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Found 20 results

  1. Anyone have a source for a reasonably accurate 1/25 Ford 223 "Mileage Maker Six" 6-cylinder engine. Bonus points if it has a 3-speed manual tranny attached! I'll be needing one for an upcoming Edsel project, and can't think of a kit which might have one, off the top of my head. I figure someone here can point me in the right direction! Looks like the 215 and 262 are all the same basic engine/block etc, with just different bore and stroke, so an of that family of engines should get me what I need.
  2. Hello everyone, some of you might remember my 1/8 GT40 engine featured here some time ago. Now I've modified the data to create a 1/24 version made of 15 parts, using my own jewelry-grade 3d printer. Below you can see the result, the parts weren't sanded or anything, just cleaned, glued together and painted with a single layer of aluminium paint. If someone is really interested in having one I might build it on request, and if you'd like to have some of those Webers you can get them here: http://fein-design-modell.de/124-weber-vergaser/ http://www.scaleproduction.de/product_info.php?info=p2290_weber-vergaser--2stk--.html DCOEs are available too. Thanks for looking!
  3. This is a review for the eightyone suburu engine. I am currently building a vw karmann ghia with one of these engines so thought some of you might find this useful. The engine comes in approx 20 parts and only a couple of parts required a very minor amount of cleaning/trimming. A couple of parts were a little fiddly to get in place but that is down to my finger size most likely. It went together pretty easy otherwise and I can happily reccomend it for vw builds. I haven't pictured the belts but they are equally as nice as the rest of the engine. Mine came in grey resin with no bubbles anywhere.
  4. Hello everyone and merry Christmas! I'm back with another engine model, some might say that this one is two cylinders short of being a real engine... It's from a Porsche 911 Carrera, around '70, and of course it's an air-cooled flat six. There were no Marushin parts involved (did you see what those cost now? WOW!), it's all scratchbuilt. The bigger parts were 3d printed on an Objet/Stratasys and the smaller ones on my Asiga, as you can see in the stepping. I sandblasted the Objet parts, their rough surface looks a bit like sandcast metal, and on the Asiga parts (like the linkage) I did no finish at all, just painting. Primer ist flat black AutoK spraycan (turns out semi-gloss, see the hood), paint is mostly Alclad (I love their dull alu) and some Citadel for details. I'm especially proud of the yellow anodized parts and the sandcast look on the fan! Thanks for looking, and have a nice holiday!
  5. First of all, I would like to say hello again to everybody here! It's been a long while since I've worked on any models. Now that the re-introduction's out of the way, I have a question: what kind of engine is in the AMT '79 Ford Firestone pickup? I have the Model King variant that was released about a decade ago, so I'm under the presumption that it has the same engine.
  6. Hi. Is there decals for hoses and stuff to detail up engine rooms? Some hoses like the radiator or hoses for the heater often have white writing / numbers on it. Maby stuff for battery,radiator "warning hot" etc. Tip where to get are appriciated.
  7. Hello friends, the engine is completely painted and finished in its support on the transport car. This has been a very entertaining work because of the amount of pieces made to scratch and all the information gathered to make the model as real as possible. https://youtu.be/4pa5DXsmifI Playlist of the entire montage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qH4NLRAHfk4&list=PLR6SGGlMyWrezl_Al_Bc2pkKFYrMp6HXL Greetings and I hope you like it
  8. Hello friends, in this third part all the engine components are finished and painted for later ass If you have not seen the other parts here I leave the link: Part 1: https://youtu.be/qH4NLRAHfk4 Part 2: https://youtu.be/P8wTD-OVy2s Greetings and I hope you like them.
  9. I'm surprised nobody has come out with a transverse V12 engine for the Lambo Miura. Seems like all the kits have only the top, and pan of the engine. Please prove me wrong!
  10. Hello friends, in this second part the assembly of the engine is continued, painting of interior parts, manufacture of external components to scratch, realization of pipes and much more. We also continue to move forward with the transport car and the support for the engine. https://youtu.be/qH4NLRAHfk4 Greetings and I hope you like it
  11. Hi I have received several requests from modellers who wanted to see the model in more detail. I decided to show the details as best I could. I hope the quality and light show the level of finish of this model. https://youtu.be/QuH8B_kHi8U A greeting
  12. Hi I recently showed you in the forum the fabrication and painting of the different parts that made up the V2 ballistic missile engine. Now here I bring you the finished model with all the details and placed on your stand. A greeting and I hope you like it. https://youtu.be/pptHQj-A2p8
  13. Hi guys, Couldn't find anything on this on the forums (maybe I just didn't dig deep enough...the kit is old after all) so I figured I could use some experts opinion on the matter. I just got the rebox for the Revell/Monogram Beretta Pro-Street kit and I can't figure out what this engine is. I would love to know so I could go get some reference picture and start the build. Only thing I know for sure is that it's a nitrous,V8, small block with both carbs stretching on the side of the engine. I'm thinking LT1 or LT4 but I honestly don't know. Transmission on the other hand is fairly easy to identify! I'll post pictures once I get back home just in case it help someone identify it. Anyone got a clue?
  14. Good Day Folks! I am currently using the Revell 1977 Pickup kit to make a camper special. I don't really care for the engine that is included has it lacks detail, so I was wondering what kit or aftermarket engine could I use instead? Thank You in advance for your suggestions, -Steven
  15. For some reason I like to collect engines. There have been many engines made as stand alone display pieces, so I'm sure I'm not alone. if you want to see more photos of these engines, just click on the photo. 1/12 & 1/10 scale Engines 1/12 Diecast 426 Hemi 1/10 plastic kit Hemi Engine
  16. Hello. Where do i start searching for realistic looking "fuel filters"? I do not have old electric equipment i can use as donor. Maby there is any online shop who offers in the right size and do maby sell a batch of 10 or 20? I`m not sure what the electric components are called in English,so if anyone could give a tip on what search words to use, maby at Ebay or such it would be great. Thanks. Tommy
  17. Hey Guys, I have a How-To for the experts. I bought a '70s Pantera that came without a drive train. I want to build a 427 Ford and trans axle. Has anyone ever done this? It will not be easy, but will make a cool build. Thanks for any help. Ray
  18. Been snooping around but not found anything besides the Parts Box v12. Is there any options besides this engine?
  19. An original 327 sb (45K miles) on it's way out. A '65 dash/interior with RARE factory air conditioning. Detail of clock and gauges for '65 SS cars. Grille emblem insert for '65 A (correctly) restored engine compartment ('65 w/ SB) A (correctly) restored "L-79" high-performance 327 An unrestored (clean) '64 or '65 with dealer A/C engine bay The "dealer A/C" unit in the cab ('64)
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