you never loose a decal in the water, and you can have many decals on deck soaking. It makes the whole expireince mush less stressful. I also use tiny paint brushes to manipulate the decals. I fill the container just below the sponge. Happy building.
  13. hello to all,,,, lately I have had problem's with some of newer issue Round2 decal sheets.....that is to say, when some are removed from the sealed bag they are packed in, the yellow backing paper is stuck to the sheet in some case's, thus pulling the coating from some image's and leaving chip's or ' pock' mark's on most decal's.. ..I find that it happens when you open a kit that may have been in stock for a period of time, where brand new issue's that are opened and checked seem to be just fine. It seems the longer the sheet is sealed in the cello, with the backing paper pressed into it, with the weight of the content's of the entire kit on top, the worse they get as time goes on. I bought the new 49 Ford when first release, and the sheet is great,,,but just this weekend bought and opened two new kit's of the 63 Corvette, and 37 Chevy gasser, and both sheet's have the damage mentioned. I also opened my second awb 65 Mustang that has been around here for a couple of year's, and when removed from the cello bag the decal's were stuck to the backing paper causing damage once again. In checking other kit's that were released WITHOUT the plastic cello bag on the decal's, all of mine are just perfect.... I have had this happen now a few time's.... have any of you had the same dilemma......the Ace....
  14. ...thought I would share something that just moments ago came in an email to me.......Billy Gooche told me that his family no longer wants to bother with the decal business, and he cannot manage it alone for health reasons. he also said a friend was looking into possibly taking over, but that's just a maybe.....so, its now shut down and the reason so many of us have had no contact with Gooche for months now........just thought I'd spread the unfortunate news.......the Ace........
  15. I recently had an issue with a couple of aftermarket decal sheets that I've had for years and just recently wanted to use. First let me say that I store my decals the way they always tell you is the right way. They are kept in the original packaging, inside sleeves, in a loose leaf binder, in my work room which is inside the house. So it's not humid, not too hot, not too cold, etc. etc. It's possible that the sheets in question (and I'm not going to mention any brand names) were around 20 years old, always stored as described above. When I tried to use them just recently they proved to be very brittle and, upon application, they cracked in several places, and broke into several fragments, and they were impossible to salvage. The other issue I've noticed is yellowing after application. I built this car and photographed it in February of 2014. These are aftermarket decals that were more than 20 years old, again, stored as described above. There were no problems with these, they went on easily and looked good. Less than two years later, they look like this: This model is not subject to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures or anything like that, and still these old decals are yellowing pretty badly. So, I'm not looking for a solution from any one, just wondering if any of you are experiencing these or any other problems with long term storage of aftermarket decals? You may want to check your stock and/or re-evaluate your storage methods.
  16. Not too long ago someone was looking for the source of an old decal - a witch doctor holding a big hypodermic needle with the word "Injecter" (sic). Did a search but couldn't find the original post. Well, in one of my eBay searches I ran across this in a '61 Ranchero (not the Styline kit): Is this the one?
  17. I have noticed so many interiors on models, and the largest percentage of them have detailed gauges on the dash. I was wondering where is the best place to get decals for dashboards?
  18. Hello. Is there anyone who create decals from customers wish? Searching for someone who can make scripts,or in this case replace scripts who where never there.
  19. I'm trying to build the revell 69 camaro z-28 using the white decals. After applying them, I realize that they are too transparent and show the color underneath. Are there any aftermarket decals available that are more opaque? Maybe I add another set on top?
  20. Whoa , this blew my brain up... I http://blogs.hotrod.com/monograms-badman-1955-chevy-gasser-comes-alive-at-sema-2013-94171.html
  21. I just finished designing the artwork for the 1st two in a series of all new decal sheets that will be available from Model King. These are going to be high quality silk screened printed decals printed right here in the USA. They are being printed by the same vendor who makes the Gopher Racing Decals so if you have seen those, these they will be similar in quality. The 1st sheet going to press is for the new Revell '90 Mustang LX. The 2nd sheet will be a set of fictional drag car graphics. The drag cars sheet is geared towards the Pro-Stock / Pro Mod / Slot Car crowd but could have other uses too. They should be available by the end of the year and sold through the usually Model King suppliers.
  22. I've been trying to find out the best (or most widely used) process of applying decals to tires so that they last and don't 'silver skin'. I'd like to get feedback from the members on their way of applying tire decals.
  23. Where do i find decals for the the 1970 Plymouth Cuda? These are the one i`m searching for (see picture)
  24. Can anyone help me with instructions on installion tiny decals? I have destroyed a couple because they are so fragile.
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